How To Hang Lights In a Room Without Nails: Try These 12 Ways

Article by BlissLights LLCFri, Apr 05, 24
How To Hang Lights In a Room Without Nails: Try These 12 Ways

Whether you’re transforming your home into a festive holiday wonderland or going for a tiny touch-up, lights can take your space to the next level. Of course, you might already have a vision of what the end result looks like – beautiful, relaxing, exciting, inspiring. The only thing stopping you is the thought of using heavy tools and putting holes in the walls. Well, if you’re wondering how to hang lights in a room without nails, you’ve come to the right place.

How to hang lights in a room without nails

With just a little creativity and the right supplies, you can hang lights and decorations without ever lifting a hammer. Check out these easy ways to hang lights without nails for the least stressful hanging experience imaginable.

1. Use adhesive clips

With damage-free adhesive hooks or clips, you can deck the halls without nails or stress. You can choose from various adhesive hooks and clips, depending on your needs. Some hold more weight and are helpful for wreaths or string lights with large shapes such as candy canes and snowflakes. Smaller hooks are perfect for fairy lights and other decorations like banners and garlands. All you have to do is peel, stick, and voilà – now, you’re ready to see your space in a whole new light.

2. Drape on furniture

There’s no rule saying you can only hang lights on the walls or from the ceiling. If anything, draping lights on your furniture can help you illuminate your space without extra supplies. Simply choose a piece of sturdy furniture near an outlet, then grab your lights, and you’re good to go. Drape your lights over bookshelves, coffee tables, nightstands, TV stands, and even the dresser for some extra holiday spirit. It’s so easy you might never go back to using nails again.

string lights draped on bookshelf

3. Wrap around banisters

Make the holidays even more magical by lighting the path to your kids’ room with string lights. Wrap them around your staircase banisters so that, when the kids run upstairs to sleep, they’re greeted by sparkling fairy lights that inspire their imagination. With a nearby outlet or extension cord, it’s quick to wrap lights around the banister. Just set your cords up free of tripping hazards to transform your space, whether seasonal or everyday occasions, completely hassle-free.

4. Use brick and brick clips

Stockings aren’t the only thing you can hang from your fireplace. Jazz up your living room by hanging rope lights right from your fireplace’s brick with brick clips. These clips are uniquely designed to hold onto bricks (a typical challenge with ordinary clips) without causing damage or leaving residue behind. Each clip comes with one or two hooks for hanging your colorful lights and adding some extra cheer throughout your home.

5. From a curtain rod

Make the most of everyday household items by using them for multiple purposes. For example, although you’ve probably only ever used curtain rods to hang curtains, they’re perfect for hanging string lights as well. You can wrap the lights around the rod or use a few zip ties to secure them in place. Just like that, you’ll have upgraded your cozy nook by the window to a whimsical fantasyland.

string lights on curtain rod

6. Transparent tape

Now you see it, now you don’t! Transparent tape can create the illusion of your string lights magically sticking to the walls with nothing holding them up. Use the strongest type of regular or double-sided transparent adhesive tape to support your lights fully. Some tapes can hold up to 15 pounds and withstand all kinds of weather. These tapes can make hanging lights on your balcony a total breeze.

When using tape, apply it only to your lights’ wires and not the bulbs themselves. This way, you don’t obscure your lights and dial down the sharp impact your lights can have on properly setting the mood.

clear adhesive tape

7. Wrap around household objects

When it comes to hanging lights in a room without nails, almost everything in the house has some sort of application. Just as you can wrap lights around banisters, curtain rods, and furniture, you can wrap them around ordinary household objects. Again, there’s no rule that says you must only hang lights on the wall! Let your imagination run wild.

string lights draped over guitar

8. Staples

Let’s say you’re wondering how to hang lights in your room without nails because you’re worried about taking a hammer to the walls. You’re not worried about making tiny, nail-sized holes in the wall, though – those may be easier to patch and are overall less noticeable than a nail. In that case, stapling your string lights to the wall is a viable option. It’s a quick process that does minimal damage to your walls. Plus, most staples won’t obviously stand out from your wires or interfere with your transportive lighting.

9. Pushpins

You know that pile of pushpins you’ve somehow gathered over the years in a junk drawer but don’t really use? Well, nail-free lighting is the perfect way to put them to use! Though tiny, pushpins are mighty. You can easily insert them between the twisted, intertwined wires of fairy lights and string lights -- objects that aren’t heavy enough to yank on a pushpin.

Pushpins come in plenty of styles as well – brass, colored, plastic, clear, fun shapes, you name it. Although they do leave small holes in the walls, these holes are much less noticeable and way easier to patch up than with nails. You can leave your lights up all year or change them up to match every holiday that comes your way.

push pins

10. Adhesive putty

Tacky substances like Blu Tack are reusable adhesives that support small items without leaving any holes in the wall. It works best with fairy lights or other lightweight items. To use it, simply press the wire or LED bulbs themselves into the putty at evenly spaced intervals. Once the putty is pushed on the wall, just turn on your lights. You’ll instantly transform your room into an enchanting space – and, in the process, transform your mind into something altogether calmer.

11. Wire suckers

Don’t let windows get in the way of hanging long string lights. You can press hooked wire suckers, which are basically suction cups, onto windows to hang decorative lights for any occasion. Put up your red and green LEDs to greet Rudolph and his friends, then swap them out for heart-shaped lights for Valentine’s Day.

12. Galaxy projectors

String lights and fairy lights aren’t the only way to hang lights in a room without nails. You can also turn to galaxy projectors for 900 square feet of wall or ceiling coverage from not even 10 feet away. This amount of coverage is more than just light – it’s a way to fully immerse your room in incomparable sights and colors.

Case in point: the Sky Lite Evolve. It can fill every holiday, celebration, or relaxing night with glittering stars and multi-color nebula clouds that mentally transport you far beyond this planet. Control the colors, patterns, and effects right with just a single tap on your phone screen. Then, sit back, relax, and let your lighting take you miles away – all without nails and hammers.

sky lite 2.0 multicolor galaxy light in media room
sky lite evolve smart multicolor galaxy projector

Sky Lite Evolve: Smart Galaxy Projector


The latest evolution in smart galaxy lighting.

Ditch nails and hammers for BlissLights

When you ditch nails and hammers in your lighting, your lighting design should allow you to alternate among different setups and moods. You might even want to take your lights from one room to another to bring your favorite lighting with you wherever you go. With BlissLights, you can take your lights throughout your home without any hassle. Go from a stunning bedroom galaxy one night to a starry-sky living room the next. Browse the BlissLights collection to find nail-free lighting that elevates your surroundings whenever, wherever, and however you need.

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