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Article by BlissLights LLCWed, May 05, 21
gamer chair with bright galaxy lights

For many, video games are more than a way to pass the time – with the right gear, gaming opens up a totally immersive new world. The gear we list here includes several gamer must-haves that go above and beyond what standard consoles, controllers, and monitors can provide. They make for more comfortable, engrossing gaming experiences that can prove not just exciting, but transcendent. Find a small selection of these gamer must-haves below.

11 gamer must-haves

Whether you’re buying gifts for gamers or perfecting your own gamer setup, the below items should be at the top of your shopping or gifting list:

1. Gaming chair

Couches, folding chairs, and even typical computer chairs don’t quite have what it takes to keep you comfy during long gaming sessions. Gaming chairs, though, are designed for those uninterrupted hours spent immersed in your PC or PS5. Their cushions are firmer, and their designs offer superior back support, so muscle aches and strains are less likely when you’re playing for hours. Some especially impressive models even include built-in speakers!

secret lab gamer chair

2. Gaming headset

If your gaming chair lacks built-in speakers, you can try gaming headsets for crisp, immersive sound. Gaming headsets are unlike typical headphones in that you can use the microphone to communicate with other players. This way, you can communicate with other players as you hunt zombies or race toward the finish line. And the entire time, you’ll hear the sounds of your game’s environment as though you’re there not just virtually, but physically.

gaming headset

3. Stereo speakers

Broadcasting loud sounds so close to your ears may damage your hearing. To still stay immersed in the action, you can try out surround sound speakers instead of headsets. They deliver just as high-quality sound without resting directly next to your ears. Bonus points if you get wireless speakers that don’t add to the inevitable cable clutter that comes with gaming setups.

stereo speakers for gaming

4. High-resolution monitor

Hearing well is especially important for first-person adventure games, but seeing well matters for all video games. A great visual experience begins with a high-resolution screen, whether that means buying a new HDTV or, if you’re into PC gaming, a 5K computer monitor. With high-definition video, you’ll do more than play games – you’ll be transported directly into your character’s shoes and truly live out their wildest adventures.

high resolution monitor

5. Blue light reduction glasses

Anyone who plays knows the experience of strained eyes after spending so much time in front of a screen. And if you’re a non-gamer getting gifts for that gaming lover in your life, you might know this feeling from working on your computer too long. Blue light reduction glasses minimize undesirable symptoms in both cases. These special glasses block the blue light that causes eye pain, so a gamer can finish a level without experiencing that strain.

gamer glasses

6. Pro controller

If the Nintendo Switch is your gaming console of choice, then you’re well aware that its unbeatable versatility comes at the cost of tiny controllers. A pro controller is a great Switch upgrade that puts a traditional, full-size device in your hands for full power over your character. You’ll also get additional controller rumble and motion controls for a more immersive, powerful experience.

nintendo switch pro controller

7. Keyboard and mouse

If you’re a PC gamer, then you can’t reach your full potential without a gaming mouse and keyboard. These devices react faster to your clicks and taps so you can more rapidly handle all the obstacles unfolding on your screen. They’re also ergonomically shaped for more comfortable hands and wrists during gaming. And when it comes to gaming mice, don’t forget about mousepads – faster reactions mean little if your pointer barely moves.

gaming keyboard

8. CPU coolers

Not all computers are made for gaming, and even those that are can get pretty hot after hours of uninterrupted gaming. This heat doesn’t just make your room unnecessarily warm – it can also damage the myriad tiny parts inside your computer. CPU coolers solve this problem by releasing the heat your computers generate. Lowering the temperature a few degrees keeps your PC in good shape.

cpu cooler heatsync

9. Surge protectors

Gaming setups are expensive, and all that money can disappear in a pinch amidst random power spikes, which can happen during thunderstorms. You can avoid this situation if you plug your devices into a surge protector. This way, lightning strikes are less likely to damage your gaming setup if they cause a surge of power. With surge protectors, you can dive back into your gaming adventures uninterrupted no matter the world around you.

surge protector

10. Games

This seems like an obvious gamer must-have, but think about it for a second. If you’ve felt sort of “meh” about your gaming experiences lately, maybe it’s not your setup but your game. You’ll probably react more strongly to a new game than one you’ve already played a thousand times, so treat yourself to a change and see if you get back in the spirit. Or if you’re buying gifts for a gamer, look at gift guides or browse gaming blogs to find popular new games your loved one might enjoy.

video games

11. Gaming light

It’s tempting to think of lights as gaming accessories instead of necessities since they’re indirectly related to the game itself, but they’re actually must-haves for a setup. Sure, a computer monitor or TV screen will be visible in even the darkest rooms, but not every keyboard or controller is backlit. In these cases, gaming lights aren’t optional. And in all cases, gaming lights can transform your gaming space to match the vibe of your game for an engrossing experience.

Popular gaming lights include:

  • LED lights. Gaming is a high-electricity affair – you’ve got gaming consoles, speakers, and monitors all running at once. And as these devices use electricity, they emit heat, so your gaming sessions both raise your utility bill and your temperature. That’s why LED lights are popular for gaming: They’re low-energy and emit far less heat than traditional incandescent bulbs, though other lights fare better on both fronts.
  • Smart lights. You can control smart lights, many of which are LED lights, via a mobile device or remote. This means that when you’re in the middle of a game and want to make your room dimmer or brighter, you won’t have to get up and interrupt your game. Instead, you can make the switch right from where you’re stationed on your adventure.
  • Aurora lights. Just as gaming should be an immersive experience, so too do aurora lights submerge you in an environment beyond your surroundings. The Ark Ambient Aurora Light, for example, projects stunning green auroras against beautiful blue backdrops to recast your gaming space in a whole new light. As with the best video games, aurora lights transport you elsewhere – all while you stay put at home.
  • Galaxy projectors. Where aurora lights set you under breathtaking skies, galaxy projectors go entirely out of this world. With the Sky Lite Evolve Galaxy Projector, you’ll find yourself in a Milky Way of your own, an ideal environment for racing toward the finish line on an extraterrestrial highway. You’ll be taken out of your daily life and brought somewhere truly special – just as with your favorite video games.

gaming lights

sky lite evolve smart multicolor galaxy projector

Sky Lite Evolve: Smart Galaxy Projector


The latest evolution in smart galaxy lighting.

BlissLights are gamer must-haves

With proper gaming accessories, technology, and lighting, good gaming experiences can become transcendent ones. Here at BlissLights, we make our laser lights as transportive as an hours-long experience absorbed in a vividly detailed video game. With our laser lights, seeing – stars, auroras, nebulas, and whatever’s on your screen – is believing. Browse our collection of gamer must-have lights to see your gaming experience in a whole new light!

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