15 Office Holiday Party Ideas: Themes, Gifts, Games & More

Article by BlissLights LLCFri, Nov 11, 22
christmas tree at corporate holiday party

One of the best parts about getting closer to the holidays is planning the big office holiday event. This year, instead of settling on the same old holiday traditions, try kicking things up a notch with new themes and activities. Read on to discover the best office holiday party ideas you can try out this season.

How do you plan a successful company holiday party?

Planning a successful holiday party can take a lot of time, dedication, and decision-making. Here’s what you should consider when you first start planning your office holiday party ideas.

Get a date on the books

Setting a date is one of the very first things you should do when planning a holiday event. While you can choose a date yourself and send out invites, you might want to offer a few dates to your team members. This way, the maximum number of people possible can attend.

Decide the type of party

Before you choose a venue or decide whether you want entertainment, you’ll need to ask your team what type of party they might want. For example, does the team want a formal Christmas party or more of a casual after-hours event? Either way, you should encourage your guests to dress in their best holiday attire to set the right mood.

Create a budget

When choosing a budget, consider everything you’ll need for the party, such as food and drinks, entertainment, gifts, and decorations. Once you have a budget, book your venue and entertainment first. Then, use the rest of your budget to bring your holiday party to life with red and green decorations, sweet treats, and astonishing holiday gifts.

Pick a venue

Will your office holiday party ideas work better at the office, or at a different location such as a restaurant or your house? Choose a space that’s within budget and offers plenty of holiday cheer.

Plan the menu

If you really want to get into the holiday spirit, try planning your menu to mimic classic holiday dishes. Roast and potatoes, sprinkled sugar cookies, cut-out gingerbread houses – there are limitless ways to bring your office holiday party ideas to life.

Book the entertainment

Are you bringing a DJ or a live band in on the fun? No matter which option you choose, make sure to include the classics and some upbeat holiday tunes to get everyone moving and grooving.

people toasting glasses at a holiday party

How do you make a holiday party fun?

Fun holiday parties can get everyone in the office laughing, talking, and dancing the night away. Here’s how to take your office holiday party ideas above and beyond the usual.

Decorate the office

You don’t want your holiday party venue to look like just an everyday office. You should hang some red and green lights and dangle some sparkly tinsel to truly transform your office space. After that, add a giant Christmas tree in the center of the room, stocked with gifts underneath, to bring your party to life.

Start with an upbeat playlist

Get the crowd pumping with some Christmas-inspired upbeat tunes. Play all the Christmas hits from Mariah Carey to Michael Buble to create an immersive winter wonderland.

Make it inclusive

Set up a few board games to lighten the mood and keep people from getting bored. Fun group games that relate to the holidays can quickly bring your event to life.

Get employees involved with the planning

Party planning doesn’t have to be a one-person job – many people around the office might want to get involved. Try asking around the office whether anyone wants to join in on the party-planning fun.

7 office holiday party ideas

Now that you’ve selected a date and venue for your party, you’ll need to think of a few activities for your celebration. Use the below office holiday party ideas to inspire your next big bash.

1. Organize a company-wide white elephant party

One way to get everyone involved and in the holiday mood is to organize a white elephant event. Before the event, tell your team members about the gift exchange and their price limit. Then, give them a week or two to find the perfect gift to put under the office Christmas tree.

The BlissRadia ambient mood light is a great option for a white elephant gift. This orb-like fixture diffuses gentle, colorful hues that seamlessly transition from color to color. Gift-getters can set the BlissRadia’s brightness, effects, and more from their phone screen or via voice control. You can also get yourself a BlissRadia to create an ideal scene for your office holiday party ideas with just the push of a button.

blissradia smart ambient mood light in ocean blue
blissember is a smart color changing led night light suitable for adults and kids

BlissEmber Smart Multicolor Night Light


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2. Host holiday movie night

Christmas is that time of year when you always binge-watch your favorite holiday movies, so why not host an office-wide holiday movie night? To create the ultimate movie experience, lay down some blankets and pillows, and stock up on hot cocoa, cookies, and classic movie theater snacks. Then, turn on your favorite holiday films, from Elf to Home Alone. You’ll mentally transport yourself back to your childhood days of staying up late the night before Santa arrives.

3. Host a holiday cookie competition

Bring out the gingerbread and sugar cookie dough recipes for a holiday cookie challenge. Divide your employees into teams and set timers for them to make the best holiday cookies. Include a few Christmas cookie cutters, frosting, and sprinkles to see which team can bring the most holiday vibes to their sweet treats.

