Easy DIY Galaxy Decor | Lighting and Handmade Accessories

Have you ever wanted to drift off to sleep under the stars? Or have peaceful cosmos-inspired space all to yourself? Good news—we've put together some quick and easy ideas to help you create a DIY galaxy bedroom in no time!

Super Easy Lighting

One of the quickest and easiest ways to transform your bedroom is lighting! For an all-out show-stopping effect, we love using  Sky Lite! It projects a beautiful blue nebula and moving green laser stars, instantly setting the space vibe. Plus, set-up is incredibly easy: just plug it in and aim at a ceiling or wall.

Sky Light TikTok light

Sky Lite Galaxy projector 

Decorating on a budget? For under $20, you can pick up a blue or green StarPort Laser USB—then simply plug into your phone charger block for an instant array of brilliant stars. It comes with a flexible extender that makes it easy to shine stars exactly where you want them.

StarPort laser USB star projector

Handmade Accessories

Sparkle Ball

Complete the cosmic look with space-themed accessories! Do you have some string lights and clear plastic cups on hand? Then you're well on your way to creating this awesome light-up sparkle ball accessory! Set it on a nightstand or hang from the ceiling to add instant galactic charm to your space.

It's easy to put together, too! Here's a great video tutorial by Gaspar Muniz:

Galaxy Bottles

Another easy accessory to create are galaxy bottles! All you need are glass bottles, food coloring, glitter, and cotton balls to create this unique look. 

It doesn't just have to be bottles either. You can also use mason jars, perfume containers, and more to create galaxies of all shapes and sizes!

Cosmic Paper Lanterns

Top off your decor with a glittering touch of color! All you need is a pin and your choice of glitter, paint, alcohol ink, or even Sharpies to create this look with any string of dollar-store paper lanterns. Just decorate, poke holes as desired, and hang.

What would you put in your galaxy bedroom? How do you use your BlissLights? We'd love to see! Tag us on Instagram @blisslightsofficial.

BlissLights Star Projectors

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