12 Lighting for Small Spaces to Make Them Feel Larger

Article by BlissLights LLCFri, Aug 27, 21
12 Lighting for Small Spaces to Make Them Feel Larger

A small space can be a magical nook that you use for all kinds of wonderful reasons. Getting cozy with a warm, fuzzy blanket, cuddling with your furry friend, or slipping into a state of pure bliss – it’s all on the table. But before you turn your small room into your own dreamland, you’re probably looking around thinking: Can this tight space really feel like a roomy escape? With the right lighting for small spaces, the answer to that question is yes.

Instead of simply placing one light in the room and calling it a day, try mixing things up to make the area more spacious and comfortable. Not sure where to get started? Consult the list below.

12 Small Space Lighting Ideas

Whether you’re moving into your first studio apartment or starting college in a dorm room, you can make your small space as charming as your dream mansion. Become your own interior designer and create an area you won’t even remember felt small in the first place with these lighting ideas:

1. Ceiling lights

Ceiling lights come in various styles to match your personality, color scheme, and ceiling height. They’re a great choice for small rooms because using the space above your head in a small room gives you sufficient lighting without overcrowding the main area. A space that is less crowded looks larger.

Flat light fixtures, for example, look classy and chic while complementing modern decor. If you’re interested in something a bit more elaborate, paneled hanging lights come down only a bit from the ceiling and often boast intricate details and patterns. To transform your small space into a vast brilliant display of mesmerizing colors, use the BlissBulb in red or green to shower your space in twinkling stars.

red blissbulb ceiling light

blissbulb laser lightbulb in red

BlissBulb Laser LightBulb


Transforming your world is as easy as changing a lightbulb.

2. Wall sconces

When you’re winding down at the end of the day, you’ll want warm lighting that gives you just enough illumination, and wall sconces can give you exactly that. Instead of a single overhead light that brightens the entire bedroom but also creates distracting shadows, consider wall sconces on each side of the bed. These light fixtures not only provide sufficient task or accent lighting, but they also won’t take up floor or table space, making it look as though your room has more open areas.

Some wall sconces must be installed in a fixed position, while others are adjustable. Wall sconces with adjustable arms or a swivel head make it easy for you to direct light exactly where you want it. When you’re not using the light, just put it back into its place.

3. LED lights

Not all light sources have to be clearly visible. In fact, room lighting fixtures that hide in plain sight can make your room appear much larger. LED strip lights, for example, fit perfectly tucked underneath your bedroom’s dressers, bed frames, and bookcases. They’re easy to install, too: Simply peel the backing and adhere it to your desired location. Do it right, and your small room might look like a professional interior designer has worked their magic on it.

LED lights are useful in small living rooms too. Placed under a television stand or couch, these strips can add extra dimensions to your space. Many LED light strips can change color as well, so you can use them to transform your living room into a futuristic gaming zone with green and blue overtones. For a romantic getaway at home, red LED strip lighting lets you reimagine your space in just the right reds and purples for movie date night.

LED strip lights

4. String lights

String lights can go anywhere in a small room. You can dangle them from the ceiling, hang them over your bed, or wrap them around your bed frame or headboard to shine light without creating clutter.

You’ll also have endless styles to choose from. Strings lights and their magical sisters, fairy lights, come in colors ranging from standard white to electrifying blue. They also come in shapes such as stars, hearts, and – you’re reading this right – pineapples. Just by flipping a switch or plugging them in, you’ll feel like you’re stepping into a dazzling atmosphere.

string lights in small kitchen dining room space

5. Floor lamps

While working with small space lighting, you may think floor lamps will lead to extra clutter and less walking space, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Although these light fixtures take up more space than some other options, they can also be placed in areas you may not be using. The corners of your bedroom are often ignored since furniture can’t typically fit there. Placing a stylish floor lamp in a corner next to your closet or wardrobe, adds personality while still leaving floor space open for you.

floor lamp in small space

6. Natural light

Instantly open up your room by embracing and welcoming in natural light. Large windows with abundant light flowing in from the outdoors help the room feel like an extension of the entire world, without boundaries or closed walls.

