21 Must-Have Glamping Accessories For a Perfect Getaway

Article by BlissLights LLCMon, Apr 18, 22
luxury camping domes in the mountains

Summer is just around the corner, and you know what that means – warm weather, outdoor BBQs, swimming in the lake, a much needed vacation. But what if you love the great outdoors yet can’t go without the luxuries of a classic hotel? In that case, glamping is a hot trend you might absolutely love. To make packing a bit easier, below is a list of must-have glamping accessories to take your vacation to the next level.

What does glamping stand for?

Glamping, short for “glamorous camping,” is where nature meets luxury. A glamping trip is perfect if you want to experience a night under the stars while still having much of what comes with hotels. Luxury camping often suits those who typically prefer hot showers and climate control but want to visit beautiful natural destinations. You can stay in an RV, glamping tent, outdoor resort, or cabin – style your camping trip just how you like it.

woman doing yoga in glamping tent

How do you make glamping fun?

While some people can’t wait to spend their vacation in the great outdoors and completely unplug, others aren’t too keen on sleeping in hot, humid tents. Glamping transforms these challenges into fun, and glamping accessories can transform your relaxing trip into the woods into a resplendent adventure.

Think of glamping as a spectrum and consider who will be with you. If you want just a little glamor, some simple upgrades can be extendable marshmallow roasting sticks and an air mattress instead of a sleeping bag. Camping with the whole family? Keep things amusing with laser light projectors and lots of DIY games. If your goal is to go all out, bring your wireless speakers, portable movie screen, and projector for an engrossing evening in the moonlight.

glamping with portable movie screen

What do you need for luxury camping?

Everything you bring on a glamping trip should serve a purpose so you don’t wind up overpacking. Think about comfortable ways you can sleep like you’re staying at a resort and useful supplies to make cooking and eating effortless. You’ll also want some portable accessories that keep things safe and easy-to-pack forms of entertainment to put a smile on everyone’s face.

21 must-have glamping accessories

With the right glamping equipment, you can turn your outdoor retreat into a splendid getaway. Reimagine what it means to go camping with these must-have glamping accessories.

1. Sleeping cot

Camping doesn’t have to mean tossing and turning all night while trying to get comfy in a sleeping bag. A sleeping cot in a tent is a great option to help you get some rest. Portable sleeping cots are collapsible camping beds that make it easier for you to get a good night’s sleep in the great outdoors. Since they fold up, they can typically fit in the trunk of your car, meaning you can easily transport them.

adjustable camping cot

2. Hammock

Turn your comfort level up a notch with a hammock to elevate your luxury camping experience. Hammocks are great for rocking yourself to sleep at night or just relaxing after your morning hike – they basically feel like floating. You can safely hang them from trees, and some can support a few people at once. Pair your hammock with some cushy pillows and soft blankets to create your own cozy nook in the middle of nature.

camping hammock

3. Side tables

Relaxing outside in your camping chair is wonderful, and it’s even better with the simple addition of a side table. This functional piece of glamping gear can add more to your outdoor adventure in all kinds of ways. When your group is sitting down for some fun bonding time, side tables make great tabletops for card games. They also work wonders for stashing snacks and drinks, holding your lantern, and more. After all, part of what separates glamping from camping is convenience and comfort – side tables give you both.

camping side table

4. Enamelware dish set

The right type of kitchenware can make all the difference when building an outdoor cooking and eating space for your camping trip. Enamelware dish sets are a great choice since you can easily clean them and heat them. So when it comes time to warm up those delicious leftovers, just hang your plate over the campfire. You’ll bring your dinner to life before you know it.

Enamelware dishes are made from durable metal, aluminum, or cast iron. A porcelain layer covers them to make them longer-lasting and easier to clean. They’re typically inexpensive, and you can easily pack them in a picnic basket and transport them to your next breathtaking destination.

