12 Decorative Dorm Room Ideas for Girls to Get Inspired

Article by BlissLights LLCFri, Sep 10, 21
12 Decorative Dorm Room Ideas for Girls to Get Inspired

From princesses and fairies to boy bands and pop stars, your bedroom has always been decorated in a way that matches your interests and style. Now it’s time to go off to college, move out of your childhood bedroom, and begin the next chapter of your life. And when you get there, you can decorate things your way for a cute dorm room that shows off your personality. There are endless dorm room ideas for girls that will completely transform your dorm from a dull, uniting space to an exciting and comfortable sanctuary.

12 great dorm room ideas for girls

You don’t have to be an interior designer to decorate your college dorm room. With the right theme and some creativity, you can fully zhuzh up your space to make it feel warm and welcoming. Check out these dorm room ideas for girls to liven the place up and make it your favorite place to hang.

Boho dorm theme

The minute you step foot in your dorm after a long day of classes, studying, coffee breaks, and campus life events, you should feel as if your room is calling your name. A cozy and stylish boho dorm theme can achieve exactly that effect.

For a boho dorm, gather items and accessories that have warm color tones. You should incorporate natural elements such as plants and flowers too. Brown and white are the ideal color combinations for a boho vibe, so add a fluffy white comforter with brown and white throw pillows. You can also add a wood stained headboard and string lights to really make the room trendy and snug.

Classy and elegant theme

If you’ve always wanted to feel like you’re a princess living in a luxurious castle, now’s your chance! Start freshman year off strong feeling like royalty with a classy and elegant girl dorm room theme. For the color scheme, focus on white furniture and bedding with accents of gold and pink. Alongside chic area rugs and accent pillows to add depth to the room, fill your walls with wall art and mirrors surrounded by gold frames. Finish the space off with a plugin pink crystal wall sconce to truly resemble sophistication.

Nature theme

If you’re an outdoorsy person, your favorite campus spots might be under the trees, in a nearby park, or out by the campus nature preserve. However, when it snows or rains, you probably won’t want to venture outside for hours of studying. Instead, bring the outdoors inside with nature dorm decor. With wall-hanging ivy vines, indoor plants, and wooden furniture in your dorm, you won’t even realize you're surrounded by four walls.

Nature doesn’t have to be just greenery. Sandy colors and light blues can turn your drab dorm room into a tranquil beach scene. Decorate with seashells and starfish, turn on an ocean-sound white noise machine, and drift off into a serene evening by the waves.

beachy girls dorm

Vintage theme

Sometimes the best way to make your dorm room look new and fresh is by using yesterday’s decor. Items from thrift stores and antique shops bring a vintage aesthetic into a modern atmosphere.

To create a vintage-inspired space, you’ll want to choose a time period that speaks to you. Whether that period is the Victorian era, the Roaring Twenties, or classic Hollywood, you can find all kinds of decor for your blast-from-the-past dorm room.

With a vintage dorm room, the wall decor you choose is key for mentally transporting you to a different decade. Go for antique-looking signs for Coca-Cola, framed Beatles record sleeves, or an old-fashioned Victorian wall clock. No matter how far you turn back time, your room will stand out with uniqueness and charm.

Sporty theme

Not every college girl wants their dorm room to be pretty in pink, and that’s okay! If you’re passionate about sports, show off your team spirit by decking out your dorm room with sporty decor. Hang up posters and jerseys from your favorite sports teams, or show your school pride by putting your university’s mascot above your desk.

Participating in college athletics? Use letter decals on the wall to spell out “go team” and surround it with photos of your own team as a gentle reminder on why you train so hard everyday.

Solid color theme

One of the first things to decide when planning your dorm room design is your color theme. Whether you’ve long had a favorite color or want to try something completely new, there are ways to make it look chic and modern without overdoing it.

When you choose a color, remember that you don’t need to have every piece of furniture, art, and bedding in that one shade. Pick a main tone such as blue, purple, pink, or green, and match it with various shades of that color.

A light blue comforter and a throw pillow going from dark blue to white brings the two colors together in a simple, cute way. Incorporate pieces of art with blue accents, or use the blue StarPort USB light to immerse your dorm in blue twinkling stars all around you. Just plug it into any USB for instant moments of wonder and awe.

starport usb star projector in blue
starport usb star projector in blue

StarPort USB Light


One tiny light. Thousands of stars!