4. Host an ugly sweater competition

For this office holiday party idea, ask your team members to come dressed in their ugliest Christmas sweaters. Hand out sheets for everyone to vote on their top ugly sweater party ideas from the night. With all the ugly Christmas sweaters in the room, you might truly feel like you're in a Hallmark movie.

5. Hold a holiday-themed potluck

One of the best parts of holiday parties is enjoying the delicious food everyone makes. This can also help with your budget – with a potluck party, you can spend your budget on gifts or entertainment.

You should ask your guests to write what they’re bringing on a sign-up sheet so there aren't any duplicates. You can also ask everyone to write down their holiday recipes and create a book out of them to share with your team afterward.

6. Run a holiday 5K

If your team is more on the active side or your company is health-related, ditch the Christmas treats and host a holiday 5K party. Gather your team and tackle the holiday season with a run. Then, after the race, treat your team to a steaming cup of coffee or tea to bring some warmth right to their holiday.

7. Host a holiday karaoke

A great way to get people out of their seats and into the holiday spirit is to host a Christmas karaoke session. For this office holiday party idea, you should create a playlist with all the classic Christmas songs. As soon as your team members step up to the microphone, their inner pop star might just come to life.

Office holiday party theme ideas

You can always go above and beyond the classic red, green, and gold holiday colors with the below office holiday party themes.

Hawaiian luau

The cold weather might make you miss the summer sun and heat. If this sounds like you, then throw a Hawaiian luau office holiday party. First, you’ll need to stock up on all things tropical: coconut cups, blow-up palm trees, and delicious coastal foods. Then, add some twinkling lights, colorful balloons, and a table full of bright sunglasses to bring paradise into your four walls.

Christmas in Vegas

Try transforming your office into a Vegas casino filled with flashing lights and plenty of games. You can deck out your space with dark tablecloths, streamers, and flashing red and gold lights. Then, you can set aside some tables for poker and card games. The immersive games and bright flashing lights can take your mind on a holiday vacation you might not want to leave.

Disco fever

Head back into the ‘70s with a disco-themed corporate holiday party. To create your disco party theme, you’ll need metallic decorations like glitter curtains, mirrored balls, and lots of silver balloons. After that, just add a disco light to the center of the room to truly bring yourself back to the ‘70s.

The Great Gatsby

If a ‘70-themed party isn’t your thing, jump back farther in time to the Roaring Twenties. To bring this theme to life, you’ll want to stock up on black and gold streamers, gold balloons, and vases filled with fluffy white feathers. You should also encourage your employees to wear their favorite sleek suits or sparkly dresses to transport everyone right into Jay Gatsby’s house.

Pajama party

To celebrate ending the work week and starting a mini-holiday staycation, treat your office to a holiday pajama party. Encourage your team to come dressed in their favorite cozy pajamas and slippers. Then, set the cozy mood with soft glowing lights, pillows, blankets, and a movie projector. Once your team arrives, they’ll immediately feel relaxed and at ease.

Office holiday party gift ideas

With the holidays around the corner, you should give your team members some holiday gifts to show your appreciation. Here are a few gift ideas to help you find some inspiration.

Employee holiday care package

Send your team home with holiday care packages filled with sweet treats, hot chocolate packets, gift cards, and ornaments. To go the extra mile, add a personalized company mug that your employees can bring back into the office once the holiday season ends.

Food or drink sampler box

Instead of a classic holiday gift box, send your employees home with a package filled with food and drinks they can enjoy with their families. Load your sampler box with hot cocoa bombs, ciders, jams, crackers, and a plethora of cookies. One bite of these delicious treats will bring Christmas right to their taste buds.

A tech pack

For every holiday, you should send your team members home with unique gifts they can use long after all the celebration. A tech pack is a great example, and the options of what to add to it are limitless.

For example, you can include smart lights that’ll transport your team members out of this world. The Sky Lite Evolve is a laser galaxy projector that shines floating nebula clouds and striking galaxy stars at any and all angles. With the BlissHome app, your team members can change the galaxy’s colors, brightness, and effects to go far above and beyond the everyday.

man relaxing under blisslights evolve smart multicolor galaxy projecter in pink and blue
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Create your ideal holiday party with BlissLights

No matter which holiday party theme you choose, you’ll need the right lighting to take your office holiday party ideas to the next level. BlissLights’ galaxy projectors and LED strips are two great examples of lights that can add holiday cheer through astonishing colors and effects. Browse the BlissLights collection now to see your office holiday party in a whole new light.

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