6 Winning Super Bowl Party Decorating Ideas

Article by BlissLights LLCFri, Dec 02, 22
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There’s something about the Super Bowl that gets lots of people in a party mood. The best Super Bowl events, though, are about more than just the big game and delicious snacks – they also include inviting, immersive decor. Read on to discover how to host a memorable football party with the below Super Bowl party decorating ideas.

How to throw the ultimate Super Bowl party

Take the below steps to throw a football party that leaves a lasting impression.

Decide who to invite

Some Super Bowl party ideas are great for big crowds, whereas others make for more intimate affairs. So, ask yourself: Do you want to get together with your best friends or host a small gathering with your family? Either way, you should add enough seating space so that everyone can relax and feel at ease while watching the game.

Plan the food and drink menu

If you really want to get your guests in the party mood, try creating a menu that mimics classic tailgate dishes. Walking tacos, charcuterie boards, and football-decorated cookies are just a few ways you can bring your Super Bowl party to life.

Add themed decor

Your Super Bowl party space should represent a full-on transformation of your everyday living area. To get there, spruce up your living room with streamers and balloons that match your favorite team’s colors. Then, set up a snack bar and some speakers, and add some colorful lights to elevate the experience.

Play Super Bowl party games

Add a few Super Bowl games to your event to get everyone laughing and in the party mood. Poker or bingo will do the trick, or if it’s nice outside, you can host a game of cornhole. These games will bring out everyone’s competitive side – you might truly feel like you’re in your own Super Bowl.

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6 winning Super Bowl party decorating ideas

If you’re stuck on finding the perfect decor for your football theme, the below Super Bowl party decorating ideas might inspire you.

1. DIY photo booth

Try creating your own DIY photo booth so that you and your guests can capture every moment during your Super Bowl party. The perfect photo booth setup starts with a backdrop against one of the walls in your home. Once the backdrop is in place, you can bring your photo booth to life with fun props and colorful lighting.

The BlissRadia is a great option for your photo booth lighting. This ambient mood light will fill your entire space, and you can set it to seamlessly transition among several colors. Through the BlissHome app or voice control, you can light up your photo booth with your favorite team's colors or shine sun-like hues. With just a tap on your phone screen, you’ll get a picture-perfect Super Bowl experience.

blissradia smart ambient mood light in grassland green
blissradia is an led ambient light with app control that shines in multiple colors

BlissRadia Smart LED Mood Light


From desktop to bedside, light the way to concentration, stimulation, or relaxation.

2. Deck out the snack table

You can transform your everyday dining table into a football-themed snack table complete with football-shaped plates and a goalpost cake topper. Start with a green tablecloth for easy cleanup and a football-field feel. Then, place your dishes around the table and add football-shaped food labels so your guests can easily distinguish each dish. Add some streamers and a fun backdrop to take your snack table to a whole new level.

3. Arrange a chili bar

Set up a self-serve chili bar so your guests can enjoy a hearty meal whenever they please during the big game. You can cook your own chili or combine your Super Bowl party with a classic wintertime chili cook-off. Either way, your chili bar should include bowls, an abundance of chili, and delicious toppings such as corn chips, cheese, and sour cream. Combine it all atop an eye-catching table to bring ultimate comfort to your surroundings.

4. A football pinata

As fun and unusual Super Bowl party ideas go, a football pinata is a reliable choice. A pinata can nudge your party mood toward the festive and immersive. To create your own football themed-pinata, sketch out your design on cardboard, then assemble it with glue, tape, and crepe paper. Fill it with candy to create a vibe almost as fun as the big game.

5. Game day centerpieces

Alongside your snack and drink stations, you should add unique centerpieces to bring your Super Bowl party to life. The Sky Lite Evolve, for example, is a centerpiece that adds striking game-time lighting to any Super Bowl party. It projects transfixing nebula clouds and astonishing galaxy stars throughout every inch of your space. You can use the BlissHome app to change the galaxy’s colors, brightness, and effects – and instantly take your football party above and beyond the stadium.

evolve galaxy projector effect colors
sky lite evolve smart multicolor galaxy projector

Sky Lite Evolve: Smart Galaxy Projector


The latest evolution in smart galaxy lighting.

6. Beverage tub

Instead of filling your fridge to the brim, place a beverage tub in your living room or yard to keep your drinks chilled. An especially cohesive design tip is to create your own game day tub complete with green glitter, white numbering, and a goalpost. You can even add a sign listing your beverages to imbue your party with an undeniable stadium feel.

What should you serve at a Super Bowl party?

Super Bowl parties only start with the football. They’re also a time to gather with friends and family and impress everyone with delicious themed snacks. That said, your Super Bowl menu doesn’t need to be extravagant. All it needs is classic tailgate dishes such as wings, nachos, walking tacos, sliders, or chili.

From there, if you want to further impress your guests, try out a few football-themed treats. Cut-out cookies, cheese and crackers shaped like footballs, or pizza dip can all work wonders for the occasion. Just one bite of these treats, and your guests will be transported right to the bleachers.

Host the ultimate Super Bowl party with BlissLights

A Super Bowl-themed party can transcend an everyday gathering when you add unique decorations, snacks, games, and colorful game-time lighting. BlissLights can immerse your space in your favorite team's colors and paint the big game in a whole new light. Browse the BlissLights collection now to take your Super Bowl party out of this world.

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