12 Ways To Add Color To A Room Without Painting

Article by BlissLights LLCFri, Aug 13, 21
12 Ways To Add Color To A Room Without Painting

Imagine yourself staring at your white walls, dreaming of transforming your room into an underwater-themed oasis or a galaxy filled with purple clouds and shining stars. The thought might be inspiring, but the actual process of painting your walls… not so inspiring. Home improvement projects such as painting can be stressful, and your decor should be anything but. Fret not: There are plenty of other ways to enhance the ambiance of your room without all the hassle and mess.

12 ways to add color to a room without painting

If you’re looking for a much easier way to add a pop of color that doesn’t involve making permanent changes to your home, consider these suggestions to give your space that “wow” factor.

1. Hang colorful artwork

Make a statement in your living room by incorporating bold wall art. If you have a specific color scheme in mind, choose a piece of art to match it or, alternatively, one that strikingly contrasts the rest of the room. Use bright artwork with colors such as yellows, red, blues, and greens to add a splash of color against white or beige walls.

Depending on the size of your space, you can also use large pieces of artwork as the focal point. Large wall art also has the added benefit of helping to create balance and symmetry in the room. Hang your art above a couch, behind a table, or over the fireplace to transform your space into an inviting, comfortable haven.

colorful wall art

2. Use colorful throw pillows

Sometimes, the simplest way to check all your interior design boxes is the quick addition of a few colorful throw pillows. If you aren’t sure which pillow colors best fit your space, look around your room and see what colors are already there. Do you have artwork hanging on the walls? Choose throw pillows with similar shades to make your room come together.

When picking out your colorful throw pillows, it’s also worth deciding what type of texture and pattern you want. Textures such as faux fur, ruffles, and leather can add extra dimension to your room. Have fun by mixing and matching textures, styles, and colors to elevate the uniqueness of your space. Have fun by mixing and matching textures, styles, and colors so the room can mentally take you and your guests far beyond your walls, right from home.

colorful throw pillows

3. Invest in a colorful couch

If you’re trying to brighten your room while making it a space of celebration and comfort, your couch’s color is important. Try picking couch colors similar to pieces of artwork in the room or other accent pieces such as lampshades, vases, photos, or even books on a bookshelf.

As you think about your couch’s color, you’ll need to factor in its size as well. The type of couch you have can determine how many people can comfortably sit in the space. Spend some time figuring out what size and style would work best in your family room or another space. Only then think about the best colors and patterns you can find in that style and size. With all these factors taken into consideration, you can shift your ambience with just one piece of furniture.

colorful couch

4. Put up temporary wallpaper

A bedroom should be a place where you can relax and destress after a long and tiring day at work. That said, staring at blank, boring walls may not bring the calming effect you intended. In fact, colors can have powerful impacts on your mood, and using them wisely in your space can shift your whole perspective. Of course, though, you’re trying to avoid paint. That’s where peel-and-stick wallpaper comes in.

Peel-and-stick wallpaper exists in myriad colors and patterns, ensuring that you can find the most calming hues. It’s also easy to apply and remove should you want to change things up at any point. With peel-and-stick wallpaper, you can transform your meditation space into your very own Hawaiian Luau photoshoot with just a few sheets of paper. You’ll transform your surroundings in what might feel like the blink of an eye.

5. Use wall decals

Figuring out how to spruce up your kitchen or bathroom can be a struggle. Make it an easy process by getting wall decals to match the theme of your room and completely change the vibe. With tile decals, you’ll be upgrading your kitchen or bathroom walls at an affordable price. All you have to do is peel and stick the tile decals where you want, and voilà – you’ll see the world around you in a whole new light!

6. Hang a tapestry

Let’s say you can’t paint your walls because you’re living in a dorm room or you don’t want to commit to one color. In that case, a wall tapestry is a budget-friendly way to turn your room into a stunning area of colorful delights. Some tapestries are large enough to cover the entire wall behind your bed, whereas others may be smaller but still more than enough to color up your space.

