17 Summer Decorations for Your Office in 2024

Article by BlissLights LLCFri, May 13, 22
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Moving into your own office space is a new and exciting experience. However, it can be challenging to make the space your own when you’re welcomed with plain white walls and a bare floor. One way to set an office mood that never disappoints: Home decor, furnishings, and office supplies that evoke summer days spent lounging out at the beach. Below are 17 summer decorations for offices to make every workday feel like a poolside vacation in swimwear and flip-flops. 

17 office decor ideas for this summer

Adding decor to your office is a great way to showcase your personality. It’s also a great way to welcome the summer and keep the warm, sunny vibes flowing long afterward. This way, your space can be more welcoming to clients, friends, and coworkers alike. And don’t forget – office essentials can double as decor, too. These 17 ideas can help spark some inspiration for your office space.

1. Ergonomic desks and chair

Ergonomic desks and chairs are life-savers when it comes to working long office hours during any season. They’re designed to support your posture, so say goodbye to that back strain that comes from hours hunched over a laptop. Ergonomic desks’ adjustable legs can match your ideal height whether you prefer to sit or stand as you work. Pick a modern white, a sunny yellow, or wood finishes to streamline a summer office aesthetic.

2. Plants

A bunch of indoor plants can paint a gorgeous picture in your office, and they can make your work environment healthier too. Plus nothing gives off a summer vibe quite like lush foliage around your workspace. Once you choose your bright florals, ferns, or any other plants, find a chic vase that supports them as they grow – and helps your office space flourish.

office palm tree

3. Ambient desk lights

Instead of adding a clunky desk light that doesn’t add any aesthetic value to your office, try using one that doubles as decor. The BlissRadia, for example, is an eye-catching orb even when it’s not shining a bright colorful light or flashing in gradient effects. It also fits snugly onto your desk or any nearby shelf.

The BlissRadia can shine in any color on the rainbow and cycle through colors in nine different ambient effects that set the right office scene. One of these effects is “Sun,” a perfect fit for your summer office decorations. You can shift among all the BlissRadia’s immersive colors and effects through the BlissHome mobile app, Google Home, or Alexa.

blissradia smart mood light in grassland green
blissradia is an led ambient light with app control that shines in multiple colors

BlissRadia Smart LED Mood Light


From desktop to bedside, light the way to concentration, stimulation, or relaxation.

4. Paintings

Your office walls are a blank canvas – don’t let them stay that way. Hang a few paintings around the room to make a statement. Invite office guests into your summer with classic beachside paintings and any other bright artwork that enlivens your space. Summer-themed landscapes and bright colors are an especially nice touch if you have neutral-toned walls.

5. Dual monitors

Adding dual monitors into your office is great for multitasking and boosting productivity. But how exactly is it a decoration, you might ask? The answer lies in your choice of desktop background. Choose a summer view, devote one monitor to solely your desktop, and voila – summer decoration. It’s a great way to make your office appear more sophisticated and professional – and beachy – than with just a small laptop on your desk.

dual monitors with beach wallpaper

6. Daily planner

Buy yourself a notebook covered with palm trees and sunsets, then use it to jot down your to-do list and meetings. Your daily planner can help you achieve all your goals while reminding you that the sun is out and shining. And if you bring it on your summer vacation with you, it might not make you feel like you’re spending 9 to 5 in a bland office.

7. Record player

Adding a record player into your office is great for short summer Fridays, looking to unwind and hang out with other people. It can also work as a decor piece and a way to connect with others. It’s a definite conversation starter, especially if you place it next to a bunch of vinyl records. After all, how many people have a record player in their office? Spin some tunes that evoke summer paradise to transport yourself right to the ocean.

record player

8. Lamps

A good office space has to be well lit. The thing is, sometimes, bright fluorescent overhead lights can cause eye strains and headaches. Softer light from lamps should do the trick instead. Lamps can also double as decor pieces, and in yellowish and light-brown hues, they can dovetail with your summer decor.

9. Desk organizer

With all the paperwork you go through during an average workweek, it’s not unheard of if your desk becomes super cluttered. To ensure you keep your space nice and tidy, invest in a desk organizer – and throw in some seashells, cocktail umbrellas, and other summer decor. Your organizer will help you easily find all your papers, sticky notes, and gadgets while mentally taking you back to that shoreline you love.

10. Mirror

Mirrors are great in your office for two reasons. For starters, if you need to freshen up before heading to your next meeting, you won’t need to run to the bathroom to do so. The other big reason: They can reflect the natural light from your windows and make your space as bright as a midsummer day.

11. Miniature zen garden

Miniature zen gardens are little desktop accessories that mimic a real, relaxing place. They’re composed of a bit of sand in a shallow tray with some tiny tools, a few rocks, and other similar landscaping items. Sure, the sand is an obvious nod to summertime, but miniature zen gardens can transport you to your own beachside paradise on particularly stressful days.

12. Desk tray

Desk trays bring warmth and personality to your office space. Add a pop of color with a floral or pink design for some true summer flair. Imagine flamingo colors on your desk that evoke flowing, floral Hawaiian shirts and ice-cold drinks.

13. Letter holder

A letter holder is a space-saving alternative to a desk tray or organizer. This minimalistic piece can easily organize all your folders and paperwork – and a few beachy postcards in the mix can elevate your summer theme. Choose a letter holder in a sunlight orange or lime green to enhance the poolside cocktail vibe in your office every summer – and long after.

14. Salt lamp

Relax your mind and move into your zen space – think ocean breezes and palm trees – with a salt lamp in your office space. You’ll find these lamps in spas and meditation rooms to purify the air and boost your mood. The next time you’re in need of a break, turn on your lamp and think of the sunshine and warm air you’ll enjoy after work.

salt lamp

15. Pencil holder

Instead of leaving your pens, highlighters, and pencils scattered around in your drawer, use a pencil holder to keep everything organized. For summer vibes, choose between a pastel pink or sherbert orange, or opt for a bright hue of blue. Some pencil holders even offer multiple sections where you can store pens, erasers, paper clips, and other summer-colored office goodies.

16. Vase

You can transform your office into an indoor botanical garden with bright florals and stylish vases around the room. Whether you prefer a natural garden or fake plants that don’t require your attention, the right vase can elevate your office decor. Choose bright vases to match the rest of your beach-themed aesthetic, or opt for a kitschy shell shape to really invoke summers at the shore.

Create the ultimate summer office space with BlissLights

Infusing your ordinary office space with a beachy aesthetic can put you in a joyous mood on even your toughest workdays. With BlissLights’ color-changing LED strips and mood lights, you can bring summer right to your office. You’ll be able to completely customize and control your ambiance anyway you like, during the warm months and long after. Browse the BlissLights collection now to create your ideal summertime ambiance.

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