Party Galaxy Games To Shake Things Up

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Party Galaxy Games To Shake Things Up

Think back to those nights you spent in bed as a kid staring at the stars and planets dangling from your ceiling. Interplanetary exploration is a core part of many childhood games. When you’re looking to share this experience with a child in your life, party galaxy games are a great way to entertain at any age. Any of the below party galaxy games are sure to be a hit!

10 party galaxy games

The below party galaxy games aren’t just kid-friendly—they’re fun for adults, too! These 10 ideas are easy to put together and are appropriate for any occasion. Try out one of these ideas below:

1. Solar system scavenger hunt

Solar system scavenger hunts combine the thrill of finding hidden objects with the joy of teaching your kids about the solar system. You’ll need two poster boards, a few sheets of cardstock, and plenty of markers, crayons, or colored pencils.

To start, draw the sun in the center of each poster board, then add nine rings around the sun (one for each planet). Of course, your kids can help with this if you want! They can also help with drawing two of each planet and its name on cardstock. Cut out the planets, and get ready to play!

Come party time, divide all the kids into two teams after you’ve hidden the cardstock planets throughout your home. The winning team is the one that finds all nine planets and places them on their posterboard’s correct rings the fastest.

solar system scavenger hunt

2. Asteroid extravaganza

With this party galaxy game, the kids don’t just get to find asteroids – they get to color them and hide them for other kids to find. Send your kids outside around your house (while keeping a super close eye on them, of course) to find rocks. Then, break out the watercolor paints and have the kids paint their rock asteroids however they want.

Once all the asteroids are painted, divide the kids into two teams. One team has to hide all its asteroids for the other to find. Then, reverse the roles. At the end of the party, your little guests can take home their asteroids as party favors!


3. Rocketship building

No, your kids don’t need engineering degrees for this one – all they need are basic arts and craft supplies. With cardstock, old cardboard paper towel tubes, markers, tape, scissors, and other basic supplies, all the kids can create rocketships in whatever shapes and colors they please. As long as the kids like their rocketships, they’ve won the game – and just as with the asteroid extravaganza, this party galaxy game comes with built-in party favors.

cardboard rocket ship craft

4. Meteor piñata

Meteor piñatas bring an interactive space themed party to the next level! First, build a round piñata, and fill it with candy, small toys, or both! Then, decorate the piñata to resemble a meteor. When the birthday crowd breaks the piñata, the prizes will fall out like a meteor shower, keeping all the fun in line with the space theme.

5. Saturn ring toss

You don’t have to bring the kids to the carnival to enjoy ring toss – all you need is a big beach ball or exercise ball and some hula hoops. Set the ball down somewhere flat, then have the kids toss a hula hoop at the ball. Their goal will be to get the hula hoop flat on the ground with the ball in the center. If they do it right, it’ll look just like Saturn: big sphere in the center, eye-catching ring on the outside. Just make sure your hula hoops are wider than your ball.

6. Space trivia

Whether you come up with your own space questions or buy a trivia game, space trivia is a low-hassle, super fun way to entertain and educate the kids. You can have the kids participate solo or divide them into teams for collaborative brainstorming and thinking. However, some trivia games are recommended solely for ages seven and up, so for an especially young crowd, you might want to choose other party galaxy games instead.

trivia game

7. Space-themed ball pit

The colored balls that comprise most ball pits look a bit like tiny planets. Why not lean into that and find a ball pit, then hide some space-themed objects in the pit for the little ones to avoid? Toys, action figures, and candy (maybe the candy from the meteor piñata mentioned earlier) can be especially fun for the kids to find if you set a timer and make it a race. Bonus points if you call it a “space race” to stay on theme.

space ball pit

8. Alien bowling

For an especially DIY party galaxy game that everyone can create and play together, try alien bowling. Have every party guest show up with an empty two-liter soda bottle, then provide arts and crafts supplies so the kids can decorate their bottles to look like aliens. Fill the empty bottles with sand or dirt so they stay upright, then close their tops and arrange them like bowling pins.

Once the pins are ready, get a bowling game going with a rubber playground ball. At the end of the party, empty each bottle and have the kids take their alien bowling pins home with them as party favors. Or keep all the bowling pins at your house for a future game of alien bowling with the same crowd!

9. Black hole

The black hole party galaxy game is, like alien bowling, very DIY friendly: You’ll need to cut a big hole in the side of a cardboard box, then paint the box black. You’ll then suspend the box from something, perhaps a tree limb, and make sure the opening faces the party.

Come party time, have the kids throw frisbees at the black hole opening in hopes of landing the frisbees in the box. Have some sort of prize ready for whichever kid sinks the most shots. And when the game is over, bring the party outside for a mini-ultimate frisbee game!


10. Galaxy dance party

No matter how old you are, you and your kids might have one thing in common: You love to dance! And you don’t have to be “good” at dancing to enjoy it – most kids aren’t thinking about how they look as they rock to the beat. So why not bring some dancing to your next kids’ space-themed birthday party with a galaxy dancefloor?

After you get the kid-friendly dance tunes going, throw on your best galaxy lights to bring the space decor around you to life. You can also bring some musical chairs or other party games to your dancefloor: Have the kids dance while the music plays and rush to find a seat when the music stops. Under galaxy lights, everyone might just feel like they’re plopped down in a rocketship traversing the world beyond.

If galaxy lighting sounds complicated or expensive, rest assured it’s not. With the Sky Lite Evolve Galaxy Projector, you can easily transport the kids directly to outer space without them moving an inch (well, besides all the steps they’ll be taking during the cha-cha slide). These wondrous, awe-inspiring galaxy lights make for a creative celebration that your kids won’t forget years after their current birthday. You have to see it to believe it.

sky lite evolve smart multicolor galaxy projector

Sky Lite Evolve: Smart Galaxy Projector


The latest evolution in smart galaxy lighting.

party galaxy lighting

BlissLights enhance galaxy party games

Galaxy party games make space-themed kids’ birthday parties fun, but galaxy lights make them truly unforgettable. With the starry skies and galaxies that BlissLights project, you can entirely transform your party space into a universe that lets the kids see the world – and the entire solar system – in a whole new light. Browse our collection to find galaxy lights that bring an outer space perspective indoors with just the flip of a switch. Happy partying!

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