Transform Your Bedroom into a Serene Sanctuary for Ideal Sleep

Article by BlissLights LLCFri, Mar 04, 22
Transform Your Bedroom into a Serene Sanctuary for Ideal Sleep

After a long, stressful day, it’s ideal to come home to a relaxing space. There are certain factors that can disrupt this peaceful state, such as clutter, lighting, dry air, sunlight, and sounds. While particular things are harder to change than others, let’s take a look at a few easy ways to turn an average bedroom into a bedtime oasis.

5 Ways to Create Your Bedroom Sanctuary

1. Reduce Clutter

The first step in creating a bedroom sanctuary is to make sure it doesn’t trigger stress. In a home environment, psychologists have identified clutter as a contributing factor to stress and anxiety. This means it’s important to organize and tidy your space to keep you zen during your nighttime routine. If this is something you struggle with, there are a few quick ways for maintaining an orderly bedroom.

  • Evaluate your space. If there are a bunch of unnecessary items, start a donation box and put those items in it. If you go 2-3 weeks without using them, it’s probably safe to donate them. This is a great way to both reduce the amount of unnecessary clutter in your bedroom and donate to a home in need.
  • Keep things accessible. Have regularly used items in an accessible place. This makes it less of a hassle to get them out and reduces the number of other items moved around in the process.
  • Tidy up daily. To reduce the stress of a messy room, put things back after you use them. Clutter can be anything from clothes all over the floor to a messy dresser or desk. By putting clothes back in your closet or miscellaneous items back in their correct place, you are reducing the clutter and chaos of your room.

woman tidying room with vacuum

2. Lighting

Another prominent factor in your space that contributes to ideal sleep is lighting. Optimal lighting can help with both creating a relaxing space and keeping your room trendy. As you wind down for bed, blue light—a light that emits from electronic devices—disrupts your internal clock and keeps you awake longer. On the other hand, red light has been theorized to stimulate the production of melatonin and help improve your sleep. This is why red night lights or salt lamps have become increasingly popular to accompany those who don’t like to sit in the dark.

If you want to kick it up a notch, add a trendy galaxy projector to spice up your space. Not only does it add a new and exciting ambiance to your bedroom, but it can also have a calming effect as you get ready to fall asleep. Download the BlissHome app and control the brightness, colors, and timer right from your smartphone. It doesn’t get much better than that!

sky lite 2.0 multicolor galaxy in bedroom
sky lite evolve smart multicolor galaxy projector

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3. Humidifier

One of the underrated factors that go into a comfortable sleep is the air’s humidity. If the air in your room is dry, it impacts your eyes, throat, and nasal passage. Dry eyes are not only irritating, but they can affect how you go about your day. To counteract this, wearing daily disposable contact lenses can help reduce the buildup of protein that causes eye dryness. At night, have a humidifier in your room to improve your dry eyes and eliminate a dry throat. Whether you breathe through your mouth or nose while sleeping, dry air will impact both your nasal passage and your throat. A humidifier can improve the way you sleep and start your day off on a refreshing note.

While humidifiers have many benefits to our sleep habits, they also benefit other living things in your house—plants. House plants have become increasingly popular as a type of functional decoration. They are pleasing to look at, filter the air, and give you a sense of accomplishment as you help them grow. If you’re looking to add a little more life to your room, a few houseplants might be a great place to start.

woman sitting in bed next to humidifier

4. Essential Oil Diffuser

Similar to humidifiers, essential oil diffusers use water vapor to aid your sleep with aromatherapy. There are many benefits to essential oils, including mood improvement, reduced stress, improved sleep, and other various remedies. Each oil has different benefits, from reducing inflammation to supporting digestion. Here is a list of the functions of each oil so you can decide which is best to incorporate in your nighttime routine.

  • Lavender: helps with sleep, stress, and pain.
  • Tea Tree: has antiseptic and antifungal qualities. Can help with acne and fungal flare-ups like athlete’s foot or ringworm.
  • Peppermint: eases headaches, improves mood, and aids in digestion.
  • Eucalyptus: soothes a stuffy nose, relieves pain, and can act as an anti-inflammatory.
  • Lemongrass: kills bacteria, relieves stress, anxiety, and depressive thoughts.

essential oil diffuser

5. Blackout Curtains

The perfect finishing touch on your bedroom sanctuary is a new set of curtains. Curtains act not only as a window dressing, but also as a functional sleep aid. Blackout curtains can act as a barrier for both light and sound in your stress-free space. These curtains are usually double lined and made from tightly woven polyester or cotton material. This makes it very hard for sunlight to break through the fabric and keeps the bedroom dark and cozy.

The double lining also helps with insulation and absorbing sounds. If you are heating or cooling your bedroom, blackout curtains block the window and reduce potential leaks of cold or warm air. This can keep the temperature more consistent and even save you money on your electricity bill. Similarly, the thick fabric can absorb sounds which can make it easier to get a peaceful night’s sleep.

Ready to Go

There are many ways to create your ideal bedroom environment, both for sleep improvements and comfort. A little personal touch through functional decor can turn the tables on your overall mood and wellbeing. Of course, it’s necessary to feel like the best version of yourself in the comfort of your own home. So use these tips, change some things up, and sleep better than you ever thought possible!

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