7 Pajama Party Ideas For The Greatest Sleepover Ever

Article by BlissLights LLCFri, Jul 12, 24
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The snacks, the movies, the late-night chats: A fun-filled sleepover creates lasting, cherished memories. And the pajamas you wore, whether a cute matching set or an old t-shirt and shorts, meant you were spending the night wrapped in comfort and joy. Recreating that feeling again with a pajama party—whether a formal sleepover or not—is a welcome celebration for anyone at any age. Read on to discover some exciting pajama party ideas for the young and young-at-heart alike.

Pajama party theme ideas

Inviting your friends over is only the start of your great pajama party. Setting a theme can create the mood and build a fun, immersive experience. These seven exciting pajama party themes can be just the inspiration you need for your next get-together.

1. DIY craft party

If your friend group is artsy, set up a craft party. You can start with just a few crafts. Try painting vases together, making tie blankets, or creating a coloring book corner. Make sure you have enough supplies in advance for whichever craft you choose – everyone should get a shot at bringing their vision to life. This theme is a great way for everyone to unwind and let their creativity flow.

2. Game night

For an activity-filled evening, set game night as your pajama party theme. Ask each of your friends to bring their favorite game – whether a card, board, video, or something else. Everyone can select the games they like to play. To make it more competitive, the person who wins the most games can win a prize. It’s about as fun and unforgettable as friendly competition gets.

card game

3. Indoor camping

The idea of camping may sound romantic and idyllic, but it takes a lot of work and planning. Create a similar experience without the bugs and dirt by setting up your own camping station right in your living room. All you need is a tent (or two), some pillows and blankets, and some sleeping bags to create a cozy setup.

The only thing missing to create the ultimate indoor camping experience is the gorgeous night sky. The Sky Lite Evolve can make indoor stargazing a reality. It projects the entire galaxy right in your living room. You can fall sound asleep under floating nebulas and swirling stars that move exactly to your pace. With the BlissHome app, you can adjust the color, speed and brightness — and create fun effects to help you unwind and relax with your closest friends.

sky lite evolve effect in pink and purple
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4. Spa night

For this theme, you’ll need some at-home spa essentials, cozy pillows and blankets, a few candles, and an essential oil diffuser. Start by arranging the blankets and pillows onto the floor, then light some candles and turn on your diffuser. Then, sit back and wait for the five-star spa sensation to take you away.

two smiling women with spa face masks

5. Movie night

Unwind after a long week with your besties! Invite them over for a pajama party movie marathon. Choose between a classic rom-com or get your adrenaline pumping with a few horror films. Your favorite streaming app should have something for the whole crowd.

For a true movie theater vibe, close your blinds, pop some popcorn, and turn on an ambient mood light such as the BlissRadia. You can choose between millions of colorful lighting options, from a deep red for horror night to a soft blue for rom-coms. Through the BlissHome app, you can change from single-color lighting to ambient effects that recast your pajama party in a new light every second.

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6. Sports

Whether getting together to watch a game or partake in the games yourself, a sports themed night may be the perfect theme for your next pajama party. You can turn your home into a quasi-tailgate filled with fun snacks, beverages, and plenty of sports to watch and play. If your party starts during the daytime, have everyone bring sports clothes for some outdoor football or soccer. Once the sun sets, you all can head inside, switch into your pajamas, and cheer on your favorite sports team on the TV.

7. Around the world night

If you’re looking for a unique pajama party idea you probably haven’t tried before, around the world night might be it. You’ll set up different stations around your home, each one inspired by a different part of the world. Each station could include an activity, food, and drinks. For example, a trip to Costa Rica may call for some freshly fried plantains, and a journey to Germany may call for some schnitzel.

Pajama party activity ideas

Choosing a pajama party theme is a great first step. Next comes setting up a few activities to keep everyone entertained. Below are a few classic pajama party activity ideas for you and your friends to try.

Board games

Board games are a classic pajama party activity, and you don’t have to have a full-blown game night to enjoy one. You can select a single classic game like Monopoly or Settlers of Catan for everyone to come around the table and play. Just be sure that your group size is the right fit for each game.

board game pieces

Scavenger hunt

A scavenger hunt is an entertaining pajama party activity for children and adults alike. For kids, hide some candy, treats, or small toys around your home and send them off on a hunt. They can keep each treat they find as a reward. For adults, go a bit bigger with what you hide – say, gift cards to a local restaurant. The winners get to go home with a delicious way to continue the celebrations later on.


A pajama party can be a chance for a new look if you put makeovers on the agenda. To create your own mini salon, all you need is some nail polish, face masks, and a makeup kit or two. And once you’re finished with the makeovers, you can’t let your full glam go to waste! Set up your own at-home photo booth and snap a few pictures of your glammed-up look.

