How To Get The Most From Your BlissLights

It's easy to create great ambience with just one BlissLight, whether that's Sky Lite or StarPort USB. But have you ever wondered how you could take them further? Here's how you can get the most from your BlissLights!

1. Maximize coverage

One question we hear a lot is: "How do you guys get the lights to cover so much space in a room?" The answer: placement is key! 

As you can see above, our lights cover more area the farther away they are from the projection surface. Laser light is unique—because it's coherent (all the light waves traveling in the same direction), laser light maintains its brightness over much longer distances than other kinds of light. Use that to its full potential!

When we want to cover a whole room in stars, we will usually place the light in a corner low to the ground and aim toward the center of the room.

2. Mix and match

Have more than one BlissLight? Try combining effects to create something new! Some of our favorite multi-light setups below: 

Red StarPort + SkyLite Blue

This cosmic contrast of blue and red stars is unexpectedly soothing. Also makes a great backdrop for movie night.

BlissBulbs + SkyLite Green

There are many ways to mix and match BlissBulbs with Sky Lite. They all look amazing!

Different colored BlissBulbs together

Mixing complementary colors adds fresh flavor to any room.

3. Try new spaces

Most of us automatically think of using BlissLights in a living room, bedroom, or game room...but sometimes they look great in the most unexpected locations! Here are a few of the weirder places we've tried out, with amazingly nice results.

The kitchen

Cook up some amazing atmosphere under the stars.

The bathroom

Yes, really! Spa night vibes all the time.

How do you use your lights? We love to see your pictures! Tag us on Instagram so we can feature you :)



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