If you don't have large windows and your room only soaks up a little sun, transparent lighting fixtures can reflect the sun’s rays around the entire room. You can also implement a light color scheme in your decorations and furniture. Bright hues can help bounce natural light around, making your small room feel more spacious.

small room with natural light

7. Chandelier

Hearing the word “chandelier” might automatically create mental images of a giant crystal light fixture shimmering from the ceiling of a mansion. Don’t limit yourself to that one vision: Some smaller chandeliers can revamp your room without taking up your entire headspace. Mini chandeliers may not be as huge and grand, but they have just as much beauty and grace. Plus, their unique style will create a natural focal point for the eyes that gives the illusion of a larger space.

8. Textured lighting

Earthy textures and colors go hand in hand when freshening up a room and making it appear larger. Pick textured lighting fixtures of neutral colors and incorporate a few green plants to create an indoor oasis. Whether pendant lighting with a woven wicker globe around the bulb or a woody table lamp, textures add an extra layer of awe inspired designs to stimulate your senses.

textured lighting with woven lampshade

9. Flush light

One of the most common types of indoor lighting is flush mounts, also known as recessed light fixtures. This type of small room lighting doesn’t protrude from the ceiling or wall, thus taking up no extra floor, wall, or overhead space. Flush mounts can do wonders for a small basement with a low ceiling or a tiny room with a high platform bed. You won’t have to worry about hitting your head on a hanging fixture, and they’ll provide scintillating beams of light for all your indoor activities.

recessed lights

10. Accent lighting

Layering your lighting is one of the oldest tricks in the books to keep your room from feeling flat and one-dimensional. With multiple layers of light, your room will feel more open and less cramped. Once you address your ambient lighting layer, accent lighting should be your next project.

Accent lighting can comprise anything from small wall sconces or table lamps to LED light strips and fairy lights. It adds depth through the lights’ unique and eccentric features while revamping your space into a roomy and fantastical hangout.

bedroom with accent lighting

11. Task lighting

After addressing your ambient and accent lighting layers, you should implement proper task lighting. This lighting layer can help you illuminate small spaces that your other light sources just can’t reach. Have a tiny closet? Place LED light strips or stick-on lights there to brighten the space up and give it the appearance of a walk-in closet. An adjustable table lamp can also do the trick when it comes to illuminating your study space. Dazzle your mind with lights, and get ready for a productive and inspiring study session.

task lighting for small work desk

12. Color-changing lights

You can make your small space seem bigger with lighting that provides a full expanse of dimension-shifting colors. Color-changing lights, sometimes referred to as RGB lighting, create an out of this world experience that makes you feel as if you have infinite room space. They can also set the mood of your room to help you feel relaxed and comfortable. Place these lights around the window, door, or anywhere that you feel inspired to lighten up with color, for a glow that brings a galaxy of colors to your dreamland.

There’s only one place in the universe where there’s an endless amount of space, and that’s, well...outer space! With the color-changing Sky Lite 2.0, you can bring outer space into your small room and travel miles beyond your four walls without moving an inch. Just plug the Sky Lite in, connect it to your smartphone via Bluetooth, and see your room in a whole new light. Elevating your space with color-changing galaxy lights will bring the wonder and wow of a nebula right under your own roof.

sky lite 2.0 multicolor lighting in bedroom by paisley ann photography

sky lite evolve smart multicolor galaxy projector

Sky Lite Evolve: Smart Galaxy Projector


The latest evolution in smart galaxy lighting.

Go from small to spacious with BlissLights

Decorating and lighting a small room without cluttering it can take serious planning. You can’t overfill your room with furniture and decor, but your space shouldn’t feel cold and bare. That’s where BlissLights laser projects come in. These compact interstellar lighting devices take you far beyond your room for feelings of wonder that go well beyond the confines of your everyday surroundings. Browse the BlissLights collection now to open up your space for good.

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