12 Treehouse Lighting Ideas For An Awe-Inspiring Nighttime Setup

Article by BlissLights LLCFri, Apr 16, 21
12 Treehouse Lighting Ideas For An Awe-Inspiring Nighttime Setup

Treehouses get plenty of natural sunlight during the daytime, but it can’t brighten your castle in the clouds when the evening comes around. That’s why no treehouse is complete without treehouse lighting that illuminates, uplifts, and inspires your space. The good news is that most treehouse lighting is super easy to set up, and many use batteries so you can skip the extension cord if you want to awash your treehouse in glimmer and glow. Below, find 12 treehouse lighting ideas.

12 treehouse lighting ideas

Try one or some of the following treehouse lighting ideas for an unforgettable evening under the (literal and figurative) stars:

1. Fairy lights

You’ve probably seen fairy lights, also known as string lights, flanking beds and window frames in homes and apartments. Treehouses make just as good of spaces for these lights. That’s because your treehouse naturally includes structures to wrap your lights around – namely, trees and branches! A maze of fairy lights jumping from branch to branch, or wrapped around a tree trunk, is sure to enrapture all your treehouse visitors. The glimmer adds a romantic flair without worry: Many models are weatherproof, so you can leave out your lights in rain and snow.

fairy lights

2. Outdoor string lights

For an unforgettable treehouse experience night after night, pair your fairy lights with additional string lights designed for outdoor use. These lights often have thicker wires and larger, globe-shaped bulbs ideal for suspending over treehouse decks. Many of them come in fun shapes like fruits or animals that you can use to add personality to your outdoor hangout. These string lights give a classic yet astounding appearance to your treehouse from dusk to dawn.

outdoor string lights

3. Solar-powered lights

Even treehouses nestled under the thickest of leafy canopies can get enough sunlight to power some LED lights. Solar lights recharge during the day so they can power through the night. This also eliminates the need to change batteries, as solar-powered units come with built in rechargeable batteries that keep the lights on, literally. Many types of lights, including outdoor lights, string lights, and floodlights, come in solar-powered varieties. Choose whichever one brings you more awe – it’s your castle in the sky.

solar powered lights

4. Floor lights

If your treehouse is closer to the ground, you can easily run an extension cord from your home to the treehouse so you can use a floor lamp inside it. Just be sure to bring these lights inside when you’re done, as floor lamps are not intended to stay outside.

For an even more ambitious project, you might want to consider embedding lights into the floor of your treehouse! You can embed LED strip lights or other light types within the wood that makes up the bottom of your treehouse.

led strip lights

5. Press-on lights

Press-on lights, also known as tap lights, make great additions to your treehouse. To turn them on, just hit them lightly – you’ll get enough light to cover a corner of your treehouse without needing to place wires or run electricity. Place them on the floor or along the walls or ceiling. Since these lights are inexpensive and easy to install, a few lights for every wall can provide the accent lighting your treehouse needs for full visibility and comfort.

press-on lights

6. Battery-powered lights

You might not have the ability to run an extension cord from your home to your treehouse. That’s where battery lights come into play. Since these lights are usually super easy to install, you can place them and use them however you’d like: Try battery-powered lanterns, light strips, and wall sconces to start.

Before you set up your battery powered light, be sure to read the box and the instructions for weatherproofing information. Some battery-powered lights might not be safe for outdoor use. Look for what’s called an Ingress Protection (IPx) rating, which measures if your light can withstand dirt and moisture like rain and snow.

battery-powered lantern

7. Motion-sensor floodlights

Like the areas outside your regular house, the surroundings of treehouses are often dark enough at night to be tripping or falling hazards. Motion-sensor floodlights solve this issue. These lights activate as people approach, thus giving them a safe path to traverse as they climb up to your treehouse. They also happen to make your treehouse’s exterior look especially inviting and astonishing – treehouse lighting can mean form and function.

motion sensor floodlight

8. Flameless candles

This romantic setup embraces soft, comforting lighting without the open flame. Battery-operated flameless candles flicker and flare just like the real thing, but with no worry of leaving them unattended in your treehouse. Opt for ones made of real wax or their plastic counterparts. Cluster them together or spread them throughout depending on your mood. Looking for a next level setup? Try color-changing LED flameless candles.

led flameless candles

9. LED lights

LED lights come in all kinds of styles. Nearly every lighting fixture out there is available as an LED variety, and you can buy energy efficient LED bulbs to fit in all kinds of standard fixtures. Some LED lights are also smart lights that you can control from your phone, making them super simple to control right from the coziest spot in the treehouse. However, these lights aren’t always perfect: LED lights provide less concentrated, far-reaching, and clear lighting than laser lights.

led lightbulbs

10. Outdoor LED lights

Most LED lights are best for use inside your treehouse, but outdoor LED lights include weatherproof housings that break this rule. The BlissLights Oblivia, for example, will shine bright like a diamond in even the most thunderous of storms. That means red, blue, or green nebula lights all over the outside of your treehouse. Talk about awe-inducing!

trio outdoor laser light

oblivia garden accent light rgb led path lighting



Add eye-catching beauty to your outdoor space!

11. Portable laser lights

You don’t always have to separate outdoor lights from indoor ones. With portable lights, you can move your favorite indoor lighting fixture outdoors at a moment’s notice to bring that special spark with you wherever you go.

The BlissLights StarPort Laser USB, for example, works outdoors as long as it’s connected to any device with a USB port, like a portable power pack or your laptop, and there’s no rain falling. Your treehouse will be coated in red, blue, or green lights the very second you plug in your StarPort, bringing the twinkling stars directly into your treehouse. And if inclement weather does arrive, just power down the StarPort and head inside.

starport portable laser projector

starport usb star projector in green

StarPort USB Light


One tiny light. Thousands of stars!

12. Laser projectors

Galaxy and aurora projectors may be a tad bigger than the StarPort, but they’re still small and lightweight enough to move around your treehouse wherever you see fit. The BlissLights Ark Ambient Aurora Light, for example, can connect to an outdoor outlet or extension cord while you’re in the treehouse. And the gorgeous northern lights it projects onto your treehouse make the effort entirely worthwhile.

Likewise, taking your BlissLights Sky Lite Evolve Galaxy Projector around your treehouse is a piece of cake. With your projector, you can shine gorgeous galaxies and starry skies anywhere you want to match the beautiful night sky all around you.

sky lite galaxy projector

sky lite evolve smart multicolor galaxy projector

Sky Lite Evolve: Smart Galaxy Projector


The latest evolution in smart galaxy lighting.

Light your treehouse with BlissLights

Treehouses transport you to another world, far from everyday stress and worry. And with BlissLights, you can take the ultimate escape environment to yet another universe. Mesmerizing and awe-inspiring, these stargaze-worthy wonders take any space you’re in, from your basement to your outdoor treehouse, and transform it into a brand new place worthy of wonder.

Browse our collection for your new favorite laser light, then plug it in and let it shine.

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