7 Christmas Lights For Bedrooms To Use Every Year

Article by BlissLights LLCTue, Oct 27, 20
7 Christmas Lights For Bedrooms To Use Every Year

Well, the weather outside is frightful and your fireplace is indeed delightful, but right now, you’re not thinking about Christmas in your living room – for years, you’ve successfully decorated that room for the holidays. Instead, you’re thinking about Christmas lights for bedrooms instead, because why relegate the Christmas spirit to just one room? That’s not the only reason to use Christmas lights for bedrooms – find some other reasons and useful lighting tips below.

Why use Christmas lights?

Christmas lights are great bedroom decor come holiday time because they:

  • Bring that classic Christmas spirit. Santa Claus might not actually come to town, but that doesn’t mean you can’t conjure a big Christmas mood. Christmas decorations such as holiday lights are well associated with that snowy, family-centered time of year with wreaths, neatly wrapped gifts, and plenty of eggnog.
  • Add personality. A room without interesting wall decor is, well, not interesting. That said, room decorations can be expensive. Christmas lights such as string lights, on the other hand, are super cheap, plus they’re tons of fun. That’s exactly why holiday lights are common in dorm rooms – affordable excitement is the foundation of college budgets.
  • Relax for the holidays. Holiday season is largely about seeing family and de-stressing. Since red light correlates with relaxation, Christmas lights don’t just set the figurative mood – they can shape your literal mood too.
  • Make your bedroom fun and memorable. Bedroom Christmas decorations aren’t just conversation pieces. They’re items that make lasting impressions. Your guests are far likelier to remember your room if it’s uniquely decorated for the holidays – or if it’s decorated like every day is a holiday.

When should you set up Christmas lights?

There’s no set rule on when you should set up Christmas lights, but any time after Halloween is fair game. You’re likely to start seeing Christmas lights in mid-November, but the real rush might come after Thanksgiving. That’s because with one major end-of-year holiday down, you can focus on the next one and start decorating your bedroom in gorgeous reds and greens!

Tips for using Christmas lights in bedrooms

Even if you see that Christmas lights work well in bedrooms, you might be wondering: How do I make something more often found wrapped around a Christmas tree or reflected on the side of a house work for my bedroom? Here’s how you can maximize your Christmas home decoration game in your bedroom:

  • Hang string lights behind your bed. Strings of Christmas lights dripping from the ceiling down to your pillows direct attention to your bed, which is the centerpiece of your room. Bonus points if your bed frame has bed posts around which you can wrap your string lights.
  • Run string lights across your ceiling With just a few clips, you can set up a bold zigzag of string lights that dash across your ceiling. Christmas lights fanning across your ceiling give your room holiday spirit from top to bottom.
  • Surround your window frames with string lights Of course, there’s plenty of space to decorate between your bed and your ceiling, and these areas often go overlooked in Christmas lighting. If you run string lights along your window frames too, you can fill in these gaps. With string lights on your ceiling, in your window frame, and near your bed, your lighting setup will look uninterrupted and thus more exciting.

string lights

Types of Christmas lights for bedrooms

The following types of Christmas lights for bedrooms might send that Santa spirit your way:

1. String lights

We’ve already explained why string lights are a tried and true Christmas classic, and we’d be neglectful if we didn’t mention them again. They’re versatile, they’ve long been associated with the holiday, and they’re affordable too.

colored led string lights

2. LED lights

LED lights are available in many forms, including as adhesive light strips or traditional light bulbs, so they give you all kinds of placement options.

blissglow led strip lights in bedroom

BlissGlow color-changing RGB LED strip lights

BlissGlow Multicolor LED Strip Light

$49.99 $24.99

Refresh your space with a modern glow.

3. Red and green lights

Well, this one speaks for itself: It’s Christmas, so you’re going for red and green lighting. Laser lights, laser projectors, portable lights, and string lights that are just red or green (or both) are perfectly on-theme, plus they’re often super affordable and easy to install.

red blissbulbs

blissbulb laser lightbulb bundle - red and green two pack

BlissBulb Bundle

$24.99 $18.98

Light up any space with vibrant red and green stars.

