9 Cool Dorm Room Ideas For Guys to Get Inspired

Article by BlissLights LLCMon, Sep 06, 21
9 Cool Dorm Room Ideas For Guys to Get Inspired

Dorm rooms only give you so much space to express yourself. After all, there’s another person in there with you, and even if that person is your best friend, it’s not like you two are exactly the same (though you can certainly come close!) But with these dorm room ideas for guys, you don’t need a massive apartment of your own to show off your personality. And hey, if you’re super tight with your roommate, then decorate your room together and have both sides match!

9 Dorm room ideas for guys

Some dorm room decorating ideas and themes that guys like you might love include:

1. Gamer theme

If you’re a big-time PC gamer, make your desk a focal point and add an external monitor for your laptop. When it’s not game time, use a screensaver on both your screens that fits your gaming theme. That could mean your favorite video game character, a screengrab of your favorite level, or anything of that sort.

Similarly, if you’re a console gamer, make your TV the center of attention and surround it with a bunch of controllers. Keep your door open when you don’t need privacy so that everyone walking by can know your space is a must-see gaming room replete with Smash Bros, Halo, and other classics.

You should also think about adding some gaming wall decor to your dorm room’s bland white walls. The same tips for choosing your PC gaming screensavers apply here, and you should also look for vintage gaming posters. These are easy to hang with strips and make your room feel more like yours in an instant. The more you can make your room look like a retro arcade, the more enticing it will be to both you as well as other students on your floor. Don’t just decorate your room: Transform it into a time-traveling wonder.

2. Sports theme

Sports themes are classic ideas for guys’ dorm rooms. Combine your favorite’ national teams flags and logos with school spirit – namely, the flags and logos of your school’s teams. Keep your favorite sports balls in sight too – your colorful basketball is great for both bringing to the court and using for dorm decor. Bonus points if your sports balls match your school’s colors too.

sports themed room

3. Music lover theme

Walk down your dorm’s hallway in the evening, and chances are you’ll hear music coming from somewhere. Music is a great way to bond with other people on your floor, so your dorm room decor should reflect your music taste. This way, it’ll feel even more exciting to bond over shared tastes.

For starters, flank your bed with wall art of your favorite bands. If you have tour posters from when you saw them, that’s even better. But even better than that? Add a top-notch sound system for listening to the classics alongside instruments for creating your own favorites. This way, when other people walk into your room, they’ll be transported to a pro-level music studio without ever leaving campus. What a way to take everyone on a journey.

music room

4. High loft setup

Typically, the space between your floor and the top part of your bed frame is just a few feet. That’s great storage space for stashing things out of sight when your closet space is stuffed, but it’s also limiting. What if you had more extra space for actually hanging out? A high loft setup answers that question.

Most college dorm beds can be safely, securely elevated to leave enough space for you to stand upright beneath them. Try putting a bed, a loveseat, or some small chairs under there to reimagine your half of the dorm room as a mini-theater. Importantly, don’t DIY this! Get the proper tools and furniture to create your high loft setup.

Alternatively, put your mini fridge (if your dorm comes with one) and desk under your bed to carve out a study sanctuary. Use what was once your fridge and desk space to add more seating, decor, or a giant TV. You can create more space in your dorm than you might think – just get creative! Think outside the box, and you should have no trouble bringing out the most wondrous parts of your room.

5. Low loft setup

As its name suggests, a low loft setup is the opposite of a high loft setup. You’ll work to make the most of your bed storage instead of freeing up your room for additional seating. Pop a cool trunk under your bed to simultaneously create more storage space while subtly giving your room some extra decorative flair. You can store your dorm bedding in your trunk so you can adjust your room’s color scheme in a jiffy for all sorts of occasions. After just a few minutes of making your low-lofted bed, you’ll see your dorm room in a whole new light.

6. DIY wall art

Your dorm room can be a space to show off your more artistic side. Try repurposing your most recent creations as wall art. Whether you’re a photographer, painter, digital artist, sculptor, or something else, using your creations as decor shows that what you do is who you are.

DIY wall art is an especially convenient, inexpensive way to decorate your room. Chances are you’d be creating art anyway, and in doing so, you won’t have to run to the home goods store or order decorations online. When you decorate your dorm room using DIY wall art, you create a world of your own making.

diy wall art

7. Single color theme

Dorm room decor can be about colors instead of interests or themes. If deep blue hues make you feel at ease, add blue bedding, towels, and wall art to your packing list. None of these items needs to be entirely the color you’re going for, but that color should be a strong part of the decor.

Alternatively, you can buy mostly black, white, and grey decor since these hues are neutral, then buy a few decor pieces in your favorite color. This more minimalist approach will help your colorful touches stand out more strongly.

Colorful decor pieces can include both objects and the very light you see them in. Colorful string lights are a tried and true dorm classic, but patterned lights like the StarPort USB can make for even better dorm room ideas. The StarPort comes in red, green, or blue, and it plugs right into your laptop for study hour or movie time. Plus, it fits in your pocket, so you can take it anywhere you go. With the StarPort, a little piece of tranquility is with you both in and outside your dorm.

starport usb in red
starport usb star projector in red

StarPort USB Light


One tiny light. Thousands of stars!

8. Space theme

Take your dorm room beyond the everyday with interstellar wall art, bedding, and other touches. A few space posters on your wall is a great start. Their effects can be even more powerful paired with an outer space blanket over your mattress. But the best space themes go a step further to provide an immersive experience.

Namely, space themes are great fits for dorm rooms because galactic lighting can cover all four walls and the ceiling. The Sky Lite Evolve can project an awe-inspiring array of blue or green stars against a multicolor nebula while covering hundreds of square feet from just a 10-foot distance. Even without any other space decor, you can recast your room as a stunning galaxy with just the push of a button. You’ll enjoy a trip to the beyond without ever leaving your room.

sky lite galaxy projector in bedroom
sky lite evolve smart multicolor galaxy projector

Sky Lite Evolve: Smart Galaxy Projector


The latest evolution in smart galaxy lighting.

Modern theme with lights

You can interpret modern themes in one of two ways. In interior design, the modernist movement emphasizes simplicity and beauty via natural materials, clean lines, neutral colors, and geometric arrangements. In other contexts, “modern” can mean employing the newest, most exciting decor techniques. The latter is generally easier for dorm rooms, as modernist decor can get expensive and take up lots of space.

If you’re looking for the most innovative, game-changing dorm room decor, lighting is often the answer. Specifically, the Velarus is ideal for college guys like yourself. You can shine its auroras in countless mixtures of cyan, blue, green, and purple hues, customize your lighting displays, and set smart routines. All you need to do this is the BlissHome app, through which you can control your Velarus.

With just the tap of a screen, the Velarus lets you drop your room into galaxies far beyond this world. You can do it all right from the comfort of your bed as you’re going to sleep, starting your day, or destressing after exams. It’s the easiest way to see your dorm room in exactly the light you need.

sky lite 2.0 effect

velarus smart multicolor aurora projector with app control

Velarus Aurora Light


Vibrant aurora lighting with app control.

BlissLights are great dorm room ideas for guys

The best college dorm rooms function as spaces for working, studying, hanging out with friends, and sleeping. Their decorations and colors also reflect who you are, which is super important when you’re in a space where you’re meeting new people. To really impress those people with a memorably decorated room, BlissLights can help. Browse the BlissLights collection to find interstellar laser lighting that transforms your dorm room into an unforgettable wonder.

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