Indoor Fairy Garden Ideas To Inspire Your DIY Miniature Garden

Article by BlissLights LLCMon, Aug 29, 22
fairy garden with moss and miniature garden sign

It’s become trendy to section off small portions of your outdoor garden into mini gardens made for fairies. These little green spaces filled with fairytale characters and micro-versions of villages are reminiscent of children’s fables. Their magic has inspired people of all ages to delight in the whimsical what-ifs of fantasy.

Fairy gardens aren’t limited to the great outdoors – you can bring the magic inside too. Below, you’ll learn how to create an indoor fairy garden using a variety of unique containers and a dash of imagination. Keep reading to learn how to build your own beautiful fairy garden and spark joy in your home.

What can I use for an indoor fairy garden?

You can use all kinds of everyday items to create your indoor fairy garden. You’ll want to consider the garden itself (the receptacle you’ll store it in) and the decorations surrounding it. You’ll also want to consider the accessories and characters living in your enchanting setup. Some essentials are soil, a gardening kit with appropriate tools, a home for the garden, your magical accessories, and transcendent indoor lighting ideas.

How do you display a fairy garden indoors?

Here’s how to experience the magic of a miniature fairy garden in your home.

Designate a spot or corner for your indoor fairy garden

When bringing any new piece into your home, you’ll first consider where it’ll go. That’s also true with indoor fairy gardens. When considering a location, seek out a spot that speaks to you and one that you pass by often so you can catch a glimpse of magic every day.

As you choose your spot, you should keep in mind that a fairy garden is a small garden often filled with plants and dirt. That means you’ll need a spot for it that’s safe and secure from an accidental elbow nudge. You’ll also want to consider the plants in your mini fairy garden. If they need a lot of sunlight, then factor that into the location too. Your goal is to keep the plants safe and healthy as you carve out a slice of enchantment in your everyday surroundings.

eggshell fairy garden

Make a DIY floral garland

You can accent the space around your indoor fairy garden with stunning embellishments. Try incorporating a floral garland that you can rest along the edges of your garden or on the wall behind the whimsical kingdom.

To make your own garland, you can pick up faux flowers and vines from your local dollar store and arrange them any way you want. You can connect the different flowers with twine or attach them individually to a piece of ribbon that you then hang horizontally along the wall. These extra touches can enhance your space and invite everyone into the indoor fairy garden experience.

Add in whimsical lighting

To further elevate your indoor fairy garden, opt for fairy lighting that can take it all to the next level. When considering the lighting to include, think about how you want to illuminate your fairy garden. Are you looking for a subtle glow pulsating in the background at night or bright twinkling lights to brighten your garden at dusk? The way you light your fairy garden lets you witness its magic during the day and continue it after the sun goes down.

Hang some fairy-inspired vines

For an aesthetic reminiscent of a mystical overgrown forest dripping with ivy, find some fairy-inspired faux vines. Try randomly hanging them from the ceiling and across the wall in the background for an enchanted forest effect. Plus, you can use automatic lights weaved throughout the vines – or just stationed near them – to transition seamlessly into an awe-struck evening.

Create an awe-inspiring fairy backdrop

A beautiful backdrop behind your fairy garden can bring extra creativity and excitement to the space. If you can paint a mural on the wall behind your fairy garden, you can evoke scenes from a beloved fairytale. You can achieve the same effect with a woven tapestry inspired by folklore and myths that remain close to your heart, or centered inbetween your crystal collection display. This is your space – your world that you’re creating – and it’s filled with limitless possibilities.

How to create a fairy garden at home

When creating a fairy garden at home, there are a few basic steps you can follow.

  • Find a container. To start, you’ll need a container that can house your fairy ecosystem. This container can be as big or small as you want – just consider how you plan to fill the space. If you include lots of small plants, DIY fairies, and fairy houses made of polymer clay, then one small pot might not be enough space.
  • Select your small plants. The next step is selecting the small plants that will bring your miniature garden to life. Some great plant options for a fairy garden are a bonsai tree or air plants. Your bonsai tree can be a centerpiece that resembles a small treehouse in your fairy village. Air plants can act as grass when scattered about the garden.
  • Use the correct soil. When tending to any plant, you’ll need to choose the right soil for the plant to thrive. For your bonsai tree, you’ll likely have it already in a small, soil-filled pot that rests atop the garden. If you want to plant other plants such as succulents, then opt for an all-purpose potting soil. You can also find mini garden supplies for your indoor fairy garden and keep them around as cute display pieces for your magical inhabitants.
  • Add a colorful pebble layer over the soil. To sprinkle some additional whimsy into your fairy garden, you can cover the soil in colorful pebbles. You can do this all over the mini garden or just in certain areas depending on the garden’s size.
  • Find the fairies for your garden. Now that you’ve landscaped your fairy garden, you’ll have to include the most important characters: the fairies. You can create them yourself using craft supplies like polymer clay, or you can buy little fairy statues.
  • Bring in some fairy accessories. With your fairies in place, you should include some little accessories such as fairy houses and outdoor tables and chairs. You can create these accessories out of miscellaneous twigs or painted popsicle sticks tied together with twine. As you create the accessories, imagine the story you want to tell with your fairy garden. That can inspire ideas for decorating your playful paradise.

fairy garden accessories

9 indoor fairy garden ideas

Below are nine cute fairy garden ideas to brighten your space with a dash of pixie dust.

