Light can change everything.

What you see and how you see it. Your mental state and your personal space. That power, to transport, transform, and transcend, is what BlissLights is all about.

Taking you to another world, miles away from where you were without moving an inch. Shifting your perspective—with the flip of a switch, a press of a button, in the blink of an eye. Creating feelings of wonder and moments of wow. Turning every space into a place of comfort, creativity, and celebration.

We’ve led the laser light movement, but we’ve only shown flashes of what we can do. The special effects magic-making we perfected at theme parks and on movie sets is now having a real effect on people’s minds and bodies, lives and homes. Because to turn on a BlissLight is to be awed by it. Seeing it is believing in the unbelievable. It is instant gratification that never leaves you.

It's your world, in a whole new light.

Our patented, transformative experiences have been featured in…

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Illuminating Our Roots

Randy Johnson was on a mission to allay his daughter’s fear of the dark. Drawing from his experience with laser lights for parties and festivals, he created a projector that showered her bedroom walls and ceiling with thousands of twinkling stars. He watched with amazement as this light comforted her and helped her feel more at ease each night, without disrupting her sleep with harsh brightness or a dim night light that did little to dispel the darkness.

Amazed by its piercing, crystal-clear star-like effect – and the light’s instantly calming effect on a nervous child -- friends and family soon asked Randy to build them a projector of their own. The BlissLights Sky Lite was born, and it was clear to Randy and his business partner, Alan Lee, that they were onto something truly transformative.

This first foray into the world of home laser lights sparked a movement that has since shaped BlissLights into a household name for perspective-shifting, game-changing experiences.

  • 2006

    A dad on a mission invents BlissLights

  • 2007

    Disney parks bring BlissLights into their experiences

  • 2015

    BlissLights debuts the first inexpensive, consumer-friendly laser lights

  • 2018

    The first BlissLights are made available for indoor home use

  • 2020

    The award-winning Sky Lite becomes a best seller

  • 2022

    BlissLights launches app-controlled family of lights

The BlissLights Difference

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Planet Friendly

Make an impact on your environment, without impacting our environment.

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Based in the USA

Home roots, international reach. Our patented lights can be purchased in 30+ countries around the globe.

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Ship right to your door from our retail partners, including Amazon, Target, & Walmart.

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