9 Gaming Room Accessories To Add To Your Setup

Article by BlissLights LLCFri, Jun 18, 21
gamer with multicolor lighting

Your gaming chair, computer, speaker, and monitors are non-negotiable elements of your gaming space -- Although a pro-level gaming setup is certainly not out of the question. Sure, gamer must-haves transport you into an immersive new world, but items outside that decked-out chair and top-of-the-line headphones can be just the ticket into that new universe.

When used right, gaming room accessories take your regular setup into a whole new dimension, going from just a monitor and a controller to a game lover’s paradise. Explore these gaming room accessories as you prepare to take that leap.

9 gaming room add-ons to create a true gaming experience

You’d be surprised just how much difference a new gaming room accessory makes in your atmosphere. Try these nine suggestion as you build out this whole new universe:

1. Wireless chargers

If you’re more of a game console user than a PC gamer, wireless chargers can minimize cord clutter that makes a mess and can really ruin the atmosphere you’re going for. Switching to wireless charging is especially important in small spaces where even a few wires could

console gaming charging station

2. Gaming wall art

Just because you’re in tune with a screen doesn’t mean your walls should remain bare. Incorporating gaming wall art into your setup creates an immersive hang space that remains long after your monitor (or monitors!) is turned off. Go retro with a classic poster of an old-school favorite, or embrace an independent artist’s take on the most recent game in your repertoire.

3. Paper character cut-outs

A twist on gaming wall art with a DIY feel, paper character cut-outs clip subjects from the page, where they live in 2D on your walls. Instead of staying in a standard dimensions like an 8” by 10” poster, paper character cut-outs trace the figure’s outline, so you can orient them in fun positions reminiscent of your game room as a kid.

4. Pinball machine

Relive your childhood days at the arcade, or show the next generation how gaming used to be done. Try an old school retro game that doesn’t require headphones or monitors to play. Nothing gets more classic than a pinball machine -- The pull (or push) to launch the ball, the vigorous clapping of the left and right flippers, and the joyous chimes when you hit the bonus rounds will transport you right back to the arcade where your love of gaming first blossomed.

pinball machine

5. Pool table

Taking “game night” literally? A pool table makes an unforgettable impression that requires no electronics. Not only does it set up a classy gaming experience, but it’s a great way to pass the time with friends when taking a break from the screens. It can expand your video game room from a screen-oriented space into a full-on entertainment center with numerous options. Amidst these options, you and your guests will have all kinds of ways to feel wide-eyed with joy.

pool table

6. Board games

Monopoly maniac? New game enthusiast? A stack of board games in their own dedicated space in your game room brings additional playing options for friends and family. As a few friends compete in an intense virtual sports match, others can go elsewhere in the room and set up Catan, Dixit, or Scrabble. A gaming room this versatile meets everyone where they’re at, allowing your guests to feel at ease as a game briefly takes them out of the everyday. Don’t forget the comfy chair and a good table to sit down at when it’s time to play -- you may even want an expandable table to make room for big competitions.

board games

7. Gaming mats and stands

No matter how you game, a mat or stand exists to help perfect your setup, protect your equipment, and keep you playing for hours on end. If you’re a PC gamer whose games require rapid typing or keyboard use, a non-slip mat can prevent your keyboard from jostling around, supporting more accurate keystrokes. If you’re a console gamer concerned about your system overheating, gaming stands with cooling features can address this common issue.

gaming mat

8. Gaming rug

You know those rugs from when you were in kindergarten that had little houses and roads on them? Those might’ve gotten you in the mood to break out the Hot Wheels and drive them around the little town on the rug. As an adult, a gaming-themed rug in your gaming space can achieve a similar effect -- and you can bring your kids in on the playtime as well.

Want a different throwback? A neon, glow-in-the-dark hexagonal rug can call back to the arcades that started gamer mania. You can also try out a gaming themed carpet to really drive the point home (imagine a rug with the Pac Man maze on it?). Gaming rugs are a fun, lighthearted way to shift your perspective in your gaming space – they can make you truly feel like you’re in the game.

9. Gaming lighting

No matter how you decorate, arrange, or theme your video game room, the impression your space leaves won’t be as strong without proper lighting. The gaming lighting you need will depend on the types of games you play and the goals you have for your space. PC gamer? Task lighting that illuminates your keyboard might be the move. Console gamer? Overhead lighting that fills the whole room can help you better see your controller.

In both cases, you’ll want lighting that helps you feel especially immersed in your screen. The right lights make temporarily removing yourself from the real world and entering the fantasy land in front of you all but inevitable. In particular, laser lights excel at transforming your space, transporting you elsewhere mentally, and leading to a transcendent gaming experience.

The following laser lights are great examples of why gaming lighting may be perhaps the most important gaming accessory:

    • Laser bulbs. Goodbye ordinary overhead lights, hello fields of blue, red, or green starry skies! For interstellar gaming adventures or nighttime pursuits, laser lights such as the BlissBulb help you travel miles away without moving an inch. Losing yourself in the crisp sounds and striking visuals of your favorite game is that much easier when your gaming room lighting also looks the part.
blissbulb laser lightbulb in red

BlissBulb Laser LightBulb


Transforming your world is as easy as changing a lightbulb.

    • Portable laser lights. If your gaming setup is oriented around a gaming laptop that performs highly both at home and on the go, portable laser lights are just what you need. A StarPort USB plugs right into your laptop and projects starry skies all around you, haloing you into an environment perfect for zeroing in on the “enemy.”
starport usb star projector in blue

StarPort USB Light


One tiny light. Thousands of stars!

    • Laser projectors. Perhaps the single most immersive category of home lighting out there, laser projectors let you see your gaming room in a whole new light. Galaxy projectors and aurora lights fill your entire space with not just starry skies, but breathtaking nebulas and northern lights. All games appear more beautiful when surrounded by visuals this stunning – with just the flip of a switch, you can change your entire gaming perspective.
sky lite evolve smart multicolor galaxy projector

Sky Lite Evolve: Smart Galaxy Projector


The latest evolution in smart galaxy lighting.

laser gaming lights

Laser lights are transformative gaming room accessories

The best gaming room accessories inspire gamers like yourself and elevate gaming rooms like yours. From wall art to immersive lighting, these accessories bring out the best in your space and your games while helping you face any challenge.

As game lighting accessories go, BlissLights make bringing starry skies, nebulas, and auroras into your space a total breeze. Browse the BlissLights collection to emphasize the everyday wonder of your video game room.

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