Starry Night Lights for Bedrooms That Are Out Of This World

Article by BlissLights LLCMon, Apr 12, 21
star-shaped string lights

If you were afraid of the dark growing up, you might remember night lights as a shining beacon of safety that granted swift passage to Dreamland. You might look back fondly on those plastic glows in the dark stars and planets that you stuck on the ceiling, emitting a soft glow in the darkness.

You can now achieve that similar starry night light effect without climbing on a ladder or ruining the paint on your ceiling. Enjoy these starry night lights in your room no matter your age – learn how below.

What are starry night lights?

Starry night lights project the ethereal beauty of twinkling stars, drifting stardust, and colorful nebula clouds onto any ceiling. Their ambient lighting promotes a calm and peaceful atmosphere appreciated by all ages, whether that’s for adults who appreciate an especially serene sleeping environment or little ones who need a little extra light to keep the “monsters” under the bed at bay. The celestial ambiance also serves as a wonderful backdrop for movie nights, dinner parties, zen meditations, and yoga sessions. Starry night lights are available in soothing color combinations, like green and blue.

8 starry night lights for bedrooms

You’ll have lots of options to evaluate as you find the perfect starry night light for your bedroom. From stellar laser lights to a lightbulb you can add to any lamp, the right option for your desired effect is out there. Try any of these eight options to awash your room in unforgettable twinkling stars in an instant.

1. Portable lights

Just like their name suggests, portable lights are easy to pack and go. This travel-friendly option can come with you, especially if your little one needs to sleep with a nightlight when in unfamiliar environments. These lights are also great for adults looking for a soothing way to end their day, whether they’re at home or traveling. Oftentimes, portable lights ditch the long power cord and can connect right to a USB port, whether on a laptop, charging base, or portable battery.

Looking to give portable lights a try? The StarPort Light from BlissLights creates brilliant, galactic light shows above your head. The comforts of an entrancing night sky and soothing effects of stars can promote an atmosphere of calmness needed for a good night’s sleep, no matter where you are or where you’re headed.

starport portable star projector

starport usb star projector in blue

StarPort USB Light


One tiny light. Thousands of stars!

2. Blue lights

Exposure to different lighting colors can help change your mood. The right color can help you relax or energize you. Blue light, for example, can help you feel calm. A starry night light in a blue hue can have an additional calming effect on top of the already soothing twinkling stars and swirling galaxies they project.

blue starry night light

3. Battery powered lights

Battery-powered lights don’t rely on an outlet, so they’re handy for bringing with you on trips or using outdoors. These lights are a perfect way to create a magical aesthetic in all kinds of colors wherever you may be. All kinds of lighting styles are available in battery powered variants, including string lights, fairy lights, and strip lights that all have a twinkling effect. Because of their portability and flexibility to place anywhere, battery-powered lights are perfect for decorative uses, including wedding centerpieces, photoshoots, and centerpieces in your home.

battery-powered fairy lights

4. Sky Lite

Imagine blue nebula clouds and brilliant moving stars drifting gradually across your own personal galaxy to help ease you into a deep night’s sleep. You can get exactly that with sky lite such as the BlissLights Sky Lite Evolve Galaxy Projector, which shines a celestial body onto any surface at which you point it.

Evolve makes for the perfect gift for any age or occasion and can be used in bedrooms, nurseries, living rooms, yoga studios, and office spaces -- the possibilities are endless! With several settings for speed, a timer setting, and color options, this galaxy projector can be shaped for a truly personalized experience.

Sky Lite galaxy projector

sky lite evolve smart multicolor galaxy projector

Sky Lite Evolve: Smart Galaxy Projector


The latest evolution in smart galaxy lighting.

5. Novel nightlights

There are starry night lights, lights that twinkle like stars but can be used for any purpose, and night lights shaped like stars. A plug-in novel nightlight uses a bulb to reflect a pattern against the wall. You can choose from star and galaxy like projections that shower the walls and ceiling with the moon and stars, or you can try for a novel night light that is simply shaped like a star or any other character your child may appreciate.

Nightlights are used to add comfort, warmth to a space, and prevent trips and falls during the occasional midnight munchie walks to the fridge. While they’re often associated with a child’s room, a novel night light can be used virtually anywhere in your home.

star novelty lamp

6. App-controlled lighting

Forget walking into a dark room and fumbling while looking for the light switch – some night lights have app-controlled dimming and brightening features. Goodnight greetings and bedtime stories are much easier when you can modify your starry night light’s brightness for your child before bedtime. App-controlled lighting is also useful during nighttime check-ins and for reassuring toddlers who need a touch of night light to help combat their fear of the dark.

app-controlled lights

velarus smart multicolor aurora projector with app control

Velarus Aurora Light


Vibrant aurora lighting with app control.

7. Projector lights

Projector lights gained popularity in recent years, as people began to switch from complicated and unwieldy Christmas lights to a simple plug and play option. These projector lights eliminate the need for ladders and tangled lights, swapping twinkling stars or holiday imagery for a simple plug and play option.

There are indoor versions as well that can be outfitted to a stand and placed anywhere near an outlet. Starry night sky projector lights are one example; they cast realistic constellations across ceilings and walls. Whether you’re looking for a holiday starry sky display or an everyday galaxy to make sleeping easier, you can find the right projector light to do the job.

projector lights

8. Starry sky light bulbs

With these light bulbs, starry planetarium skies are condensed into an ordinary looking bulb that can screw into most fixtures. These light bulbs project patterns across ceilings and walls when you install them in a lamp.

Using light bulbs to create your starry skies is also among the simplest, space-saving ways to bring starry skies into your home. The BlissLights BlissBulb, for example, shines thousands of tiny stars across your room for a romantic atmosphere in a matter of seconds. It’s as easy and flipping a switch, and you can easily get one of these bulbs (or several) for your home. Once you’re done, all you need to do is replace the bulb with your regular everyday lighting, knowing that slipping back into that awe-striking experience is just seconds away.

blissbulb starry sky bulbs

blissbulb laser lightbulb in green

BlissBulb Laser LightBulb


Transforming your world is as easy as changing a lightbulb.

Get the dreamiest starry night lights from BlissLights

While most of us don’t have the option to sleep under the actual nighttime sky and its stunning stars, the starry night lights on this list will have you feeling the serenity and deep peace that comes with stargazing. Here at BlissLights, we specialize in all types of starry night lights that bring galaxies, northern lights, and other unique lighting displays into your home. Browse our collection to find the perfect starry night light for your needs.

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