5. Camp stove

It can be challenging to know what to bring for your camping meals. A portable camp stove takes your options far beyond the typical beans and trail mix. This unique cooking appliance can make it easier and more fun to prepare meals when there’s not a kitchen in sight. Portable stoves can help you boil hot water, cook with skillets, and keep food warm. You can bring your favorite meals into the woods and cook up a storm that makes your trip truly unforgettable.

couple cooking on camping stove

6. Portable power generator

If you’re packing anything that requires electricity, a portable power generator is a must. These generators are your power source for camping stoves, plug-in lights, phone chargers, fans, and more. Solar-powered generators are an especially great choice since you’ll be soaking up all the sun and beautiful nature. Another important factor: Some generators can be noisy, which isn’t ideal for a tranquil, immersive jaunt into the woods.

7. BlissLights StarPort

No glamping adventure is complete until you experience an evening staring up at the glistening stars in the sky. And chances are those stars will be especially bright and beautiful with no light pollution to dull them. It’s the kind of thing you might never want to stop seeing. So when it’s time to settle down for the night and go inside your tent, use the BlissLights StarPort to bring the starry sky indoors.

The StarPort fits in your pocket, so it’s a must-have glamping accessory for any trip. It’s a game-changer on rainy days stuck inside your tent, RV, or cabin – you’ll still get that trip-defining starry night. All you need is a mobile charger or portable power generator with a USB port to fill your surroundings with hundreds of sparkling, colorful stars.

starport usb star projector light
starport usb star projector in blue

StarPort USB Light


One tiny light. Thousands of stars!

8. Marshmallow roasting sticks

Did you really go camping if you didn’t roast marshmallows? To turn ordinary s’mores making into a glamping experience, all you need is some marshmallow roasting sticks. No more peeling sticky marshmallows off of dirty sticks from the woods or getting too close to the fire for comfort.

Many roasting skewers are extendable with rounded tips, making them safe for campers of all ages. The wood handle keeps your hand from getting too close to the fire as the metal part transforms your marshmallows from cloud-like to crispy. You can sit around the campfire and share an experience as sweet as it is warm.

9. Cooler

Your s’mores won’t exactly be s’mores if all your chocolate melts in the hot sun. Use a cooler to store all your food, drinks, snacks, and treats. For single-day use, a soft cooler or insulated backpack might be your best bet. If you’re looking for something that prevents more ice meltage, go with the classic hard cooler. If you want an accessory that can do it all, upgrade to an electric-powered cooler – keeping things fresh will be a breeze.

10. Portable shower

If you’re not the type to rough it out in nature for a few days, portable showers might be the ultimate must-have glamping accessory. These showers can give you that clean, refreshed feeling no matter how far off the grid you wander. You can often store a few gallons of water in your portable shower to rinse off all the dirt from the day. Battery-powered portable showers can be especially luxurious – think hot showers, without any time spent waiting for the beaming sun to warm up the water.

11. Movie projector

Enhancing your glamping experience with an outdoor movie night can give you that precious home vibe from under thick tree canopies and moonlit skies. You’ll need portable movie projectors on this front – they make it easy to indulge in your favorite films with your favorite people. And if you’re trying to save space while packing, fret not. Some newer portable movie projectors are compact – a glamping movie experience right in the palm of your hand.

12. Portable movie screen

A movie projector won’t do much good if you don’t have a screen for it. You should always pair your projector with a portable movie screen for the full theater effect. A foldable or inflatable screen is ideal for easy transport. These screens take only minutes to set up and come in a range of prices and sizes. Whether you’re glamping in your backyard or in the mountains, you’ll have what you need to enjoy your favorite movies in full color.

13. Wireless speaker

A durable, waterproof, wireless speaker can turn your glamping trip into a lively festivity. Even better, wireless speakers don’t need a power source, so you can take them on your big hike or keep them on your side table. You can play some tunes while cooking, toasting marshmallows, or relaxing on your hammock.

Here’s an idea on how to use your wireless speaker for glamping, assuming it comes with a clip. You can attach it to your backpack to get yourself moving with some motivational tunes while you hit the trail. Then, you can connect your speaker to your portable movie projector to end your day in style with a great movie by the bonfire.

