14 Balcony Decor Ideas To Transform Your Outdoor Space

Article by BlissLights LLCMon, Aug 02, 21
14 Balcony Decor Ideas To Transform Your Outdoor Space

A warm summer night with your loved one outdoors, a homemade dinner hot out of the oven, and your favorite bottle of wine – all that’s missing is the atmosphere. Sitting on your balcony for a relaxing evening can fall short of the mark when it’s missing decor and style, but you don’t have to let a dull balcony dampen your spirits. With the below balcony decor ideas, you can turn your outdoor space into a captivating hangout you’ll never want to leave.

14 balcony decor ideas

Whether you have a tiny balcony or one that can fit your entire family, there are always ways to spruce it up. Plus, balcony decorating is just fun, an exciting way to extend the atmosphere of your home to the world beyond your walls. No longer will your balcony just be used for birds and squirrels to take a rest – check out these balcony decor ideas for some outdoor living inspiration:

1. Incorporate flowers and plants

If you have a green thumb, consider creating a tranquil jungle with a balcony garden. Plants and flowers can make your balcony feel as if it’s an escape into nature. You’ll be surrounded by refreshing natural colors that add extra wonder to your outdoor space.

Hang a window box on the balcony railing or plant some flowers in pots for the full effect. Succulents, herbs, fuchsias, and marigolds are all great choices for a small balcony – if you’re lucky, they may even bring some butterflies along. This gorgeous natural setup is one you just have to see to believe.

balcony plants

2. Use mirrors

The square footage of your balcony may be small, but you can give the illusion of a spacious area with mirrors. With a tall standing mirror, you can make your balcony feel as though it has a high ceiling and lots of vertical room. To make it seem wider, hang a mirror horizontally.

If you simply enjoy the look that mirrors bring to outdoor spaces, you can get creative and hang mirrors of various sizes and shapes. This balcony decoration can help accentuate other decor and make for an awe-inspiring space of comfort.

balcony mirror

3. Hang LED strip lights

Lighting your balcony is a game changer when spending time outside at night, but proper lighting can be tricky to pull off. Too much light can be overwhelming, yet not enough will leave you squinting in the dark. With LED strip lights, you can get just the right glow.

Try placing your LED strip lights under your balcony rail or along your balcony’s edges for a soft glow. Your strip lights will be easy to apply, as they often come with a peel-off adhesive backing, and they can often be controlled via remote. You can even go one step further and use color-changing lights to match the mood of any event. Whether you’re going for transportive or completely transcendent, you’ll have all kinds of color palette options to get you there.

led strip lights

4. Wrap LED string lights around your balcony

Transform your balcony into a magical hideaway for your outdoor date night at home with LED string lights. Wrap them around the balcony railing and hang them from the ceiling to fully immerse yourself in a mystical atmosphere. Choose from among many shapes and sizes, whether small fairy lights, globe lights, or shapes such as stars and hearts. Have fun with it and spend the entire night bringing this visual fantasy to life.

led string lights

5. Install a swing

Take outdoor living and relaxation to the next level with a balcony swing. These cozy seating decorations offer soothing comfort to everyone. Swing by yourself while enjoying the sounds of nature during the day, or cuddle with a loved one under the silver moonlight. Regardless of how you use this wondrous outdoor furniture, you’ll find it both calms you and helps you express your sense of design.

There are myriad styles to choose from when finding the right balcony swing for you. Think about how many people might use the swing and whether you prefer the form and function of a canopy, glider, chain-hang, or drop-hang. Once that’s settled, have fun picking colors, patterns, decorative pillows, and cushions to make the swing your own! That’s all it takes to shift your perspective from right on your balcony.

balcony swing

6. Choose bright furniture

One of the best balcony decorating ideas that can turn your space from drab to fab is the use of bright furniture to liven the area up. Of course, this suggestion doesn’t mean that every chair and coffee table needs to be a bright shade of yellow. In fact, bright colors are best used in juxtaposition with shades of grey, white, and brown.