If you’re feeling really ambitious, you can create your own DIY wall tapestry to make it more personal. This way you can reinvent your surroundings on exactly your own terms.

7. Add a colorful rug

While decorating your room, you might find yourself constantly looking up at the walls or around the room at the furniture. In doing so, you might forget that the floor also needs to be properly dressed for the occasion. Enter colorful rugs, which can be perfect for any type of room.

For a dramatic look, lay a bright color rug atop a neutral-toned floor. If you’d prefer something more subtle to add just a hint of color, use an earth-toned rug that matches your throw pillows’ colors.

Colorful rugs can prove especially versatile when you’re designing a children’s room. Whimsical rugs in the shapes of butterflies, flowers, rocket ships, or animals are an exciting way to add a pop of color. They’re also easy to swap out for other decorations as the kids get older, making them great for an ever-shifting space of creativity, celebration, and comfort.

colorful rug

8. Fill your home with plants

Plants are for more than just admiring in nature. They can also add color to rooms in a natural, enticing way. That means more than just green: Some plants can infuse the room with shades of purple, pink, and red. You aren’t restricted by size either: Choose one large planter or several small succulents to spread throughout the room. You can even turn plants into wall or ceiling decor via hanging planters. From floor to ceiling, small to large options, you are sure to find an option or two that will add warmth and character to your space.


9. Install LED strip lights

Incorporating LED strip lights into your room allows you to change your room’s appearance at the drop of a hat. They’re inexpensive and simple to apply with adhesive backings that you can attach to almost any surface. Use your strip lights to line your ceiling or accentuate objects such as the TV, a computer, paintings, or bookshelves. Many come with a remote control so you can move through colors with just the push of a button.

led strip lights

10. Shine some starry lights

Nobody said you can’t shine some color in your room even after the sun goes down for the day. If anything, nighttime is ideal for infusing your room with colorful starry lights. Under these lights’ astonishing glow, you’ll see hundreds of sparkling stars that transform both your space and your mind. A great example is the BlissBulb, which fits in typical light bulb sockets. Screw it in, then enjoy red or green starry skies with the flip of a switch. It’s that easy.

blissbulb laser lightbulb in red

blissbulb laser lightbulb in red

BlissBulb Laser LightBulb


Transforming your world is as easy as changing a lightbulb.

11. Implement RGB lights

If you can’t decide on what color lights to use, then don’t! With RGB lights, also known as color-changing lights, you never have to commit to any one color. RGB lights can shine in any color on the rainbow, giving you potentially 16 million hues from which to choose.

Regardless of the occasion or event, RGB lights can set the mood through their endless color combinations. Wrap LED rope lights around bed posts to create a multi-colored sanctuary, or use LED strip lights to create mesmerizing and unique wall art. With the ability to switch up the color combinations, you can easily change the room and experience without redoing the entire area.

12. Keep a galaxy projector handy

Put your mind in a state of awe by transforming your room into an out-of-this-world colorful sight with galaxy light projectors. Specialty galaxy lights such as the SkyLite Evolve bring swirling multicolor nebula clouds and shimmering moving stars to your indoor space. Plus, since you can control the Sky Lite Evolve via mobile app, you can truly transport yourself miles away without moving an inch. Colorful rooms have rarely been this transcendent.

sky lite 2.0 colorful multicolor galaxy effect

sky lite evolve smart multicolor galaxy projector

Sky Lite Evolve: Smart Galaxy Projector


The latest evolution in smart galaxy lighting.

Create a brilliantly colored room with BlissLights

Each room in your home should be inviting and comfortable, but more than that, they should incite feelings of wow and wonder. Colorful accents can help you reach these emotional peaks, and BlissLights can bring all kinds of hues into your room without any painting. Browse the BlissLights collection now for colorful lights that reinvent your space with the push of a button, or the flick of a switch, on your own terms.

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