13 Great Giveaway Ideas For Gamers

Article by BlissLights LLCFri, Aug 06, 21
13 Great Giveaway Ideas For Gamers

For some people, competitive gaming events are about more than the games themselves. They’re also about the gift bags attendees take home, no matter how well (or badly) they played. These giveaway bags can be the make-or-break factor that determines whether the event’s target audience chooses to register for that event or a different one. That’s why you should look at some giveaway ideas for gamers as your event approaches.

Keep in mind that you have more to think about than what’s in your goodie bags. You’ll also need to decide what the grand prize winner takes home and what other high-scorers earn. As you browse the below giveaway ideas for gamers, you’ll see both small promotional items that work great as small perks and larger items to reserve for the winners.

13 exciting giveaway ideas for gamers

The below game giveaway ideas can make any gaming tournament an exciting event to attend:

1. Mousepads

PC games aren’t quite the same without a smooth surface for gaming mice to sail over. They’re also great for anybody who uses a computer in any capacity, and they’re typically inexpensive to mass-order. Mousepads branded with your tournament’s slogan or logo thus make a great addition to your goodie bags (and they’re more than compact enough to fit). They give guests an obvious gamer must-have and a dose of instant gratification that never quite fades.

gamer mouse pad

2. Gift cards

Gift cards to game stores or console stores like the Playstation store make for a highly efficient way to buy a bunch of goodie bag items without breaking a sweat. You can easily order cards containing a preset amount of money via major game retailers’ websites and arrange quick delivery or pickup. You can then place one gift card into each goodie bag. With this versatile gift, your attendees can buy whichever games they think would shift their perspective with the flip of a switch.

gaming gift cards

3. Drawstring bags

A drawstring bag is a great giveaway idea for gamers because it can itself be the bag holding all your other freebies. Brand it with your event’s slogan, logo, and other visuals for maximum effect. Plus, since drawstring bags have infinite uses outside gaming and can be used time and again, they’re the gift that keeps giving.

4. Hats and caps

Here’s the thing about branding your giveaway items: Branded items can remind attendees to register for your next event sooner than later. Hats and caps are especially great examples. Every time your attendees look in their closets to decide what they should wear for the day, they’ll see your branded hat or cap. This sight might compel them to register for your next event and see if they can win the grand prize.

5. T-shirts and hoodies

T-shirts and hoodies achieve the same effect as hats and caps. They’re branded swag your event attendees can wear at home or outside the house, so attendees will see your branding often. They’ll also see that branding all year round, as t-shirts are great for warmer months and hoodies for cooler ones. They’re also inexpensive to order in bulk, as are hats and caps. With all this swag, keeping your audience steeped in your world becomes that much easier.

6. Stress balls

Gaming can be an exciting, immersive experience, but regular gaming can gradually lead to sustained hand or wrist pains that make it harder to get fully in the zone. Stress balls can help release this tension. A few simple squeezes can relieve the hand and wrist pressure that causes long-term strain, making future gaming experiences more enjoyable. They’re a great choice for giving your attendees a future full of pain-free, transcendent virtual adventures.

7. Portable lights

Make it easy for your gamers to transform their space without an elaborate setup. The StarPort Laser USB is a great choice to do so: This portable light fits right in your attendees’ pockets. Their compact state doesn’t constrain their vivid lighting and colors, which fill rooms the moment the light is plugged into any USB port. Under the StarPort’s colorful starry-sky projections, gamers of all stripes – in all locations – can see awe-inducing sights. Under these visuals, their minds will be exactly where they need to go for a delightful gaming experience.

portable gaming lights

starport usb star projector in blue

StarPort USB Light


One tiny light. Thousands of stars!

8. Gaming console

Here, we’ll move into gamer giveaway ideas for grand prize winners rather than all attendees. Alternatively, these bigger prizes are great prizes for raffles in which attendees can purchase as few or as many chances to win as they’d like. Gaming consoles are a great example.

With a new gaming console, your tournament’s grand prize winner can start buying all kinds of new games to master. And master them they will – after all, your grand prize winner just bested a bunch of other people in a huge gaming competition. Now imagine what would happen if they could get their hands on even more games? You could play a major role in empowering and inspiring someone who goes on to entirely change the game industry.

game console

9. Game bundles

What would someone who loves video games so much that they’re entering a competitive tournament enjoy as a grand prize? More games are certainly a good start. Linking top-notch gamers with their new favorite game can, again, make your tournament part of the big story of a highly skilled gamer taking the competitive world by storm. At the very least, game bundles give prize winners another way to enter an exciting new realm with just the push of a button.

video games

10. Gaming headphones or speakers

It’s tempting to view headphones as speakers as gaming accessories rather than essentials, but low-sound-quality gaming just can’t get fully immersive. That’s why gaming headphones and speakers make great grand prizes or raffle items. Few gaming devices so seamlessly elevate games from entertainment to full-on experiences that transport players miles away without them moving an inch. Prizes like these are a great way to get more registrants.

gaming headphones

11. Smart lights

As for devices that actually are gaming accessories, smart lights are high on the list of excellent giveaway ideas for gamers. With these phone-controlled, often color-changing lights, gamers can change how their surroundings appear without leaving their comfy gaming chairs. This way, if things get way more dramatic during a big MMO quest, your prize winner can easily shift the mood to get more in the zone. And then, powering through the adventure will be a breeze.

smart lights

12. Aurora lights

Video games require bright, high-resolution screens for truly immersive experiences. Rooms lit in everyday colors and brightnesses, though, can dim these gorgeous screens’ huge impacts. Aurora lights like the Ark Ambient projector solve this problem.

The Ark light provides ample ambient lighting, but not quite so much illumination that the stunning sights on screens don’t hit the right way. In this lighting, your grand prize winner can still entirely see their controller and the basic features of their game room. Plus, the Ark’s blue skies and green northern lights transform indoor spaces into sights you’d normally have to travel miles to see. There are few easier ways to help gamers fully sink into their adventures.

aurora gaming lights

ark aurora projector

ARK Aurora Light


Transcend reality with a moving abstract aurora.

13. Sky Lite

Picture this: You’re on an outer space video game journey, but you can’t quite get fully lost in the game. You still notice the room around you. It’s just grounding you too much in reality and the everyday. With the Sky Lite 2.0, your attendees (or winners) won’t have this problem: Their world will be transformed in just a few seconds.

Gaming under the multicolor nebula clouds and laser stars of the Sky Lite is a surefire way to get in – and stay in – the zone. That’s because, under these awe-inspiring, wow-inducing lights, the day’s stresses more easily melt away, as blue and green colors are associated with calm feelings. With a clear mind, your prize winner might be more primed to get fully immersed in their gaming adventure. Under the Sky Lite’s glow, even the most unbelievable video game sights feel fully real.

sky lite

sky lite evolve smart multicolor galaxy projector

Sky Lite Evolve: Smart Galaxy Projector


The latest evolution in smart galaxy lighting.

BlissLights are great giveaway ideas for gamers

Video game competitions are tons of fun, and exciting goodie bag items and grand prizes make them even more enjoyable. BlissLights such as the Ark and Sky Lite 2.0 are great prize examples: Gamers often find themselves way more focused and immersed under their colors and sights. Browse the BlissLights indoor collection to find lighting that makes the perfect gamer giveaway or winner’s prize for your next event.

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