Why Are Color-Changing Lights So Popular?

Article by BlissLights LLCFri, Jul 23, 21
Why Are Color-Changing Lights So Popular?

If you’ve spent any time on TikTok lately, you might have seen viral videos of colorful starry-sky lighting. And if you’ve found yourself rifling through popular YouTube channels or Instagram Reels, you’ve probably seen even more kinds of colorful lighting. Maybe you’ve even noticed that these lights change colors within these videos’ short timeframes. There’s no question about it—these lights are everywhere.

There’s a reason why color-changing lights are so popular: They bring a level of intrigue and amazement both on screen and everyday life. Get to know their ins and outs.

What are color-changing lights?

Color-changing lights are exactly what they sound like: They’re bulbs, projectors, or other devices with lighting colors that you can adjust to fit the mood to your liking. The technology underlying them allows you to choose lighting colors from every nook and cranny of the rainbow. You might see them called “RGB” lights — keep reading to learn why.

How do RGB lights work?

RGB lighting combines red, blue, and green colors -- the “RGB” in “RGB lights” -- to create wondrous lighting hues that shift your perspective. This LED lighting technology is programmed to change and blend colors based on the selection you make on an accompanying remote, pressing the corresponding button, or using an app if the bulb is Bluetooth® or WiFi enabled. Believe it or not, these three colors can emit as many as 16 million different hues across the rainbow. (Keep in mind, though, that just because they can create 16 million colors, not all of them can. Some can only change to a few preprogrammed settings. Check your light’s manual for more instructions.)

Why are RGB lights so popular?

RGB lights are highly popular because they’re:

  • Safe. RGB lights are free of harmful ultraviolet and infrared light. You can look at them for extended periods, or use them for hours at a time, without worrying about your eyesight
  • Inexpensive. RGB lighting technology has come a long way, and as it’s grown more accessible, its price has dropped. lights also consume significantly less energy than traditional bulbs. This means you won’t break the bank while transforming your home into a colorful space of creativity, comfort, and celebration.
  • Easy to use. Many RGB lights are bulbs that fit the standard E26/E27 sockets already in your ceiling, lamp, or other lighting fixture. Others are standalone fixtures that recast your surroundings in a whole new light with just the push of a button. Virtually no setup is needed, meaning few obstacles will lie between you and a transcendent lighting experience.
  • Versatile. The 16 million colors possible with RGB lights are, needless to say, quite a lot. That means you’ll have a light color for virtually every occasion or mood with RGB lights. And speaking of mood…
  • Great for setting the mood. Daytime white lighting lacks the calming effects needed if you want to de-stress after a long day. The pink, red, blue, and green lighting possible with RGB lights do a much better job of helping you chill out. RGB lights can also fill your space with yellow, orange, and purple hues great for feeling uplifted or creative.

RGB lighting options

The best RGB light options for most homes are the below two lights:

1. Smart lights

Smart lights are perhaps the most common type of RGB light, though other color-changing lights are becoming increasingly popular. A smart RGB light is any lighting device you can control from a mobile app, even when you’re miles away from the light. With just a few taps and swipes on your phone screen, you can create colorful moments of awe that transform your mind. What you can’t do with them, though, is gaze upon patterns that mentally transport you elsewhere.

smart lights

2. Sky Lite Evolve

The Sky Lite Evolve brings smart connectivity to this beloved BlissLights galaxy lighting staple. With this LED RGB technology, you can immerse yourself and your surroundings in laser stars that shine brilliantly against multicolored LED nebula clouds. Plus, you can do so right from your phone – the Sky Lite Evolve’s app connectivity makes changing your light colors an easy task.

sky lite 2.0

sky lite evolve smart multicolor galaxy projector

Sky Lite Evolve: Smart Galaxy Projector


The latest evolution in smart galaxy lighting.

Where to put RGB Lights

When it comes to where and how to use colorful lights, there’s no shortage of wow-inspiring ideas. The below rooms are just a small number of the many places to use RGB lights:

  • Bedrooms. Your bedroom is your personal sanctuary. It’s where you go to retreat from the stresses of everyday life, relax after crazy days, and get a good night of sleep. The deepest red hues of RGB lights can serve as especially great lighting colors for sleep, and blue and green lights may have additional relaxing properties. For wakeful moments, your RGB lights can transform your bedroom into an interstellar abyss where seeing is truly believing.
  • Gaming rooms. Smart lights set the mood in gaming rooms, and RGB lights like the Sky Lite 2.0 go several steps further. During your favorite space exploration game – for example, a Star Wars RPG – multicolor RGB stars and nebula clouds can deeply immerse you in your adventures. With this deeper immersion comes transformative, transcendent gaming experiences you just can’t get without RGB lights. Plus, it’s been widely observed that gamers love RGB lights.
  • Living rooms. When guests are over, you’ll probably want to set the right mood in the living room. The multicolor effects of RGB lights can certainly help you do so. Yellow lighting can make for a more energizing space, while reds, blues, and greens can be more relaxing. With RGB lights, you and your guests can see your living room in whatever light you please.
  • Dining rooms. A meal under the RGB starlight of the Sky Lite 2.0 can be a deeply romantic experience for at-home date night. The reds, oranges, and yellows possible with RGB lights are all great for these romantic meals, but just this one time, you should avoid blues and greens. While these colors can be calming, they can also suppress your appetite. Use them for other moments of comfort, celebration, and creativity instead.
  • Media rooms. A great way to make a multimedia experience a multisensory experience is to couple the transfixing movie or TV show on your screen with RGB lights. Granted, you’ll need to keep the lights low, but a scary movie may feel more intense amid dim red lighting. Similarly, a rom-com might feel more romantic than funny under soft yellow hues. With RGB lights, you get both moods – and many more – for your media room. You’ll be awed by what you’re seeing – both on the screen and throughout your space.

rgb lights in gaming room

RGB lights meet the hype

RGB lights are popular for a reason – well, many reasons. Their mood effects, ease of use, and versatility suit all kinds of people. And now, with the RGB-enabled Sky Lite 2.0, you get endless colors and one-of-a-kind patterns. Under the glow of multicolor nebula clouds and starry skies, you’ll see your world in a whole new light with just the push of a button. Get the Sky Lite Evolve now for RGB lighting that creates unbeatable moments of wonder and wow.

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