Space Themed Bedroom Ideas That Are Out Of This World

Article by BlissLights LLCMon, May 31, 21
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There’s just something about the mystery of the universe beyond our tiny drop of water that speaks to kids and to kids at heart. What better way to reflect this immersive world than a space-themed bedroom? Decor that’s out of this world can help foster the imagination, bringing adults and their children alike into a space that’s truly out of this world.

How to decorate a space-themed bedroom

To take your kids out of this world and into a galaxy all their own, you’ll want their bedroom designed with the following space decor:

  • Spaceships and rockets. What faster way is there from a nursery room to the stars beyond? With spaceship and rocket posters, pillows, and wall murals, your kids can experience the wonders of interstellar travel while staying put here on earth.
  • Planets. Try hanging a solar system mobile in your kids’ bedroom so they can see the nine planets (OK, eight, since we no longer count Pluto) any time, day or night. With this mini-view into how the planets orbit the sun, your kids’ space-themed bedroom will excite, comfort, and educate your youngest ones. For older children, the mobile can be upgraded to wall decals or posters.
  • Stars. Stars make for especially versatile space-themed nursery ideas – you can hang them from the ceiling or adhere them to your walls. Alternatively, you can shine starry-sky lights from a laser projector or a Sky Lite that projects majestic, twinkling stars throughout the bedroom. Either way, stars can help your little ones’ imagination flow, and when the kids get unsettled, you can bring them to their calming and entrancing starry room for a soothing reset.
  • Constellation paintings and wallpaper. Wall art of Orion’s Belt or the Big Dipper can give the illusion of looking out a window directly into a glowing nighttime sky. If you want more than just a peek into the stars, cover the bedroom walls with constellation wallpaper instead. Your kids will get the view of a lifetime.
  • Astronauts and spacesuits. With a bed set that includes an astronaut blanket, your kids can literally step into their dream outer space role. Couple this cute blanket with some spacesuit wall stickers so that when your kid walks into their room, they’re stepping right into interstellar gear. Take it to the next level with spacesuit-themed pajamas.
  • Lighting. Although adorable and comforting, some space-themed bedroom ideas involve permanent, time-consuming alterations such as painting or wallpapering. With Space-themed lights, you avoid changes that take as much effort to implement as to undo. With just the push of a button, you can fill your room with stars and galaxies that transport your kids to outer space without anyone moving an inch.

space themed bedroom lighting

sky lite evolve smart multicolor galaxy projector

Sky Lite Evolve: Smart Galaxy Projector


The latest evolution in smart galaxy lighting.

11 Space Themed Bedroom Ideas

In need of some inspiration for how to combine all the above space decorations? These spaced-themed bedroom ideas should connect the dots:

1. Solar system theme

Start with a solar system mobile, then flesh out your interplanetary setup with starry-sky lights and universe wallpaper. You don’t want ordinary solar system images – you want your kids to really feel like they’re floating in space, safe and serene amidst the planets.

2. Spaceship theme

Speaking of safe in space: What better way is there to breathe easy while traversing outer space than in a spaceship? You can use all the decorations listed above to bring this theme to life, but some extra props can make your space-themed room go to infinity and beyond. Paint a spaceship on your kids’ wall with an open door facing outward, then put a step stool in front of it so your little ones can feel like they’re walking right into an adventure.

3. Star Wars theme

Lots of little ones love Star Wars – maybe that’s a love you passed on to your children, or perhaps it’s something you still treasure. That’s why Star Wars is a great space-themed bedroom idea for all ages. The kids will love seeing their favorite space-traveling heroes (and finding the droids they’re looking for). You too will feel at ease amidst the numerous sights from one of your favorite series.

4. Astronaut bedroom decor

Astronauts are among the most versatile, varied bedroom decorations. You can find them as tiny action figures that your little ones can keep bedside for calming interstellar inspiration if they unexpectedly wake up in the middle of the night. You can also find them in pillows, blankets, and occasionally rugs. With the right types and amount of astronaut decor, your kids can feel like they’re in the thrilling company of the world’s bravest space explorers.

