Game Room Ideas On A Budget That Won't Hurt Your Wallet

Article by BlissLights LLCMon, Jun 21, 21
Game Room Ideas On A Budget That Won't Hurt Your Wallet

Game room decor can come with a hefty price tag, so you might hesitate to buy the best right away. You wouldn’t be the first person to hit the pause button here – and that’s where budget game room ideas come in. From printed board games to secondhand gaming chairs, all kinds of affordable decor, from meaningful knickknacks to multi-purpose furniture, can transform your space (and your mind) when it comes time to play. Below, find some especially powerful game room ideas on a budget.

9 game room ideas on a budget

Among the budget-friendliest game room ideas to try when you’re looking to keep costs low include:

1. Simple themes

Many of the most comforting, transportive video game rooms are themed, but themed rooms may seem expensive to create. This assumption often proves untrue, as certain themes require just a few lights and other decorative touches to immerse you in the game room of your dreams. A color-themed room, for example, is within reach if you buy some colored lights and pair them with matching throw pillows, curtains, and small, inexpensive furniture pieces.

2. DIY art

If there’s no space in your gaming room decoration budget for prints and frames, you can try your hand at your own wall art. Put together something eye-catching on a free graphic design website, or swap something with a talented friend who can draw something for you. It’s great decor without impacting your budget—plus, each piece now has a cool, meaningful origin story.

hand-drawn art

3. Secondhand items

Going the used-goods route can get you high-quality, unique pieces at much lower prices. Some practical items, such as wireless chargers for your controllers that double as room decor, can be great secondhand buys you find online or on social media, as can art pieces that fit your room’s theme. You can even consider looking for big game room attractions, such as pinball machines, for a rare treat that brings your game room to the next level without breaking the bank.

secondhand items

4. Two-in-one entertainment center

Video game room ideas often resemble home theater plans: There’s a big screen, a device that plays the game, and a comfy seating arrangement for you and many guests. That’s why having your video game room double as your theater room can be such a money saver. Instead of buying separate setups for your TV space and gaming room, fuse them into one. This approach works especially well to make the most of a small apartment or home where space is a luxury.

combination home theater gaming room

5. Build your own game boards

If you’re the type for whom gaming means not just video games but board games, then gear up your printer and find games that can be printed for free or cheap online. Some of your favorite games can be downloaded and printed at a fraction of what it typically costs to buy the game. Printing your board games can also make a difference in small spaces lacking storage space for board game boxes, as printed games can fit inside a small box or bag instead.

printed game

6. Multi-purpose furniture

Furniture that pulls double punches saves not just space, but money. For example, try out a storage ottoman, especially for smaller places. Your board games, video game controllers, or game consoles, or keep a cozy blanket in there and out of sight if you prefer to curl up while playing your favorite game. You won’t need to buy a shelf, and the clutter will stay out of sight. It’s a win-win.

storage ottoman

7. Repurpose furniture and decor

While all furniture doesn’t need to be explicitly multipurpose, you can still find creative ways to repurpose furniture that has lived out its usefulness in its former home. Your pool table, for example, could make an interesting board game or poker surface if you lack table space. Or your table games could themselves act as decor: Nobody says you can’t paint your gaming desk or foosball table to match your room’s theme. One thing is for sure: Doing so costs less than buying new decor.

8. Stackable pallet tables

As trendy design ideas go, wood pallets have yet to fall out of fashion, and these Pinterest-popular tabletops could be great for your game room. Wood pallets go for just a few dollars at your local department store, so building a gaming room table from them is highly affordable. With a full toolbox and a few spare hours, you can stack your pallets into an intriguing surface great for playing games (with modifications - cover those slats to keep cards from falling through).

9. Budget lighting

If the above DIY decorations and furniture enhance your gamer setup, lighting perfects it. The thing is, you don’t need a fancy floor lamp or a newly installed ceiling fixture to ensure that your game room shines exactly how you please. Plenty of budget lights that are just as powerful (and nowhere near as sizable) easily get the job done.

The best compact budget lights can lead to especially immersive gaming experiences, as certain types of lighting transform not just your space, but your perspective. Playing your favorite games under the below types of lighting can transport you miles away without you moving an inch:

  • Smart lights. Any light that you can control from an app is a smart light. Some of these lights are LED bulbs that can shine in various hues of the rainbow. Their flexibility can help you feel at ease as you embark on your gaming journey and be more creative as you make the choices your game demands of you. BlissLights’ Sky Lite 2.0 introduces wireless control for perfect customization, no matter what your room decor preference.
sky lite evolve smart multicolor galaxy projector

Sky Lite Evolve: Smart Galaxy Projector


The latest evolution in smart galaxy lighting.

  • Portable lights. Most portable lights plug into your computer or mobile charger for on-the-go gaming lighting, which is great if you’re bringing your gaming laptop on the road. Portable laser lights such as the StarPort Laser USB are especially remarkable, as they spread starry skies throughout your gaming area from a device no bigger than your finger. You don’t need much space (or money) to see your world in a whole new light.
starport usb star projector in red

StarPort USB Light


One tiny light. Thousands of stars!

  • Laser bulbs. For gaming lighting that doesn’t take up much space, laser bulbs are just as powerful as portable lights. Laser bulbs such as the BlissBulb fit into any standard lighting fixture and emit starry skies similar to portable lights, but over an even greater distance. Under their glow, it’s hard not to feel your perspective change with the flip of a switch. This shift can bring you renewed focus on the game in front of you.
blissbulb laser lightbulb in green

BlissBulb Laser LightBulb


Transforming your world is as easy as changing a lightbulb.

Portable lights and laser bulbs cost only a tad more than standard light bulbs, and if you want to splurge a bit on immersive, transcendent gaming lighting, other laser lighting options exist. Laser projectors such as galaxy projectors and aurora lights flood your whole gaming room with nebula clouds and northern lights that could be worth the bigger spend. These visuals are known to impart just the wonder and wow necessary for an unforgettable gaming experience. And if they’re financially out of reach, budget lighting gets the job done plenty well too.

galaxy gaming lights

You don’t have to break the bank to perfect your game room

A low budget doesn’t spell doom and gloom for your game room. You can easily pull off all kinds of themed designs, functional setups, and lighting effects at a low cost. On the latter front, portable laser lights and laser bulbs can help you see your gaming room – and your game itself – in a whole new light. To find the right laser light for your budget, browse the BlissLights collection – in a game room with BlissLights and crisp gaming visuals, seeing is believing.

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