Tips for a great indoor Easter egg hunt

Article by BlissLights LLCTue, Mar 12, 24
Tips for a great indoor Easter egg hunt

Although you might be used to setting up Easter egg hunts outdoors, there’s no reason why it can’t move indoors. You can easily bring the magic of bunny kisses and Easter wishes indoors no matter your reason. Whether it’s pouring out, you don’t have enough backyard space, or it’s just too cold, you can create a charming and fun Easter for everyone under your roof. Here’s how.

8 indoor Easter egg hunt ideas

Get creative and add some flair to your holiday with these indoor Easter egg hunt ideas:

1. Create an Easter puzzle hunt

Give your kids an extra challenge by turning their Easter egg hunt into a puzzle. With either a blank puzzle or an old one that you don’t mind painting over, write clues to where you’ve hidden the Easter baskets. The kids will have to find each puzzle piece to see the whole image and get their goodies. You can also write messages or drawings for them on the blank pieces to create a keepsake full of family memories.

puzzle pieces

2. Hunt in the dark

Guide your children to the grand prize with glow-in-the-dark plastic eggs. With all your lights are turned off and all your curtains closed, your home will resemble a futuristic scene packed with vibrant glowing eggs. If you’d prefer to hide real eggs, dip them in glow-in-the-dark dye for a similar effect. Already have leftover plastic eggs from last year? Fill them with small glowing toys or glow sticks so they can illuminate a path around your house.

glow in the dark easter eggs

3. Have a hunt under the stars

To transform your Easter egg hunt into an enchanting experience, light up your home with captivating stars. This way, your kids can run around and search for hidden eggs under a beautiful night sky without ever going outdoors.

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blisslights evolve multicolor galaxy effect

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4. Use a word search to find the eggs

Test your kids’ spelling skills by giving them a word search to complete with clues leading to where the eggs are hiding. You can either find an Easter-themed, pre-made word search online or, if you’re feeling ambitious, create your own personal word search to print for this super interactive scavenger hunt.

5. Blindfolded egg hunt

Take your Easter celebration to the next level by blindfolding all the little ones for the egg hunt. Use verbal cues to lead the participants to the eggs. Let them know when they are “getting warmer” or “getting colder” and make sure they avoid any obstacles in their way. If a game of “hot or cold” is too challenging, try filling the Easter eggs with coins, beads, or other small noise-making prizes, then shake them until your child finds you and watch as their face lights up with excitement.

child covering eyes

6. Follow the jelly bean trail

Nothing says Easter like bunnies, plastic eggs, chocolate, and, of course, jelly beans. Incorporate these colorful and delicious treats into your egg hunt by creating a jelly bean trail. Fill cupcake tins with your favorite jelly beans and make a trail leading your kids to Easter eggs and prizes. If you want to show off your craft skills, create a daffodil candy cup trail to bring the outside garden into your living room.

daffodil candy cups

7. Move and groove

Just because you’re limited on indoor space doesn’t mean your kids can’t jump, play, and move around. Instead of simply hiding Easter eggs and having your children walk around the house to find them, add interactive movements to your clues. Each egg can include a funny command such as “hop like a bunny” or “sing your favorite song.” When the kids find their eggs, they’ll have to move and groove to keep their treats.

kids jumping

8. Have a letter hunt

Scrambled eggs and candy – sounds like a pleasant breakfast, right? Well, maybe not for eating, but it would definitely make for a great Easter egg hunt! Think of a message such as “Happy Easter” or a clue to the Easter egg basket grand prize, and write one letter of it on each egg. The kids will only be able to figure out the message once they find each egg and “unscramble” them in the right order.

letter tiles

Tips for a great indoor Easter egg hunt

When you’re working with candy, kids of various ages, and a need to hide objects around the house, there’s bound to be chaos. To help your Easter egg hunt go smoothly, follow these tips:

  • Leave clues: While it may be tempting to place a bunch of Easter eggs throughout your home and let your kids run wild trying to find them, you may want to put some thought into where you hide the eggs and leave behind clues for everyone. This way, you’re combining an Easter egg hunt with a scavenger hunt, and you’ll make sure that all eggs are ultimately accounted for.
  • Put messages in the eggs: Add a layer of fun to your egg hunt by sticking little messages in all the eggs. These messages could be quotes, actions such as “hug mom and dad,” or even clues to the next egg.
  • Switch up the prizes: If you’ve been filling your Easter eggs with candy for as long as you can remember, try switching it up this year. Instead of the regular sweets, fill the eggs with unique and creative prizes. Small items such as stickers, jewelry, balloons, and even slime are sure to go over well with your kids. You could even fill your eggs with coins and hide a “golden egg” that has dollar bills inside.
  • Incorporate tech for older kids: As kids get older, they may not be as interested in the gifts that the Easter bunny brings. To keep them engaged, incorporate tech so they aren’t just sitting on the couch watching their siblings play. One interactive way for older kids to participate is by doing a smartphone Easter egg hunt – it’s Easter, but digital.
  • Do a color-coded hunt: If you have more than one child searching for eggs, it can be hard to separate whose eggs are whose so that everyone ultimately gets the same amount of treats. To expedite this task, give each child a colored bucket and tell them to find the colored eggs that match their bucket. To really get into the holiday spirit, match these colored eggs with colored laser lights to elevate your indoor Easter egg hunt.

color coded egg candies

Get ready for Easter family fun with BlissLights

During Easter, there’s no greater feeling than spending time with loved ones. If you’re moving your Easter egg hunt indoors, know that the location won’t detract from your usual adventures.

You can further elevate the indoor Easter experience by transforming your room with the magic of BlissLights. Your kids will love hunting for prizes under entertaining laser lights that project dazzling galaxies, shimmering stars, and more! Browse the BlissLights collection to find your perfect Easter egg hunt lights.

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