5. Constellation wall theme

Designate a wall in your nursery as the constellation area, then cover this wall with constellation wallpaper or neatly arranged wall art. You’ll want to choose one or the other here, as posters atop matching wallpaper can be a bit over-the-top or tacky. Either choice, though, evokes the bliss and healing power of a night spent stargazing in an open field. It’s a great theme if you live in a light-polluted city but want clear, starry sights without the long drive.

6. Star wall

If you’re dead set on modifying your walls but aren’t ecstatic about all the effort that’s required, a star wall can be an easy solution. To create it, cascade hanging stars of different lengths across one wall in the room (darker walls work best if possible). Your kids will remain wide-eyed with excitement at their star wall, especially if you choose glow-in-the-dark stars for some soft night light.

7. Full moon theme

Few natural sights are as beautiful as a perfectly spherical moon shining brightly through a nighttime sky. But why settle for seeing this big moon just once a month? Place a full moon atop your little one’s bed – wall stickers or a mural will do – and surround it with stars. With this theme, your kids can take in the beauty of the full moon without the windows open.

8. Retro space theme

If you go retro for your space-themed kids’ room, you have all kinds of options. You could go the ‘80s arcade route and make the nursery look like Galaga so your kids always feel like they’re in a fun outer space game. Or you could deck out your kids’ space with cute cartoons of astronauts and spaceships in retro drawing styles. Either choice will make your kids feel right at home in the great beyond.

9. Rocket theme

For a DIY craft activity with the kids, try carving a rocket-shaped headboard for their bed out of wood. Cut your wood into the curved, pointed shape of a rocket, then attach the wide end to your little one’s bed frame to make it look like it’s taking off. Transform the wall behind the bed into a constellation mural, and it’ll always look like your little star is headed for the big stars beyond.

10. Galaxy theme

You don’t need a spaceship or a planetarium to experience the Milky Way. Galaxy-themed bedrooms transport your kids well beyond this world without any actual travel. Milky way posters and nebula blankets are a great foundation for transforming an ordinary room into an outer space experience. It’s not a true galaxy experience, though, without galaxy laser lights.

galaxy lights

11. Space-themed bedroom lighting

Even if very few of us will get to see space in person, space-themed bedroom lighting can alter how we see what’s around us substantially enough to transform indoor space into outer space. For an especially engrossing space-themed bedroom, you’ll want to mix and match some or all of the below lights:

    • Smart LED lights work well as the foundation of your space-themed bedroom. You can set these lights to virtually any color on the rainbow, including the dark blue hues so commonly associated with outer space. However, solid color alone won’t transform your kids’ room into an interstellar expanse – that’s where laser lights come in.
    • Starry sky laser bulbs fit in standard light bulb sockets while providing an extraordinary visual experience. The BlissLights BlissBulb, for example, fills your kids’ room with dazzling arrays of blue, red, or green stars. Its thousands of stars will awe both your little ones and you – starry sky bulbs are a full-family experience.
blissbulb laser lightbulb in green

BlissBulb Laser LightBulb


Transforming your world is as easy as changing a lightbulb.

    • Portable starry sky USB lights can come with you on the road so your kids can enjoy their starry-sky arrays wherever you go. Just plug the BlissLights StarPort Laser USB into your wall charger, mobile charger, or laptop so you can take your space show on the road. Amidst your travels, you won’t have to move an inch to soak up the stars.
starport usb star projector in blue

StarPort USB Light


One tiny light. Thousands of stars!

  • Galaxy projectors couple starry lights with nebula clouds for a one-of-a-kind Milky Way effect that can take your kids out of this world and into their own. Plug in and power on the BlissLights Sky Lite Laser Galaxy Projector for a night across the universe – its galaxy sights are so captivating that you might find yourself joining your kids on their outer space journey.

star projector laser lights

Explore a whole new universe with BlissLights

Your child can hop aboard and blast into outer space, all without leaving their room. Just plug in a BlissLights projector to create a whole new world in an instant. See what lies beyond this world in a whole new light - browse our collection to experience the transformative journey for yourself.

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Sky Lite Galaxy Projector


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