1. Terrarium

Terrariums are little self-contained gardens usually created in glass jars or containers, so they make for perfect indoor fairy gardens. Also, the kind of plants often found in terrariums require little maintenance and upkeep, so you won’t have to tend the garden too much.

Air plants and moss are two super low-maintenance plant ideas for your terrarium, and they perfectly capture the essence of a small, enchanted forest. You can make a small fairy door out of painted popsicle sticks and place a fairy figurine behind the door, beckoning passersby to come inside. It’s an experience nobody is likely to forget.

2. Teacup

You can easily fill a teacup with soil and plant succulents surrounded by moss for a simple fairy garden base. After your garden is established, you can add a fairy or two sitting down in their garden for tea. You can make the mini table and chairs out of twigs and string and the little teacups and plates from polymer clay. This afternoon tea scene lends itself to endless stories you can tell to transport your visitors to a whimsical paradise right from your home.

3. Indoor light show

For a fairy garden that comes alive at night, consider an indoor light show as the backdrop for your garden. The garden itself can be in a simple ceramic dish of your choosing filled with any plants you like and fanciful creatures. The real magic comes when you turn off the overhead lights and, with the Sky Lite Evolve, project an entire galaxy in your fantasy land.

The Evolve’s spherical design means you can point it anywhere and control the colors of the drifting nebula clouds. You can control the Evolve right from your phone screen or with your voice to transform your indoor fairy garden in just seconds. It’s the easiest way to immerse yourself and your loved ones into a spectacular space without leaving the comforts of home.

sky lite evolve galaxy effect
sky lite evolve smart multicolor galaxy projector

Sky Lite Evolve: Smart Galaxy Projector


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4. Bird cage

A bird cage can be a fantastical home for your fairy garden. It offers ample space for potted plants stacked atop one another or nestled side by side. To find one, check out your local antique store or a home furnishing store that sells display pieces. The cage might just inspire you to hang mystical flying creatures from the bars of the dome above. You can position your fairies throughout the birdcage to immerse your indoor fairy garden in whimsy.

5. Mason jar

With a mason jar, you can create another type of terrarium-inspired fairy garden. Air plants and any plants that require little to no water are great for this style of indoor fairy garden. Or you can use mason jars to stash LED twinkle lights that you gingerly place inside the jar. This can evoke stars in the night sky or fireflies lighting up a summer evening in the backyard. It can take your indoor fairy garden to the next level.

6. Fish tank

If you’re feeling extra crafty, you can repurpose an old fish tank to house your fairy garden. A small fish tank is a great start, and a larger one opens your indoor fairy garden to endless possibilities. Fish tanks are also versatile for fairy gardens since you can leave them open or closed depending on what your plants need. The see-through enclosure makes it perfect for the plants to get the light they need and for your fairies to see the light of day.

7. Suitcase

The suitcase approach for a fairy garden works best with an older suitcase that’s well-worn and almost vintage. A suitcase container can add a playful element to the story you’re telling with your garden. You can tell little ones that you discovered the fairies living in an old suitcase that belonged to any elderly family member. You can tell the adults in the room that the fairies are in a traveling band and this is their tour van. You’ll capture imaginations and transport everyone into a world where make-believe is real.

8. Flowerpot

A flowerpot is a classic tool for crafting your fairy garden. It’s the natural choice for indoor gardening – you can simply use it for its intended purpose of holding plants. Its blank canvas also lets you experiment – try painting the outside of the pot in vivid colors and beautiful artwork. Then, on the inside, you can set up your mystical creatures in any way you like. You’ll inspire creativity with a brightly colored pot that adds new character to your space.

9. China cabinet

With a china cabinet, you can experiment with an entire fable of your own. Your cabinet will offer plenty of space to let your garden – and your imagination – run wild.

For starters, you can fill all the shelves with potted plants and set up an entire fairy village. You can just as easily rearrange your characters to convey different stories – you’ll have plenty of space.

At night, you can light up your cabinet indoor fairy garden with the BlissRadia. This ambient mood lighting orb fits neatly inside or outside of the cabinet to illuminate your narrative. You can shine it in any rainbow color or dazzle with moving light gradients. And you can control it all right from your phone or with voice control. In just moments, you can add new dimensions to your indoor fairy garden and light your way to enchantment.

blissradia smart mood light in purple
blissradia is an led ambient light with app control that shines in multiple colors

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Spread magic with BlissLights

With an indoor fairy garden, you can bring the magic of an enchanted forest right into your home. There are endless possibilities when it comes to transforming a miniature indoor garden into a little den of paradise. And with BlissLights, you can take the experience to new heights with the perfect lighting to tell your fantasy story. Browse the BlissLights collection now to explore all kinds of indoor fairy garden ideas and let your imagination run wild.

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