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Article by BlissLights LLCFri, Mar 26, 21
living room with decorative laser lighting

Good home lighting ideas are as functional as they are aesthetically pleasing. This means that a proper home lighting setup involves more than ceiling lighting, floor lamps, and bedside table lamps. Instead, use the 11 home lighting ideas below to perfect your home lighting.

11 Home Lighting Ideas

1. Pair lighting with your wall art

If you’ve ever walked into a friend’s house and immediately noticed a gorgeous painting illuminated by an accent light, then you’ve seen the power of combining lighting and wall art. This approach is a great home lighting idea, as is buying a wall light that is itself wall art. A quick internet search should turn up artistic light fixtures shaped like circles, lightning bolts, and even dogs. With these fixtures, you can add art and lighting in one fell swoop.

highlighted art

2. Install sculptural light fixtures

Sure, it’s a bit ambitious, but installing a chandelier that looks more like a modern-art sculpture than a traditionally regal light fixture is unquestionably a standout home lighting idea. So too is wiring a new sconce with an unusual shape or color into your walls. These artistic light fixtures both make your home an artistic statement and fill it with light that illuminates your statement pieces. And speaking of statement pieces…

sculptural lighting

3. Try an oversized statement light

Those giant floor lamps you see at showrooms and in super fancy living rooms can be yours too. Try an oversized statement light in your space for a great home lighting idea that provides ample ambient light and doubles as a gorgeous furniture piece. Even with your oversized statement light turned off, it can still stand loud and proud.

statement lamp

4. Hang your lights low

Chandeliers, while architecturally beautiful, are never supposed to lie in reach. That’s why lights that do hang low enough to touch make such a striking statement. As these lights hover just feet above your kitchen table or dinette, they stand out boldly. A pendant light hanging this close to where you and your guests eat provides both ample light and an extra touch of decorative flair.

pendant lights

5. Build your lighting design around a centerpiece

Whether a classic chandelier or some other pendant light, a lighting centerpiece that hangs from your ceiling is a surefire way to amply light your space and perfect your home decor. A proper centerpiece will both appear striking and provide the foundational light needed to fully illuminate your room. It’s the perfect way to make your room as functional as it is unforgettable.

lighting centerpiece

6. Balance vintage and contemporary fixtures

Oddly-shaped table lamps and antique wall sconces go hand in hand when installing home lighting. Your oddly-shaped lamps will ground your room in the present-day, and your antiques will provide an enticing throwback feel. The result is a space that feels as familiar as it does full of mystery and enchantment – just the kind of place that will keep both you and your guests delighted around the clock.

antique fixture

7. Always layer your lights

Many home lighting ideas concern just one or maybe two types of lighting, which brings up an important consideration: You should always layer your lighting. If you don’t, your lighting could feel flat and dull even if you use the most inviting, dazzling, or plain old kooky light fixtures around. To properly layer your lighting, incorporate the below three lighting types:

  • Ambient lighting. That funky floor lamp or classic chandelier is your ambient lighting foundation. So too is more ordinary lighting such as recessed lighting (light bulbs embedded in your ceiling, as is common in many rooms).
  • Task lighting. Ambient lighting on its own can lead to that undesirable flat and dull feel because it might fail to reach small spaces. That’s where task lighting comes in. The oddly-shaped table lamps mentioned in the above home lighting idea take care of this need. So too do LED strips installed under cabinets to help you find kitchenware or illuminate your cutting board as you mince your garlic cloves into tiny, delicious pieces.
  • Accent lighting. Accent lighting serves an almost entirely decorative purpose. It’s what you use to make your favorite painting shine bright like a diamond so your guests don’t neglect its beauty. It’s also the easiest layer in which you can combine lighting and wall art in one fell swoop.

layered lighting

8. Let in plenty of natural light

Thinking of creative home lighting ideas often means finding that special light fixture that makes your room pop. However, you don’t always have to buy new fixtures to bring out the best in your room. Instead, arrange your furniture and art so that, when your blinds are open, plenty of natural light illuminates and elevates your surroundings. After all, most people love getting outside when the sun’s shining bright, so why not harness that same power for your own space?

natural light

9. Choose the right light bulbs

Sure, you can go the classic incandescent route, but these bulbs’ intensity can cause people to feel stronger negative emotions. They also consume way more energy and emit way more heat than LED lights and laser lights. These are just two of the many reasons why you should choose LED and laser lights over incandescent bulbs – both LEDs and laser lights give you way more flexibility in your home lighting.

Some LED lights are smart lights, meaning that you can adjust their brightness and sometimes their color, depending on the model. These smart LED lights, while versatile, often project a clouding effect, particularly when compared to laser lights. With laser lights, you get both sharper colors and crisp, entrancing patterns with your lighting. We’ll explain both these laser light home lighting ideas below.

led lightbulb

10. Get colorful with your home lighting

LED lights and laser lights open your home to all kinds of colorful lighting possibilities, though laser lights do so with clearer light that travels farther. The BlissLights BlissBulb and StarPort Laser USB, for example, come in red, blue, or green varieties that can cover whole walls from across the room. With these lights, you can elevate your home’s atmosphere to transcendental heights well beyond what your standard white or off-yellow lighting can achieve.

colorful laser lighting

blissbulb laser lightbulb in red

BlissBulb Laser LightBulb


Transforming your world is as easy as changing a lightbulb.

11. Choose lighting that comes with patterns and projections

Laser lighting technology is so versatile that it often includes not just monochrome light but patterns and projections too. Both the BlissBulb and StarPort shine thousands of star-like laser points, and several laser projectors take this starry-sky effect even further.

The BlissLights Sky Lite Laser Galaxy Projector, for example, adds a colorful nebula backdrop to these stars, and the BlissLights Ark Ambient Aurora Light projects a mesmerizing green aurora against a gentle blue background. Your room will be cast in a different light both literally and figuratively, and you’ll feel at ease in the space perhaps most important for tranquility: your home.

galaxy and aurora pattern lighting

sky lite evolve smart multicolor galaxy projector

Sky Lite Evolve: Smart Galaxy Projector


The latest evolution in smart galaxy lighting.

Make your home lighting ideas a reality with BlissLights

Lighting can be just your way of seeing, or it can be a decorative element that makes your house welcoming and comforting. With BlissLights’ laser bulbs, projectors, and portable lights, you can make your home more inviting and relaxing – perhaps even transcendent – than with traditional lights. Browse our collection to see how you can turn your wildest home lighting dreams into a gorgeous reality.

ark aurora projector

ARK Aurora Light


Transcend reality with a moving abstract aurora.

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