Try pairing a blue ottoman with some comfy white chairs, or incorporate an orange table and chair set to go nicely in front of your beige walls. If you aren’t ready to go all out on colored furniture, try swapping out your neutral-shade cushions and pillows with vibrant greens, reds, pinks, blues, purples, or yellows. Doing so gives you just the right amount of “pop,” a space where you can celebrate life however you please and switch it up whenever you want.

colorful balcony furniture

7. Hang a bold pendant light

Every room should have a focal point, and that includes outdoor spaces as well. Hanging a bold pendant light achieves this goal. A pendant hanging over your outdoor furniture adds a unique vibe to your balcony. Pendant lights with visibly natural materials such as wood, twine, and ceramics can draw the eye right to the light and complement the overall aesthetic of your calming, celebratory outdoor environment.

balcony pendant light

8. Light some candles

Picture yourself gliding back and forth on your balcony swing, wrapped in your favorite fuzzy blanket, listening to a guided meditation. Sounds peaceful, right? Now enhance that experience by surrounding yourself with fragrant candles. Candles can both illuminate the balcony and help you practice self-care. Place a few candles around you, take some deep breaths, and let your mind reach a transcendent state of pure bliss.

candle light balcony

9. Add outdoor rugs

While thinking of balcony ideas, one aspect of balcony design that often gets overlooked is the floor. The best decoration ideas, though, consider the floor and everything else in equal measure. For the best possible balcony, try placing outdoor rugs under your furniture.

You can either layer small rugs around your balcony to create a captivating visual look, or you can put down one large rug to cover up the boring concrete. Pick unique patterns and shades to add an extra dimension of design and color. As long as you love the aesthetic you’ve chosen, your balcony can act as your private sanctuary for creativity and comfort.

outdoor rug

10. DIY privacy fence

Apartment living can make it hard to achieve privacy on a tiny balcony. That’s why you should put your creative skills to use and design a DIY privacy fence for your balcony. Materials such as bamboo, wooden boards, curtains, and lattice are easy to use, and they certainly keep others from peeking in. Add some flair to your privacy screen by wrapping string lights around it or weaving flowers through the small spaces. Make it a sight that induces feelings of awe.

11. Make it pet-friendly

If you have furry four-legged friends, you probably won’t consider any area of your home complete until you’ve made it pet-friendly. Your balcony can easily be pet-friendly as well. To ensure that your cats and dogs can chill and cuddle outside with you, invest in a screen to protect them from dangerous falls.

Once your pets’ safety is addressed, it’s time to add their favorite toys, cozy beds, non-toxic plants, and treats. Feel free to create a potty area with fake potty grass in case your pet has that urge all of a sudden. Potty grass also comes with the added bonus of transforming your balcony into a miniature outdoor field.

12. Use indoor furniture

Believe it or not, interior design isn’t just for the inside of your home. You can absolutely take the ideas you have for your interior and use them for your balcony.

Indoor furniture often includes throw pillows, area rugs, table lamps, and wall decor. As long as you pick decorations that can withstand various weather conditions, all of these items can be used to make your balcony feel more welcoming and exciting. Choose furniture that really has a big indoor vibe to transform your outdoor space and, in the process, your mind.

13. Choose paint wisely

When choosing a color palette for your balcony, make sure you pick paint colors that will work in both daylight and at night. Add a splash of color to your balcony with bright pink, blue, yellow, or green paint. These colors make a statement and can also elevate your mood. That said, before painting your outdoor lounge area, check that the paint is suitable for outdoor weather.

If you want a more natural vibe, you can’t go wrong with earth tones. You can also contrast your neutral paints with a pop of color by adding colored outdoor furniture and laser lights. When the sun goes down, turn on the Sky Lite Evolve Galaxy Projector for an enthralling evening under multicolor floating clouds and twinkling stars.

balcony colorful laser lighting

courtesy @janellecraft

sky lite evolve smart multicolor galaxy projector

Sky Lite Evolve: Smart Galaxy Projector


The latest evolution in smart galaxy lighting.

14. Shine nebula lights

When it comes to balcony decor ideas, nebula lights are a must. After sundown, nebula lights can mentally transport you light years away without you moving an inch. With the flip of a switch, they’ll take you to a twinkling galaxy where you’ll soar above the clouds and straight into the stars.

With balcony-friendly nebula lights such as the BlissLights Oblivia, you can take your friends onto the balcony for a DIY camping experience under your colorful swirling clouds. Have the group sing campfire songs, eat smores, and set up a makeshift tent. You’ll feel limitless awe as you gaze at red, blue, and green nebulas stars all night long. And you’ll do it all from your balcony.

oblivia garden accent light rgb led path lighting



Add eye-catching beauty to your outdoor space!

Create your own swirling balcony galaxy BlissLights

Your balcony is more than just an outdoor space. You can transform it into a serene getaway where you can drink your morning coffee, read a book, enjoy date night, or gaze upon the stars. With BlissLights, you can enjoy starry balcony views even if you live in areas where light pollution hides the stars. They let you transform your space and mentally transport yourself with just the push of a button. Browse the BlissLights collection to truly bring your balcony to life. 

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