Put up your Christmas tree, grab some hot chocolate, and start your gift shopping because the holiday season is officially here! Fewer things say “Christmas” like colorful, sparkling lights, so hanging these up inside and outside your home is part and parcel for the holiday season.

Whether you put up a few LEDs around the living room or deck out the entire yard with laser projectors, Christmas lights bring that magical feeling to your home. With the holiday season quickly approaching, you may be looking to purchase new lights or upgrade the ones you already have. Here is everything you need to know about Christmas laser lights and where to buy them.

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Types of Christmas laser lights

You know the drill: Take the Christmas decorations out of storage, find the string lights, and spend way too much time trying to untangle them. This year, save yourself the hassle and frustration by swapping the strings for laser lights! Decorating for the holidays will be a breeze with these easy to use lighting options:

1. Indoor laser lights

Turn your living room into a scene from your favorite Hallmark movie by incorporating indoor laser lights. Illuminate your space with ease with the BlissBulb: Just screw it into any fixture and turn on the lamp for an environment full of stars or laser beams. Burn a gingerbread candle, turn on your laser lights, and enjoy getting cozy by the fireplace with your loved ones. You could also use these as fun night lights to help kids fall asleep; after all, Santa won’t come if they’re awake.

blissbulb laser lightbulb bundle - red and green two pack

BlissBulb Bundle

$24.99 $18.98

Light up any space with vibrant red and green stars.

2. Portable lights

During the holidays, you may be traveling around to visit family and friends. Why not share the magic with everyone? You could liven things up at an office party, in your home, at a friends’, or even at a resort by giving everyone the opportunity to laugh and mingle under exciting lights. Consider using the HolidayPort USB Christmas Light, you can bring a dancing Santa or a friendly snowman right into your own home – its small size and USB connectivity make it the ideal product to carry it over from place to place.

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blisslights holiday port usb christmas projector with snowman

BlissLights HolidayPort USB


Deck the halls with fanciful holiday projections.

3. Colorful lights

Transform your space into a winter wonderland with a glimmer of blue lighting surrounded by snowflakes and silver bells. If candy canes and wreaths are more your style, embrace the traditional Christmas theme with red and green. No matter the theme you are going for, or the decorations you choose to show off, there will always be a colored laser light to match.

colorful outdoor laser lights

4. Laser tree toppers

The Grinch won’t be able to steal your tree when you light it up with a laser tree topper. Take your tree to the next level when you add the dazzling BlissLights Laser Christmas Tree Topper to your holiday decor. This unique color-changing topper turns your ceiling into a starry night. The simple hook and loop design also allows you to place it among ornaments for that extra glowing touch. With its shimmering lights, your tree will be the centerpiece of the holiday season.

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blisslights laser christmas glowing multicolor tree topper with star projection

BlissLights Laser Tree Topper


Shine laser stars and a colorful glow from your tree.

5. Projection Lights

Spread holiday cheer to all your family and guests with projections of fun Christmas images and patterns. Have floating Christmas trees and bells bounce around your walls, or let it snow outside with snowflakes gently falling on the outside of your house. Shine a projection light near the Christmas tree or over the mantel to brighten up your holiday display.

6. Outdoor Laser Lights

Be the envy of your neighborhood when you use outdoor laser lights to create a spectacular light show right on your house. These weather-resistant outdoor lights will turn your house into the coolest one on the block even if it rains or snows. With just one fixture, your home will look as if there are thousands of lights everywhere. There is also no need for dangerous roof and ladder climbing – simply plug them in for easy installation. For a twinkling light display of red, green, and blue, use the BlissLights Trio. Your house will help guide Santa’s sleigh all the way from the North Pole.

trio projector light

trio red blue and green multicolor laser projector

BlissLights TRIO


Light up your garden with vibrant multicolor stars!

Where to buy Christmas laser lights

Christmas shopping can be stressful and overwhelming, but there is no need to worry about where to find your new laser lights. Either head on over to a store for pick-up, or have the lights go straight to you. Shopping from the comfort of your own home will save you time and energy. Check out these sites to bring the sparkling glow of Christmas laser lights into your home:

Tips when buying Christmas laser lights

Now that you know your options and where to find the perfect lights for your holiday setup, consider these factors before purchasing to make sure you get the most out of your lights. Follow these tips for best results:

Plan ahead: It’s best to plan ahead when it comes to Christmas designing, so you know exactly what you need to buy to achieve the right look.

Make sure the items work with your home: Once you have an idea of how everything will look, make sure the laser lights you want will work with your setup and home. Take into account space, outlet placement, and decor that the light will be shining on or near.

Buy from a reputable seller: Avoid internet scams and counterfeit or faulty products by ensuring that the items you’re getting are from a trustworthy seller. Do your research by reading reviews from customers or looking at the seller’s ratings. If something seems off or you have a question about a product, never hesitate to contact customer service for additional help.

Look for a warranty: While many Christmas laser lights are high quality, sometimes things happen that may affect the durability or function of the product. In this case, you’ll want to have a warranty so your lights can be fixed or replaced. Make sure to check the company’s warranty policy prior to purchasing any lights. Some companies will offer a warranty on all products but only if bought directly from their site or store, while others offer a plan directly from the manufacturer. Warranties vary in length and scope, so check the detail of your policy beforehand.

Ensure the products ship to your area: If you’re choosing to shop online, double-check that shipping to your ZIP code is part of the deal. Some companies may only ship local, whereas others might ship international. At BlissLights, we ship nationally and to Canada, Find out more in our shipping policies.

Create a holiday laser light show with BlissLights

‘Tis the season to sparkle. No matter your style, BlissLights has what you need to create the perfect holiday mood in your home. Whether you’re shining a multitude of twinkling stars on the front of your house or projecting Santa Claus behind a table with milk and cookies, laser lights will elevate your Christmas celebration. Browse the BlissLights holiday collection along with our other indoor and outdoor products to brighten up your room, house, and Christmas spirit.

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