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living room with sky lite 2.0 galaxy projector

Stop scaling ladders to set up a dazzling lights show! Create your dream space quickly and without fuss. With laser lights projectors, your intriguing and exciting decorative light setup is complete in just minutes. With many colors, shapes, and styles to choose from, you can quickly transform a plain room or a ho-hum house into a laser lights wonderland. Browse all our laser lights projectors from BlissLights and find the perfect fit for your budget and occasion!

What are star laser light projectors?

Star laser light projectors are decorations that combine thousands of lasers and a blue nebula LED light to create an unforgettable starry sky effect. The lasers are their big distinguishing factors: at BlissLights, we choose to use lasers in our products so our lights have unparalleled brightness and focus, which lend to that unmistakably unique-to-us starry sky effect.

galaxy laser projector with green stars

sky lite evolve smart multicolor galaxy projector

Sky Lite Evolve: Smart Galaxy Projector


The latest evolution in smart galaxy lighting.

What are star laser light projectors used for?

You can use star laser light projectors for all your light decoration needs, all year long. That means holidays, special events, everyday lighting in restaurants and bars, or even nights at home. Some examples of star laser light projector use might include:

  • Festive indoor lighting displays for winter holidays, Fourth of July, and much more
  • Create a relaxing bedroom, den, or living room
  • Decorative lighting for a wedding or birthday party
  • Ambient lighting in dimly lit restaurants and bars
  • Themed lighting for sports games, live performances, and more
  • Brighter, more colorful lighting for pools, hot tubs, and other backyard fixtures
  • Uplifting lighting for hospital patients in intensive care, hospice care, or terminal care
  • Exciting and unforgettable lighting options for influencers, reviewers, and content creators on TikTok, YouTube, and more
  • Adding inspiration to creative spaces such as photoshoots and film sets
  • Emphasizing certain landscape and architectural features
  • Raising awareness for causes associated with certain colors

The sky’s the limit when it comes to BlissLights star laser lights projectors! But not all BlissLights items can be left outdoors. Always check each BlissLights product for precise setup instructions, including whether it’s designed to withstand the cold and wet outdoors, before installation.

green portable usb laser star projectors plugged into laptop

What are the different types of laser light projectors?

Laser light projectors come in many styles with multiple features so you can have the best lighting setup possible. Some of the features you’ll find include:

  • Timed. Chances are you don’t need your lights shining during the day or all night while you sleep. That’s why our lights have built-in timers. For example, our Sky Lite has a six-hour timer built right in, making setting timers an easy task.
  • Weather-rated. It’s not always clear and warm outdoors, but you don’t have to let freezing, snowy days stop your splendor. Our outdoor lights are weather-rated and sometimes heated, so you can use them on foggy mornings, rainy days, or blizzard nights.
  • Remote-controlled. It’s never any fun to walk right up to your laser light projectors every time you want to adjust your light show. Use the remote controls we include with several of our models to get the job done the moment you notice it – from wherever you notice it.
  • USB-powered. Take the show indoors with USB-powered laser lights that you can connect to your laptop, gaming console, TV, or anything else that has USB ports. When you use our laser projectors to light your room, a little port goes a long way.
starport usb star projector in blue

StarPort USB Light


One tiny light. Thousands of stars!

  • Lightbulb. Swap out your usual light bulbs for lasers! We sell standard-sized E26/27 light bulbs with lasers to give your space our signature “starry sky” effect in floor lamps, ceiling fixtures, bedside lamps, and so much more.
blissbulb laser lightbulb in red

BlissBulb Laser LightBulb


Transforming your world is as easy as changing a lightbulb.

  • Floodlight. Floodlights brighten indoor stages, and they’re common among laser light projectors. Break them out for a bar mitzvah, barbecue, big game, or other festive occasion and watch as your whole room becomes consumed with light.

green laser diode

What tips and precautions should I take when using star laser light projectors?

Although star laser light projectors are straightforward to use, it never hurts to prioritize the following considerations:

  • Energy efficiency. Keep your utility bills low with light projectors like BlissLights that don’t use as much electricity. It’s not friendly for your bill, it’s friendly for the environment: as an added bonus, your lower energy use means you’re emitting less carbon.
  • Colors and flicker rates. Compare and contrast models to make sure you’re buying lights suited for your needs, whether that’s the right color to set the mood or the right speed for the effect you’re trying to create. The more versatile your light, the more unforgettable your light show!
  • Safe setup. You probably know not to look directly into any bright lights, but young children might not yet know to avoid doing so. That’s why you should set up your laser light projectors to keep them away from kids. Have your kids focus on the lights themselves – both adults and kids are likely to find laser light shows entrancing.
  • Laser power. Speaking of bright lights, laser light projectors include lights of five government-regulated brightness levels. At BlissLights, all our laser lights are Class II and Class III. Light from Class II products – the more common rating among indoor laser lights – is at most 5 mW in power. That’s not nearly powerful enough to cause any permanent damage – only permanent memories.
  • Weather safety. Not every indoor laser light projector is safe to use outside! The temptation is real, but only outdoor laser lights are engineered to hold up in rain, snow, sleet, and extreme temperatures. Check your outdoor laser lights’ ingress protection (IP) rating to see how well they resist moisture, dirt, and other environmental concerns.

Are star laser light projectors safe?

Yes. Both Class II and Class III laser light projectors cannot create light bright enough to cause permanent eye damage, and that’s why at BlissLights, we only use lights of these classes.

Although our lights are safe, you should avoid placing laser light projectors where their lights can directly hit your eyes or your guests’ eyes. Even low-power laser light exposure can briefly be uncomfortable or painful, so keep your projectors low to the ground and toward the back of your space. You’ll minimize the chances of lasers shining directly into people’s eyes, and you’ll leave plenty of space for putting on an unforgettable light show.

laser tv backlight

Why does BlissLights use lasers?

We’ve already mentioned that laser lights are super energy efficient, but there’s more to the story. It’s about the lasers themselves: They direct light down a narrow path in one direction. This pattern is called coherent light, and it results in bright, focused lighting. Plus, we diffract one laser beam into thousands of individual light paths in our laser light projectors, so you’ll get brilliant lighting on large surfaces.

If you use LED-light projectors, you’ll be working with incoherent light that spreads over many directions. This is the science behind the blobby "cheese-puff" effect often found in LED light projectors. When people complain that they can’t see their projections super well from just a few feet away, that’s due to incoherent light.

At BlissLights, novelties such as our unparalleled “starry sky” effect are only possible because of lasers. With the coherent light in our products, the possibilities for your lighting setup are endless – and so is your excitement with your light show.

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