Bake together

No matter your age, trying your hand at a new delectable dessert recipe is a fun way to spend the time at a sleepover. To get everyone involved, bake easy-to-share desserts such as cupcakes or cookies and invite everyone to decorate them. All you’ll need is a few simple ingredients – mostly things you might already have in your pantry. After everyone’s finished, put out a few to-go containers so your friends can show off and continue to enjoy their creations at home. For some extra flair, you can decorate your new desserts together.

Dance party

You don’t need to be at a club to let loose and dance around. A fun pajama party idea for adults and children alike is to start your own dance party. Whether that means blasting some music, turning on some disco lights, or plugging in an old dance video game, this activity is definitely a crowd-pleaser. To make it memorable, dress up in some fancy outfits and grab a camera to make these fun moments last a lifetime.


If you need a laugh or two after a long week, a good idea for your next slumber party is to challenge your friends to a karaoke battle. That’s especially if you all can’t carry a tune. For this idea, you’ll need a karaoke machine and some printed song lyrics. You might want to choose the songs well in advance to avoid spending too much time choosing one – that’s no fun! Bring a few snacks and drinks to your karaoke station to keep the party going all night long.



What says “fun sleepover” more like a rousing round of charades? This pajama party activity is great for bringing out your creativity and a bunch of belly laughs. To play, split your friends into teams and set a timer to see which team can accurately act out and correctly guess the most answers in the least amount of time. To up the stakes, you can create small prizes for the winners at the end.

Pajama party food and snack ideas

Figuring out food options for guests, whether for a kid or adult pajama party, can be tricky. Thankfully, there are plenty of options that please everyone’s taste buds without committing you to the kitchen for hours or splurging a huge budget. Here are some low-stakes, low-cost crowd-pleasers you can try at your next get-together.

Chips and dip

Tried and true chips and dip are sure to disappear in a flash. Put out some plates with them so your pajama party guests can walk around and mingle as they eat. If you really want to impress everyone at your sleepover party, you can create your own dip instead of opting for store-bought queso and guac. As soon as your guests take their first bite of your homemade dip, they might struggle to stop coming back for more.

chips and dip


For a real easy time at your pajama party, you can order pizza delivery to arrive around dinner time. For a fancier party, you can create your own pizza bar. On your kitchen counter, set up a pizza station filled with dough, different sauces, and lots of fun toppings. Then, have your guests take turns using your oven to build their own personal creations.



Popcorn is the staple snack at every movie theater largely because it’s easy and tasty – two great qualities for any pajama party. The buttery, salty flavors are near-universal crowd-pleasers whether your pajama party is a movie marathon or a game night. And while you can stick to the classic movie-theater butter, you can get creative with your toppings too. Try a dill pickle or ranch seasoning on top, or put out a bunch of options for your guests.


Cupcakes and cookies

If you’re putting out salty snacks, give your guests a break with some sweet treats, too. Cupcakes and cookies are classics at birthday parties, pajama parties, and all kinds of events, and you can find them in so many different flavors. Choose between classic chocolate or vanilla cupcakes and basics like sugar cookies, or get fancy and opt for flavors like snickerdoodles or apple spice cookies.



Quick to pick up at the store and equally enjoyable, candy is one way to really satisfy your guests’ sweet tooth. They can serve as decoration, too, especially if you’re setting up a pajama party theme. Place each candy in fun, decorative mason jars, and nobody will ever know you rushed to make your pajama party happen.

candy hearts in mason jars

Ice cream

Ice cream is a delicious go-to for summer pajama parties when even the AC isn’t enough to fully beat the blazing heat. You can grab a tub and scoop the ice cream into bowls or ditch the dishes and grab some waffle cones for everyone. Plus, there’s an ice cream for everyone – including your dairy-free friends and chocolate haters. Uniquely flavored vegan options can keep everyone included in the tastiest part of your night.

ice cream cones


If you’re looking for a food option bigger than a snack that doesn’t require much time in the kitchen, tacos are the way to go. You can quickly create the fixings necessary for a fully stacked taco bar, and have your guests come through to build your dream creation. If you want to really impress your guests, add a few fun side dishes such as refried beans, elote, or some homemade guacamole. And then, chow down under your favorite pajama party lighting.


Create the ultimate pajama party with BlissLights

Certain pajama party ideas go better when you have the right lights. Galaxy projectors and ambient mood lights are exactly what these ideas call for, and BlissLights offers both. Browse the BlissLights collection now to find fixtures that will expand your party from a fun time into a full-on experience.

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