14. Lanterns

Once the sun sets and the moon comes out, you’ll need a way to actually see around your campsite. Lanterns are a tried and true camping accessory that fit the bill, and they can do so much more than just glow. Many lanterns include power banks to charge your devices and built-in fans to keep you cool. Others can connect to everyone’s phone. Place your lanterns on your picnic table, side table, or right on the ground for lighting as warm as the daytime sun.

15. Bear canister

Going into the mountains can open your eyes to stunning landscapes, beautiful nature, and some unforgettable animal encounters. Though spotting an animal can be a great photo opp, it’s not always safe – bears in particular can be scary. That’s why a bear canister is such a must-have glamping accessory.

Bear canisters store your food and scented items in ways that block their odors. This way, beautiful but dangerous bears don’t have as much reason to come near your campsite by storing your food and scented items in bear canisters. These canisters function as food lockers that keep away more than just bears. Raccoons, deer, and more will be far less drawn to your campsite, and you can enjoy the great outdoors in peace and splendor.

16. Insect repellant

It’s almost impossible to step into the woods and leave without at least one mosquito bite. But you can always leave with just one mosquito bite. Insect repellant is a must-have for minimizing those itchy red bumps. Bug repellants can also keep ticks, gnats, and flies away, and that’s important. You don’t need buzzing and biting getting through the imaginary walls you’ve built around your hotel in the woods.

17. Privacy tent

If you’re going on an outdoor adventure with family, friends, or both, a pop-up privacy tent can completely shift your perspective on the woods. No more trying to find privacy in the open air – this tent lets everyone shower, change clothes, or use the camping toilet out of sight. Some privacy tents come with a portable shower already included, and others fit right over your shower. You can also move it around your campsite in just moments and collapse it neatly into your car. It’s the easiest way to bring the luxury of privacy into the open world.

18. Outdoor games

Glamping is all about rest, relaxation, and memories that last a lifetime. If you’re glamping with kids, though, that can be tough – they might not be old enough to admire the beauty of trees, flowers, and plants. But with some fun, memorable outdoor games, you can grab their attention for hours.

Outdoor glamping games such as flashlight tag, nature scavenger hunt, glow stick ring toss, sleeping bag races, and squirt gun races are fun for all ages. Plus, they only require a few supplies, so you won’t overcrowd your glamping bag. They can all keep your family and friends immersed in the world far beyond home.

colorful squirt guns

19. Portable fire pit

When you think about camping, you probably think about sitting around a campfire, listening to fire crackling, and feeling the heat all around you. However, starting a fire from scratch can sometimes be a daunting task. With a portable fire pit, you can flicker the same flames with way less hassle. There are plenty of styles to choose from, ranging from smoke-free and wood-burning pits to weather-resistant, propane-powered stainless steel pits. It’s a safer, easier alternative to the traditional campfire, and you’ll still get to sit right by that warm glow.

20. Tent fan

Weather in the wilderness can be unpredictable, and that’s not great for your sleep. Trying to fall asleep in your bell tent can be next to impossible when you’re constantly sweating. A tent fan can help cool things down. For extra convenience, choose a fan you can clip to the side of your sleeping cot for a close, cooling breeze. A good tent fan keeps you prepared for all types of weather, especially in those rough summer months.

21. Galaxy Projector

When everyone is cozy in their sleeping bags and ready to turn in, send them off to dreamland with entrancing galactic sights. The Sky Lite Evolve elevates your tent’s atmosphere from bland to celestial right from your phone. It shines twinkling stars over floating, multicolor nebula clouds for a transfixing sense of calm. You’ll marvel at the dazzling sights while feeling the soothing effects of all the nature all around you.

sky lite evolve effect in pink and purple

sky lite evolve smart multicolor galaxy projector

Sky Lite Evolve: Smart Galaxy Projector


The latest evolution in smart galaxy lighting.

Go glamping in style with BlissLights

Glamping is a vacation that gives you the best of both worlds – a luxurious getaway and the rugged wilderness. Your experience will be even better with a well-packed bag full of must-have glamping accessories, including BlissLights’ nature-inspired laser lights. These lights can give you an out-of-this-world experience from right inside your tent. Browse the BlissLights collection now to find lights that imbue your glamping trip with a universe of tranquility.

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