12 Basement Lighting Ideas That Elevate Your Space

Article by BlissLights LLCFri, Jan 15, 21
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If your basement feels more like a creepy cellar than a warm and inviting hangout space, it may be time to update your basement’s look and function. No longer does your basement have to just collect dust and cobwebs around a plethora of boxes and bins – your basement can be any space you imagine, from the ultimate man cave to the perfect home movie theater. No matter how you use it, one thing can make or break its design: proper lighting.

Basement lighting can be a unique home lighting challenge since basements are at least partially underground, meaning they get little to no natural light. That’s why the basement lighting you choose is especially important for setting the right mood and transforming your dreary cellar into a comfortable hang spot.

12 basement lighting ideas

When it comes to lighting a finished basement, you’ll need more than just a lamp to make the room feel pleasant. Basement lighting should also add function and decor to your space. The light fixtures you choose fit your basement’s purposes – for example, a basement used for arts and crafts will need different lighting than one used for an at-home gym. The style and color of lighting enhances the vibe of your room without looking tacky or overwhelming.

If you’re unsure which basement lighting ideas may work for your space, BlissLights is here to help. We’ve gathered 12 exciting basement lighting ideas and explained them below to inspire you.

1. Basement accent lighting

Your basement will no doubt need ambient lighting to brighten up the room, but this alone is rarely enough to create ample depth and illumination. That’s why you should use accent lighting to establish a focal point around a certain area or object. By placing accent lighting near furniture or wall art, your eye will naturally be drawn to that specific spot. This gives you the ability to highlight specific decor, shelves, or art that you hope will catch the eye of everyone who enters, thus giving your basement an inviting feel.

basement accent lighting

2. Hanging lights

Make your basement feel like an extension of your home with hanging lights, which are mounted on a chain, wire, or stem. Hanging lights bring elegance and style into any part of your home, basements included. Prior to buying hanging lights, you should note that pendants and chandeliers are not suited for low basement ceilings – make sure you have ample height first.

hanging lights

3. Pendant lights

You can use the many styles of pendant lighting, which is a subcategory of hanging lights, to express yourself however you please. Pendant lights have a classic feel across their numerous styles, and they’re also great for all kinds of basement functions if your ceilings are high enough to accommodate them.

You can use pendant lights as task lighting by keeping one right over a desk. Alternatively, you can use them as ambient lighting by hanging multiple fixtures throughout your room. If you’re feeling ambitious, try creating your own DIY pendant light with natural materials or miscellaneous items found around the house.

diy pendant lights

4. Track lighting

The versatility and flexibility of track lighting can make it easy to redesign your basement while achieving a contemporary look. This lighting fixture type is easy to install – just mount it to your ceiling and use it for ambient or task lighting.

Many track lighting options allow you to combine task and accent lighting into one fixture. You can effortlessly aim your track lights’ bulbs at individual pieces of art or furniture while using other bulbs to spread bright light throughout your basement. Track lighting makes for an especially great choice if you’re tight on basement space, as track lighting fixtures don’t occupy floor or wall space.

track lighting

5. Recessed ceiling lights

Your basement ceiling may either be very high or so low that you can stand and touch it. As such, when choosing the type of light fixture you are going to use in your basement, ceiling height should be a primary consideration. For low ceilings, recessed lighting can give the illusion of a larger, more open space. Additionally, recessed lighting is flush with your ceiling, so it won’t protrude in an area already lacking for vertical space. In these shorter basements, hanging lights could protrude into your headspace.

recessed ceiling lighting

6. Wall sconce light

You can enhance the design of your basement by adding wall sconces as a source of soft illumination and complementary decoration. These wall-mounted lights are perfect for small spaces, corners, and other areas that need a little extra brightness. A myriad of wall sconce styles are available, so you can surely find sconces that fit your ideal basement layout and aesthetic. You can opt for wall sconces that require permanent electrical wiring or use plug-in sconces for easier, more affordable remodeling.

wall sconces

7. Table lamps

For an additional subtle lighting effect, consider layering your lights for a greater emphasis on objects or areas around your basement. Table lamps are a great choice for this purpose, as they come in different sizes, shapes, and styles, so surely, you can find a lamp perfect for your basement’s color scheme and your personal taste.

Table lamps can function as both decorative lighting and task lighting. That’s because they give off just enough of a soft glow to brighten up the immediate area in which they’re placed, and sometimes, the fixtures themselves are just as eye-catching as the light they emit. Use them on shelves, desks, or side tables to make tasks such as reading and crafting easier. You can also mix and match lamp bases and shades for unique looks.

decorative table lamp

8. Plug-in lights

Remodeling your basement can be a time-consuming and tedious task. Avoid extra frustration by using plug-in lights instead of going through the hassle of installing them yourself or hiring an electrician. By doing so, you’ll save time and money while still achieving your desired lighting effects. Plug-in chandeliers, sconces, and floor lamps are just a few examples of plug-in fixtures available to revamp your basement design.

decorative plug-in floor lamp

9. Strip lights

LED strip lights take functionality to a whole new level. These strips are easy to place by just peeling and sticking to a surface and are highly energy-efficient. Use them as backlights for your television or movie screen, as a border around your basement gaming lounge, or under the couch for a stunning glimmer.

led strip lights

10. Color lights

Give your basement a pop of color without spending time painting your walls. Colored lights are a fun way to set the mood for your basement and the people in it. Use colored LED string lights to get that sparkling fairy effect, or incorporate laser lights such as the BlissLights BlissBulb to spread thousands of gorgeous red, green, or blue glittering stars through your basement.

green blissbulb in table lamp

blissbulb laser lightbulb in green

BlissBulb Laser LightBulb


Transforming your world is as easy as changing a lightbulb.

11. Galaxy lights

Whether you’re using your basement as a hang spot, yoga studio, or guest room, there are numerous ways to transform the area into a relaxing, stress-free zone. Galaxy lights, for example, offer a soothing aura of blissful swirls and clouds. Case in point is the BlissLights Sky Lite Evolve Galaxy Projector, which shines a breathtaking universe of moving stars amidst your own personal nebula. Pair the Sky Lite with a guided meditation app or calming music and essential oils for complete tranquility.

basement galaxy lights
sky lite evolve smart multicolor galaxy projector

Sky Lite Evolve: Smart Galaxy Projector


The latest evolution in smart galaxy lighting.

12. Portable lights

When you use portable lights, you can easily move your lights from your basement to another room or switch them out for different lighting effects. Portable lighting fixtures are also small, lightweight, and cost-effective. They can be especially helpful if you settle on your basement’s final design or furniture placement since you can change and rearrange them with minimal hassle.

Portable lights are also a great bonus when holding special events such as sleepover parties in your basement. Use the BlissLights StarPort Laser USB to spruce up your basement with an array of shimmering stars – just plug it into any USB-supported device and watch it glow!

portable star lights
starport usb star projector in blue

StarPort USB Light


One tiny light. Thousands of stars!

Enhance your basement design with BlissLights

With the BlissLights laser lighting collection, you can transform your basement from an unwelcoming, dark space into the most inviting part of your house. The exciting special effects in our laser lights will be sure to attract all your basement guests’ attention and brighten up your basement in a fun yet relaxing way. To get started on your basement makeover journey, browse our lighting collection to find the perfect laser lights for making your lowest level a highly functional space.

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