Art theme

The walls in a dorm room are, to put it nicely, less than stylish. Most dorms have white cinderblock walls that can make you feel like you’re living in a box. The good news is that you can easily change this vibe with lots of dorm room art.

You can choose from seemingly countless art styles, prints, and illustrations, giving you plenty of options to spruce up your dorm. Maybe you want paintings of flowers or animals for a friendly vibe, or you might prefer the artwork of popular album covers. Use art to represent your personality and give you joy each time you open your door.

Photo theme

Going away to college can be a scary adjustment – you’re about to leave behind your friends and family. Although you’re saying goodbye for now, you can bring photos of your favorite memories to keep a piece of home with you in your dorm. Plus, there are seemingly infinite ways to decorate your dorm room with photos.

You can arrange your photos on a clothesline over your bed or assemble a massive photo collage on one wall. Alternatively, you can tape your photos to the wall to form different shapes or frame your photos in various sizes of frame. Your style choice will depend on whether you want something clean and polished or a bit more relaxed. Either way, your photos will bring memorable moments of fun to your adventure throughout your year.

dorm room photo wall collage

Minimal theme

College dorm rooms are notorious for being small and limited on space. A minimal theme can make your dorm feel more spacious while also being classy, clean, and cute. To achieve a minimalist design, stick to a fresh white look. Believe it or not, having mainly white decor can open up your space and brighten your room.

That said, an entirely white room might not feel very inviting. Make sure to jazz it up by adding accents of color through artwork, photos, area rugs, throw pillows, and lights. With the BlissBulb, all you have to do is screw your bulb into any lamp to add thousands of colorful, glittering stars to your minimalist room. You’ll replace your white with colors for moments of endless possibility.

minimalist dorm room

blissbulb laser lightbulb in red

BlissBulb Laser LightBulb


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Glitz and glam theme

Just because you’re a college girl now doesn’t mean you have to stop liking all things sparkly and shiny. A combination of pink, purple, and white typically pairs well with anything that glistens.

If you like DIY projects, grab wooden letters that spell out your initials and cover them in glitter. These letters make for excellent wall decor to hang above your bed or desk. You could also drape fairy lights on top of a wall tapestry, across the ceiling, or around your bed posts. You’ll be amazed at just how sophisticated crystal shapes and glitter look in a college dorm room.

Gamer theme

For some people, gaming is a way of life and would make an excellent dorm room theme. The name of the game (pun intended) is futuristic decor and room layouts. Elevate your gaming space by placing color changing LED strip lights under the desk, around the computer, or on the ceiling borders. A lofted bed with a desk underneath makes for the perfect gaming setup as well.

Take things a step further with the Ark Ambient Aurora Light. The Ark displays a soothing aurora that floats around and potentially calms you during high-stakes gaming moments. Beyond gaming, the Ark is also great for staying in the zone during those inevitable all-nighters the evening before a final exam.

ark aurora projector

ARK Aurora Light


Transcend reality with a moving abstract aurora.

Mix color theme

Picking just one dorm room theme color can be a challenge, especially if you have several favorites. While you do want to avoid using every color of the rainbow, there’s nothing wrong with choosing a few colors to make a cohesive display. Bright colors such as yellow, green, pink, and red can compliment neutral tones and boldly contrast shades of blue, orange, and purple.

You're not limited to the colors in your bedding, furniture, and artwork either. With the touch of a button, you can light up your room with multicolor drifting clouds and glistening laser stars. How, you ask? The SkyLite Evolve Galaxy Projector. Customize your color combinations, brightness, and even set a time all from an app on your smartphone. It’s never been so easy to add a pop of color to your dorm.

sky lite 2.0 multicolor galaxy lights in bedroom
sky lite evolve smart multicolor galaxy projector

Sky Lite Evolve: Smart Galaxy Projector


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Elevate your home away from home with BlissLights

You’re going to spend a lot of time in your dorm, so you should make it somewhere you love to be. Your dorm room should represent your personality and interests while providing a space for relaxation and motivation. And with BlissLights, you can easily get both. Starry-sky laser lights can completely transform your dorm room’s ambiance into a celebration of your creativity and comfort. Browse the BlissLights collection to turn your dorm room into a universe all your own.

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