20 Christmas Tree Alternatives That Won’t Break The Bank

Article by BlissLights LLCMon, Oct 04, 21
20 Christmas Tree Alternatives That Won’t Break The Bank

Candy canes, gifts, family, and rockin’ around a Christmas tree – these are just a few of the items that’ll get you and your loved ones into the holiday spirit. You’re probably used to purchasing a new tree every year and going through all the hassles of maintenance. Or maybe you’ve been using the same artificial tree forever and want a change. Instead of going with an expensive traditional Christmas tree this holiday season, a unique tree alternative might be easier and bring even more enjoyment to the most wonderful time of the year. Plus, all 20 of the below Christmas tree alternatives will radiate magical vibes that induce awe in the entire family.

20 Christmas tree alternatives

Let’s say you’re seeking an alternative Christmas tree for small spaces, or you just want to try something new and eccentric. In either case, stepping away from traditional trees can bring an entirely new feel to your holiday party or living room without going over budget. Not sure where to begin? Check out these Christmas tree ideas that even the Grinch will appreciate.

1. A garland or string Christmas tree on the wall

For this simple, space-saving DIY Christmas tree, all you need is some garland or string. To outline the tree, choose your favorite garland color and texture, then hang it on the wall in the shape of a tree. You could even hang your tree in a zigzag manner to give the illusion of the garland being draped around the tree.

To elevate your tree on a wall, hang some of your favorite Christmas decorations from the garland. Finish it off with a tree topper, whether another wreath, a paper topper, or a light-up star topper. Your Christmas will be merry and bright – and a breeze to clean up.

2. Pom Pom Christmas tree

Admit it: Once winter hits, you break out your beanie with the pom-pom on top. Whether that’s you or you’re just looking for something fun to do with the whole family, try a pom pom Christmas tree! You’ll only need a cone-shaped piece of cardboard, some glue, your choice of tree topper, and tons of pom-poms. You could go with the classic color theme of green and red, or you can branch out and let your imagination run wild.

3. Copper pipe Christmas tree

A copper pipe Christmas tree is that avant-garde decoration you’ve been seeking to complement your modern living room. Plus, you might already have most – if not all – of the necessary supplies hanging around your house or lying in a dusty corner of your garage.

Instead of throwing away those copper pipe offcuts from your last renovation, repurpose them as the branches of your alternative Christmas tree. An old broomstick works perfectly as the tree trunk, along with pallet wood for the base. Of course, a coat of paint can go a long way to renew and refresh these items as well.

After everything is assembled, create your own tree topper and drape around string lights or garland – voila! A shiny Christmas tree that transforms your whole space for the holidays.

4. Vase with twigs and Christmas decor

You can still bring nature into your home without cutting down an entire tree. Go on an adventure outside to find the best twigs and branches for your mini tree. Place the unit or twigs into a vase and get ready for the best part – decorating.

Treat this branch just as you would any other Christmas tree. First, hang handmade ornaments, garlands, or snowflakes from the branches. Then, place it on the table as a festive centerpiece, turn on some relaxing Christmas music, and enjoy making special memories while surrounded by family.

vase with decorated branches, christmas tree alternative decor

5. Wall decal Christmas tree

A wall decal Christmas tree is a dream come true for inexpensive tree alternatives that don’t occupy additional space and require just seconds of setup. These easy-to-use Christmas decorations come in varying sizes and styles, from chic and classy trees to vibrant and fun cartoons. So regardless of the theme you’re going for, there’s a wall decal for you. Just peel and stick your decals for an instant Christmas upgrade.

To completely transform your wall into the North Pole, incorporate enthralling Christmas laser lights. Pair your wall decals with the BlissBulb in red or green. Thousands of shimmering laser stars will twinkle around the Christmas tree. You’ll be singing Christmas carols under the stars all night long without even leaving your home.

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6. Photo Christmas tree

During the holidays, you get to spend time with the people in your life who matter the most. To make your time together even more unique, put up a photo Christmas tree. Gather some of your most precious photos and lay them out in a tree-shaped pattern on the wall. You can also arrange your photos in acrylic photo blocks stacked in the shape of a Christmas tree. Then, surround the photos with garland, ornaments, or fairy lights to make it a focal point and a definite conversation starter.

7. Pegboard Christmas tree

When brainstorming Christmas tree alternatives, try thinking outside the box in terms of materials – for example, use a pegboard. These boards have built-in holes, making them perfect for hanging ornaments. Cut your pegboard board into two 2D trees that lock together at a right angle, so the tree stands up. Then, decorate your masterpiece and have a jolly holiday.

8. Cardboard Christmas tree

Don’t let all those old cardboard boxes from previous gifts go to waste – repurpose them to become a glorious Christmas tree. Cardboard Christmas trees are great for small bedrooms, dorm rooms, or apartments lacking extra space. You could also turn your tree into a Christmas craft with your kids! Cut out two trees that interlock at right angles and become 3D. With some paint, glitter, buttons, or sequins, your tiny tree will seem like a Christmas miracle.

9. Felt Christmas tree

Maybe you’re counting down the days till you’re sitting by the fireplace, drinking cocoa with marshmallows, and opening gifts with your family in matching pajamas. What better way to count down than with a felt advent calendar in the shape of a Christmas tree?

