What is a Galaxy Projector, and Why You Should Get One

Article by BlissLights LLCFri, Oct 08, 21
What is a Galaxy Projector, and Why You Should Get One

Galaxy projectors recently went viral on TikTok – their magic is just that hard to resist. After all, who wouldn’t enjoy a colorful interstellar display they can turn on at a moment’s notice? It’s understandable if all the hype has you curious what galaxy projectors are and why you should get one. Below, learn everything you should know.

What is a galaxy projector?

A galaxy projector is a type of star projector that combines visions of starry night skies and nebula clouds for an intergalactic feel. Many galaxy projectors cover your walls and ceiling, completely surrounding you in lights that transform and transport you and your guests to new dimensions. They often include all kinds of other features you should look for when exploring how much galaxy projectors cost.

The colorful light effects of galaxy projectors are often helpful for people who struggle to fall asleep or feel calm. That’s because the colors of the blue and green stars and nebulas common in galaxy projectors are correlated with mood improvements. The red colors in some galaxy projectors are also correlated with sleep. Galaxy projectors also work great as star night light projectors for nurseries or immersive gaming room lighting.

sky lite laser galaxy projector in living room with colored lights

How does a galaxy projector work?

The best galaxy projectors (like the Sky Lite and Sky Lite 2.0) work by combining the power of two different lighting types: laser lighting and LED lighting.

Laser lighting is celebrated for its clarity. This light type is known for shining bright and traveling far, so the starry effect remains sharp and clear from long distances. This is known as coherent light, which means it’s composed of light waves traveling in the same direction. All other types of home lighting, like fluorescent light, incandescent light, or light-emitting diodes (LEDs), are incoherent, which means it sends light in multiple directions. The result is often light with a blob-like, “cheese puff” effect that appears dull and unfocused.

In the case of BlissLights, our proprietary technology draws from a wealth of experience designing the awe-striking laser lighting theme parks are known for, and condensing that into a home unit. To create the shooting star effect that defines galaxy projectors, one laser beam is diffracted into thousands of smaller beams. Each of these beams appears as a star, and maintains that appearance no matter how far it’s shining.

The LEDs in a galaxy projector may be incoherent light, but that’s a good thing when you’re going for a dreamy night sky effect. Soft, floating nebulas are perfectly reflected against the walls when they appear fluffy and gentle, providing the ideal backdrop for those laser-sharp stars. Plus, LEDs have the ability to change color when laser lights do not, so in some galaxy projectors, you can change the color of your LED lighting to precisely match your mood.

sky lite 2.0 galaxy projector in dining room with table and chairs

Wait, but are all these lasers safe?

It’s understandable if the notion of lasers introduces questions about safety, but laser galaxy projectors are typically 100% safe. The lasers in galaxy projectors are usually low-wattage, and the diffracted beams into which they’re split never exceed 5mW each in power. That means you can connect them to any regular household outlet and use them without issue.

To truly be sure a galaxy projector meets safety standards, check that it’s registered with the Center for Devices and Radiological Health (CDRH). A CDRH registration is the hallmark of product safety.

And while at-home lasers like in galaxy projectors are safe, and particularly safe for kids and pets, it’s generally a good idea to not point them at the sky. Out of an abundance of caution (and for the best experience!), you’re best off pointing your galaxy projector at a wall, like the side of your home, or on the ceiling of a room or other kind of space.

black dog wearing bandana under galaxy lights

How do you use a galaxy projector?

While the directions may differ slightly depending on the model you buy, a galaxy projector is typically powered in one of two ways, and can be controlled in one of three ways.

You can initially power up a galaxy projector in two ways:

  • Battery power. Some galaxy projectors operate on rechargeable batteries. These galaxy projectors do a fair enough job of immersing your room in galactic sights until their battery life runs out. Then, you’ll have to start charging your device and wait for a while until you can resume your immersive experience. And that’s a fast track to a less immersive experience.
  • Plug-in. Electric-powered galaxy projectors (or projectors with USB cables and 120-240 V wall adapters) won’t experience interruptions. The electrical power in your outlets will consistently flow to these devices, ensuring ceaseless immersion and transformation. Your mental journey to planets far beyond this one will proceed so smoothly you’ll forget you were ever elsewhere.

And when it comes time to create that whole new experience, some models have multiple ways to fine-tune your settings and create that perfect getaway. Those are:

  • From the projector itself. Most galaxy projectors have buttons on them you can press to cycle among light modes, brightness settings, and effects. With these projectors, you can see your world in a whole new light with just the push of a button. But there are even easier ways to make magic right from your living room, home office, or bedroom.
  • Remote control. Some galaxy projectors come with remote controls with which you can adjust their settings from across the room. This feature maximizes convenience – that is, after all, why every modern TV includes a remote. That said, galaxy projector remotes are typically tiny and easy to lose. What if you could control your projector with something bigger that you always keep on hand?
  • Mobile app. You can control the most advanced galaxy projectors right from your phone. Simply download the galaxy projector brand’s mobile app, then connect it to your projector. From there, you can re-envision your surroundings with just the tap of a screen. With some especially advanced galaxy projector models, you can use the mobile app to create and save customized projection settings as well.

app-controlled galaxy projector in bedroom

Which galaxy projector fares best on all the above fronts?

As you’ve now learned, a top-tier galaxy projector will cover your entire walls and ceiling while operating on electrical or USB power. It should also include a variety of colors if you’re using it to feel calmer or fall asleep faster. For ultimate convenience, you should also be able to control and customize it from your smartphone. It should also use supremely bright and sharp yet low-wattage lasers and boast CDRH registration. Yes, this all is a lot, but the BlissLights Sky Lite Evolve checks all these boxes.

sky lite evolve smart multicolor galaxy projector

Sky Lite Evolve: Smart Galaxy Projector


The latest evolution in smart galaxy lighting.

With the Sky Lite 2.0, you’ll get 900 square feet of wall coverage from a distance of 10 feet. You can choose between calming red, green, or blue nebula clouds against green or blue stars. You can also shine two nebula clouds at once, which overlap with one another and can create a whole new experience of its own. Plus, you can adjust all your brightness, color, effect and pattern settings directly from your phone with the BlissLights app, available for Apple and Android devices.

All these features come with BlissLights’ low-wattage laser beams and CDRH registration. You’ll enjoy awe-inducing, 100% safe galaxy sights with just the push of a button. The same can be said for all BlissLights, so browse the BlissLights indoor collection now to find the best star projector for your space. You’ll arrive in worlds beyond before you know it.

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