9 Tips To Get The Most From Your BlissLights

Article by BlissLights LLCMon, Jan 25, 21
long exposure shot of bedroom with galaxy lights and star projectors

Suppose you’ve decided to take your room to the next level with BlissLights, but you’re unsure how to put your plans into motion. Good news – we at BlissLights have plenty of ideas to share about our specialty laser lights!

It's easy to create great ambience with just one of our products, whether that's Sky Lite or StarPort USB. But have you ever wondered how you could take them further? Here's how you can get the most from your BlissLights!

1. Maximize coverage

One question we hear a lot is: "How do you guys get the lights to cover so much space in a room?" The answer: placement is key!

As you can see above, our lights cover more area the farther away they are from the projection surface. Laser light is unique—because it's coherent (all the light waves traveling in the same direction), laser light maintains its brightness over much longer distances than other kinds of light. Use that to its full potential!

When we want to cover a whole room in stars, we will usually place the light in a corner low to the ground and aim toward the center of the room. No matter where you place your projector, your stars won’t become fuzzy or blurry – coherent light shines in a concentrated, narrow path that keeps our starry sky effects crystal-clear.

2. Mix and match

Have more than one BlissLight? Try combining effects to create something new! By mixing and matching specialty lighting, you can bring a fresh, distinct design that is unique just to you. Some of our favorite multi-light setups below:

Red StarPort + SkyLite Blue

This cosmic contrast of blue and red stars is unexpectedly soothing. Also makes a great backdrop for movie night.

sky light galaxy light and red star port usb

BlissBulbs + SkyLite Green

There are many ways to mix and match BlissBulbs with Sky Lite. They all look amazing!

blissbulb laser lightbulb and sky lite with green stars

Different colored BlissBulbs together

Mixing complementary colors adds fresh flavor to any room.

blue and green blissbulbs in bedroom
blissbulb laser lightbulb bundle - red and green two pack

BlissBulb Bundle

$24.99 $18.98

Light up any space with vibrant red and green stars.

3. Try new spaces

Just because you’ve placed your BlissLights next to your bed doesn’t mean they have to stay there! If you aren’t jazzed about where within your room your stars are currently glistening, move your light somewhere else within your room.

Here’s an easy trick: If you have your Sky Lite on your nightstand, try moving it onto your desk so it faces your bed. Or have you finally wall-mounted that new TV you’ve been dreaming about? In that case, try plugging in your USB StarPort behind your TV for glowing stars that won’t interfere with your favorite movie – if anything, they’ll add to it.

tv backlighting

4. Be creative

With such a wide selection of BlissLights to choose from and endless ways to use them, you have no excuse to suppress your creative side and personality. Whether you’re using lights from one of our bundles or trying BlissLights you’ve bought separately, you’ll have so many ways to achieve the lighting setup of your wildest dreams.

Use the BlissLights Stargazer Bundle to completely transform your room into a galaxy dreamland by pairing it with other galaxy bedroom decor such as dangling stars and a nebula blanket. If you’re looking for an easy way to add immersive serenity to your meditation room, match the BlissLights Ark Ambient Aurora Light with a green or red BlissBulb. Your room will be filled with laser stars, blue nebula clouds, and a moving green aurora – talk about relaxing!

blisslights as streaming background lights

5. Try new light bulb colors

With colored light bulbs, you can change things up in a jiffy. Just switch out the bulb in your table or floor lamp for a new lighting experience whenever you desire!

With different colored bulbs such as blue, green, and red at hand, you’ll have just what you need to complement the atmosphere that your BlissLights Sky Evolve Laser Galaxy Projector provides. If you have two bedside table lamps, try a different colored BlissBulb in each for a multi-colored array of twinkling stars.

colorful lighting in bedroom

sky lite evolve smart multicolor galaxy projector

Sky Lite Evolve: Smart Galaxy Projector


The latest evolution in smart galaxy lighting.

6. Don’t be afraid to install multiple LEDs or lasers

While you might be thinking that less is more, sometimes it is all right—and even necessary—to add more than just one source of lighting. Using more than one form of LEDs or lasers will ultimately help to create depth in your room from the layers of lighting. If you love your BlissBulb but feel that you want more than just the glittering stars, set up the Sky Lite or Ark Light for a more immersive lighting experience. Experiment with different colors, effects, and placements to find what is right for you.

ark aurora light and starport usb in living room

ark aurora projector

ARK Aurora Light


Transcend reality with a moving abstract aurora.

7. Try new rooms

Most of us automatically think of using BlissLights in a living room, bedroom, or game room...but sometimes they look great in the most unexpected locations! Here are a few of the weirder places we've tried out, with amazingly nice results.

The kitchen

Cook up some amazing atmosphere under the stars. Dim your lights and place your BlissLights on the counter or kitchen island for an especially out-of-this-world cooking or baking experience. When you’re done preparing your delicious food, leave your BlissLights on to cover your room in stars. This way, you can appreciate breathtaking sights while dining in style.

sky lite galaxy projector in kitchen

The bathroom

Yes, really! Spa night vibes all the time. Just turn on your BlissLights, play your favorite music, light some incense, and drift off into a state of pure tranquility in a lush bubble bath.

galaxy lighting in bathroom

The basement

Just because you’re underground doesn’t mean your lighting can’t go above and beyond. Give your basement a gorgeous pop of color and transform it from a dreary, uninviting space into a room that entices everyone who enters.

basement man cave lighting

8. Outdoor fun

The versatility of BlissLights means that your lighting fun doesn’t have to stay indoors. As you relax on your balcony over a romantic date night dinner, shine your portable BlissLights StarPort on your exterior walls. If your deck or patio has electrical outlets, bring the magic of your Ark Ambient Light or Galaxy Sky Lite outdoors. As with the StarPort, just point your Ark or Galaxy projectors at your home’s exterior and enjoy the thrilling outdoor light show.

colorful patio lights

How do you use your lights? We love to see your pictures! Tag us on Instagram so we can feature you :)

Choose your own adventure with BlissLights

If all this talk of BlissLights has you feeling inspired, now is the perfect time to choose your ideal BlissLights and transform your home into something new, unique, and – most importantly – enjoyable. You have the power to transform your room into whatever you want, whether a meditation or spa space (or both). Use your BlissLights any way you want to enjoy a shimmering light display that might mesmerize you and your guests.

To start perfecting your laser light setup, browse the BlissLights collection now. With free shipping on all orders more than $50, you can easily dream up a lighting setup that entirely axes your shipping costs. To learn even more about our laser lights, visit our FAQ page or contact our support team – we’re here for you.

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