4. Portable lights

For Christmas-colored lighting that goes where you go, try portable lights. Here at BlissLights, our StarPort Laser USB – available in red or green for Christmas – plugs right into your laptop so you can take it with you from room to room. It’s also perfect for your mobile charger, and it easily fits into your crowded backpack when you head home for the holidays. Just plug in, point, and voila – star-speckled Christmas lighting!

portable usb star projectors in green

starport usb star projector in green

StarPort USB Light


One tiny light. Thousands of stars!

5. Indoor laser projectors

We also have a wide variety of indoor laser projectors for all your Christmas bedroom lighting needs. Try our Stargazer Bundle for an especially dazzling Christmas lighting setup priced at a steal. This special value bundles the Sky Lite projector, available in green stars or blue stars, with three laser light bulbs: two red, and one green. With these four Christmas lights for bedrooms, you’ll get a world of decorating possibilities.

stargazer bundle including sky light galaxy projector and three blissbulbs

Stargazer Bundle


See your world in a whole new light.

If you have floor lamps, table lamps, and classic ceiling fixtures in all your home’s bedrooms, you can swap out any of these bulbs for your red or green laser light bulbs to decorate multiple rooms in one shot. Then, turn on your green and blue SkyLite projector to flood the room with Christmas-appropriate projections of well-lit galaxies and starry nights. It’s an unusually atmospheric way to light up your Christmas -- and any day of the year, in fact. It’s a single purchase that you can use all 365 calendar days, not just for one day in December.

Running low on space, but want to have a big impact? The HolidayPort USB Christmas Light can be connected to any USB port on an outlet, laptop, power pack, or anywhere else you can think of. Just plug it in and watch the holiday cheer spread far and wide on your walls and ceiling.

dancing santa, christmas light, laser light for christmas, christmas decoration
blisslights holiday port usb christmas projector with snowman

BlissLights HolidayPort USB


Deck the halls with fanciful holiday projections.

6. Laser light bulbs

When you buy the Stargazer Bundle, you get three laser light bulbs. These bulbs are special: They generate thousands of individual light points with b colors and focus. The effect you’ll get resembles a starry night sky in, if you use our red and green BlissBulbs, Christmas colors. With starry skies in both these colors, you’re in for your most immersive Christmas ever.

laser light bulbs for christmas

7. Tree topper lights

All this time, we’ve been talking about Christmas lights for bedrooms, where you’re less likely to have a Christmas tree than in your living room. That said, if you do have a Christmas tree in your room, your Christmas lighting setup isn’t complete without tree topper lights.

That’s why we make a star-shaped Laser Christmas Tree Topper. Its large star projects red or green lasers, has a silver or gold trim, and includes color-changing LED lighting. If you use several toppers in your tree, you’re in for not just an especially festive bedroom, but an entire home full of merriment. If trees aren’t your holiday style, this tree topper light can be attached to any standing fixture in your home, such as a bedpost or railing.

lights for christmas trees, tree toppers sparkly lights
blisslights laser christmas glowing multicolor tree topper with star projection

BlissLights Laser Tree Topper


Shine laser stars and a colorful glow from your tree.

Can you use Christmas lights for bedrooms in other rooms of your home?

You can typically use Christmas lights for your bedroom elsewhere in your home too – take your lights wherever you go! Try them in your:

  • Living room Chances are, this is where you’re setting up your big tree. That’s why Christmas lights are a natural fit here too.
  • Kitchen Decorative Christmas lighting makes preparing gingerbread houses even more fun! You might also want appropriate holiday lighting where you’re taking your Christmas food to eat…
  • Dining room. Earlier, we mentioned that red light can be relaxing. That’s why Christmas lights are great for your dining room too – relaxed eating means more enjoying the food, better dinnertime meals, and heartwarming holiday vibes all around.

festive red and green dining room party lighting

How BlissLights Christmas lighting saves you money

With so many ways to jazz up your bedroom for the holidays, it’s never too early (or late) to start thinking about the best holiday lighting for your room. If you’re going the laser lighting route, you’ll likely find exactly what you’re looking for at our online shop. Browse the BlissLights indoor and holiday collections now to stock up on striking, affordable, merry Christmas bedroom lights for your whole future.

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