Where Should You Use Your BlissLights?

Article by BlissLights LLCMon, Jun 14, 21
Where Should You Use Your BlissLights?

A light fixture can deliver the whole galaxy without stepping foot inside your home. There’s truly nothing like that awe-inspiring experience BlissLights provides: Both magical and transforming, we can inspire you to finish that long-postponed project, relax before sleep, or create the perfect environment for friends and family to gather and celebrate. If you’re wondering where you should use your BlissLights, the answer is truly “everywhere.” The below guide will explain.

The different types of BlissLights

BlissLights products can be placed in two categories: Indoor laser lights and outdoor laser lights.

  • Indoor laser lights are engineered for indoor use, making them ideal for elevating any room in your home. Use them to achieve a deep sense of calm after a stressful day, add fun night lights to your kids’ room, or something else – the sky's the limit. And with BlissLights, the twinkling night sky is precisely what you’ll experience indoors.
  • Outdoor laser lights are constructed to withstand the elements. That means you can leave them outside year-round for use as outdoor accent lighting, poolside lighting, and holiday displays, and they will continue to operate, even after bouts of freezing weather or a heavy rainstorm.

Where should you use your BlissLights indoors?

You can use your BlissLights anywhere indoors where you can access an outlet. Below are the rooms best suited for the serenity of laser lights:

1. Bedroom

Good bedroom lighting should illuminate all your nooks and crannies while incorporating unique colors. BlissLights excel on both these fronts. Try a BlissBulb in your favorite floor lamp or a StarPort USB plugged into a bedside mobile charger for laser lights that bring dazzling hues to every corner. A standalone, dedicated BlissLights, like the Ark Aurora light, also fills this role. The wow and wonder they’ll impart in your room make them perfect for reading, destressing, sleeping, or just appreciating your surroundings.

blisslights sky lite and starport in bedroom

starport usb star projector in blue

StarPort USB Light


One tiny light. Thousands of stars!

2. Game room

Gaming room lights add personality, special effects, and proper lighting where seeing well is key to an immersive adventure. The starry skies, nebula clouds, and auroras of BlissLights impart all these effects in your gaming space. BlissLights also pair well with video games since, like your favorite role playing game (RPG) or shooter, they mentally transport you to some faraway land even though, physically, you haven’t moved an inch. Our lights elevate and perfect your gaming experience.

gaming room lights

3. Bathroom

A soothing bubble bath becomes a full sensory experience under BlissLights. The blue nebulas of the Sky Lite Evolve, for example, provide dazzling interstellar views unlike your usual bathroom sights. With this BlissLights product, when you don’t have an outdoor hot tub to relax in under starlight, you can gaze upon galaxies from your bathroom instead. Under these indoor outer space sights – which have both traditional button control and app-control capabilities – seeing is believing.

blisslights bathroom lighting

sky lite evolve smart multicolor galaxy projector

Sky Lite Evolve: Smart Galaxy Projector


The latest evolution in smart galaxy lighting.

4. Living room

An easy way to make your living room more inviting is to spotlight interesting architectural features, furniture pieces, or wall decor. Traditionally, interior designers turn to accent lights for this purpose, but BlissLights are just as effective. As the stars gently twinkle atop a big couch or below a painting, they bring out the best in these decor pieces. With BlissLights, you and your guests can see your living room in a whole new light.

living room lighting

5. Home gym

Stamina is a big part of getting through your most intense workouts, and that means regulating your breathing. Since the relaxation that BlissLights provide can help connect you with your breathing, these lights make great additions to your home gym lighting. BlissLights are especially useful during home gym yoga sessions as you find serenity in intense stretches. The calm they provide is ideal whether you’re prioritizing mindfulness or mega gains.

home gym lighting

6. Home office

There will likely be occasions when you sit down to work and just cannot find inspiration. The astonishing sights of BlissLights can help. Their wondrous patterns and colors provide comforting home office lighting that’s perfect for fostering creativity. With your mind stimulated, you can finally close out that project with which you’ve long struggled. BlissLights get you to the finish line right from your desk.

home office lighting

7. At-home movie theater

At-home movie theaters are all about minimizing reflection and immersing yourself in someone else’s story. BlissLights can help achieve both. Although they’re vivid, they’re not nearly as bright as everyday ambient light, so they won’t cause glare. They also create immersive spaces that can transport you and your friends right next to the characters on screen, especially during outer space movies. A sci-fi marathon under starry-sky laser lights brings the movie theater experience right to you.

at home movie theater lighting

8. Wine cellar

Everyday lighting is a no-go in wine cellars, as strong lighting and the heat it emits can chemically alter wines. That’s why BlissLights make for ideal wine cellar lighting. They’re both dazzling and modest, without impacting the temperature-sensitive wine. They also lose far less light to heat than most ambient lights, so your wines will stay temperature-safe too. There’s no better way to keep your wine tasting (and looking) great.

wine cellar lighting

9. Kitchen

The next time you’re baking your favorite comfort dessert, match your sweet, savory bites with the solace of BlissLights. Homemade cookies and brownies (or store-bought ice cream) all taste even better amid the celebration of comfort that BlissLights provide in your kitchen. Under BlissLights, sweet treats combine with wondrous lighting for a multi-sensory delight you just can’t get at the bakery.

kitchen lighting

10. Dorm room

BlissLights counter the harsh ambient lighting often present in dorm rooms. The multicolor hues of an Velarus Aurora Projector, for example, are much more soothing than the bright white lights shining down from the ceiling. Keeping your Ark bedside for use before sleep can make for sounder Z’s than diving from white light right into complete darkness. Plus, putting on a northern lights show is instantly transporting without stepping foot off campus.

velarus smart multicolor aurora projector with app control

Velarus Aurora Light


Vibrant aurora lighting with app control.

Where should you use your BlissLights outdoors?

Although many BlissLights are made solely for indoor use, a few are just as powerful and safe outdoors too. You’re most likely to make the best of these lights with the following uses:

1. Treehouses

Treehouses can get a bit spooky at night when they go pitch black under the leafy canopy of the trees above. Outdoor BlissLights such as the Oblivia solve this problem. They illuminate your treehouse in reds, greens, and blues that add both illumination and excitement to your off-the-ground haven. They transform your surroundings into a paradise above and beyond the ground.

oblivia garden accent light rgb led path lighting



Add eye-catching beauty to your outdoor space!

2. Landscaping

Properly lighting the pathways to your home is key for safety. When you use BlissLights for this sort of landscape lighting, you provide this safety while highlighting your home in creative ways. A star-studded path to your door leaves a lasting impression and temporarily transports visitors elsewhere as they approach your home. They take your guests elsewhere while ultimately getting them where they need to go: your front door.

landscape lighting

3. Parties and events

As the sun sets on your party, keep the magic going with BlissLights. The Spright Compact light’s thousands of red stars set just the right mood for backyard bashes, outdoor movie nights, and house parties that have moved outside. The Spright light ensures all your guests can see well under moonlight, and it provides stars just as astonishing as the sky itself.

red starry lights for parties

BlissLights recast spaces in a whole new light

Whether you’re on the hunt for immersive gaming lighting or unique ways to illuminate your home’s exterior, BlissLights provide abundant wonder you can’t get anyhow else. Use them here, use them there, use them everywhere – it’s hard to find spaces they can’t deeply transform. Browse the BlissLights indoor and outdoor collections to find laser lights equally suited for celebration and calm – you have to see them to believe them.

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