Cut out green felt in the shape of a Christmas tree, then personalize it. Next, pick up felt of all colors to cut out gingerbread men, snowmen, gift boxes, reindeer, Santa hats, snowflakes, ornaments, and much more! This DIY decoration is an excellent addition to your kids’ room so they can keep track of the days until Santa comes.

10. Mini pine cone Christmas trees

Why settle for only one tree when you could have a bunch of little ones instead? You can either walk outside and pick your own pinecones, or head to your local craft store to grab a bag without all the scavenging. No matter where you get them from, each one can become a miniature Christmas tree. Use some paint, glitter, glue, and beads to make miniature versions of this holiday classic. You’ll create your own forest of mini trees around the home for a refreshing new Christmas display.

11. Decorated ladder

For Christmas, you probably try to make your home as warm and comfortable as possible. To enhance the cozy and rustic ambiance, pull out your old wooden ladder and turn it into a statement piece. Cover it with bright Christmas lights, faux greenery, ribbon, and beautiful ornaments.

12. Pile of books

For all you bookworms out there, let your fantasy come to life by creating a Christmas tree entirely out of books. Any and all books will do, or you can choose just your classic novels if you’re going for a vintage vibe. There’s no right or wrong way to stack them either. You get to decide how large or small the tree will be and the shape in which the books are stacked.

If you’re wary about wrapping Christmas lights around the books – after all, they are made of paper – use laser light projectors instead. With the Sky Lite 2.0 Galaxy Projector, you can elevate your book tree with floating clouds and glistening stars (and without Christmas lights). You can also change the light’s colors and effects right from your phone with just the tap of a screen. So sit back and read a book by your book tree – there’s nothing to worry about.

13. PVC pipe Christmas tree

Searching for a fun DIY hanging tree or one that can lean against the wall? Well, you’re in luck! You can create a pleasing PVC pipe Christmas tree that takes up very little space. Doing so requires little more than PVC pipe, a saw, epoxy, and a piece of plywood.

Once the PVC pipes are cut and laid out into your dream tree, you can make them special and unique to you. Fill each section of pipe with your favorite little tchotchkes, such as small plastic toy animals, tiny presents, and colorful ornaments. It’s an inexpensive tree that should leave you feeling joyous and merry.

14. Christmas present tree

You might think the only place for presents is under the tree, but that’s just not true. So instead of placing your gifts under the tree, turn them into the tree. Your gift tree can be an extravagant endeavor in the center of your living room or just a slight accent on a floating shelf.

Choose some festive themed wrapping paper and wrap the presents (or empty boxes if it’s just for show). Then, stack everything and decorate it all. Use garlands, ornaments, pinecones, and bows to make it memorable. Then, when everyone runs downstairs on Christmas morning, they’ll be excited to take a gift one by one. Plus, the only thing you’ll need to clean up afterward is the wrapping paper. It’s a win-win for you and your family.

15. Triangle wreath tree

Wreaths are synonymous with Christmas, so why not use one to create an alternative tree? This minimalist and modern tree will liven up your home by bringing in vibrant green holiday colors. Hang it on the wall as just an outline, or fill it with more greenery, pinecones, and red berries. Going for a white Christmas? Pick up some faux frosted evergreen branches.

16. Wine cork tree

‘Tis the season...to enjoy wine with friends and family while sharing stories and laughing endlessly. After you finish each bottle, hold onto the wine corks and refashion them into a decorative Christmas tree. You can paint the corks green if you want to stick to a color theme, or you can leave them as is. Then, wrap them up and tie them together with a ribbon and bow for a small yet wonderful decoration.

17. Chalkboard Christmas tree

Imagine what you could do with a simple piece of chalk and a blank canvas? No time like the holidays to find out! Grab a small chalkboard or some chalkboard paint from the craft store and draw an inspiring Christmas tree.

Involve your whole family and have everyone draw whatever comes to mind. Each person can add their own ornaments, pictures, and other chalk decorations. Surround the chalkboard with other festive items such as gifts, wreaths, candy canes, and scented candles to fill your home with Christmas cheer.

18. Christmas tree in a jar

Miniature scene displays are always in vogue, so hop on the trend and create a whimsical mini Christmas tree in a jar. All you need is a mason jar, Epsom salt, battery-operated string lights, and a mini Christmas tree. You’ll create your own snowy forest inside the jar, complete with magical lights and a frosted tree. If you have multiple jars, try doing a different scene in each one. Then, you’ll have a mini Christmas wonderland right on your mantle.

19. Fairy light outline of Christmas tree

While the living room is typically where the stockings and gifts go, you can bring some holiday spirit into your room with festive bedroom lighting. Take some fairy lights and hang them on your wall in the outline of a Christmas tree. Then, take things a step further and leave yourself some gifts under this string light tree. With or without these gifts, your room will shine as bright as Rudolph’s nose.

Bring the magic of Christmas home with BlissLights

Christmas is a holiday when family and friends reunite, make memories, and enjoy precious time together. BlissLights can make these moments especially unforgettable and enjoyable with special sights that enhance the ambiance and put everyone in a great mood. And that’s true whether you have a real tree or a spectacular Christmas tree alternative! Browse the BlissLights collection to find lighting that brings all the holiday cheer right to you.

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