How Can You Use Your BlissLights?

Article by BlissLights LLCFri, Jun 25, 21
How Can You Use Your BlissLights?

Regular light bulbs are far from your only choice for a great lighting experience. Leave behind the fluorescents and incandescents for BlissLights: stellar laser projectors that coat your walls and ceiling with dazzling stars, and soothing drifting nebula clouds. But they’re great for far more than just a cool lighting effect: They can be used in so many ways that bring any environment to life. The below guide is full of inspiration – which is one of the main things that BlissLights bring into your home.

14 creative ways to use your BlissLights

BlissLights are among the most versatile lighting devices around. If you’re searching for ideas, here are 14 of our favorites to get you started:

1. Indoor decor

With BlissLights, your lighting doubles as decor. This concept is similar to how ambient lighting from eye-catching table lamps and pendant lights is equally about the illumination and the fixture’s aesthetic appeal. BlissLights’ starry-sky, nebula, and aurora projections completely transform your space – and, with it, your mind. Find some decor tips in our blog about how to light your home.

indoor decor

2. Improved sleep

Sweet dreams are made of BlissLights. Sleep is how our bodies recharge and our brains sharpen and destress. Sleep is also much harder to achieve in brightly lit rooms, whereas dimmer red lighting shows promise for promoting sleep. A red StarPort Laser USB is a great way to shine this pared-back but effective red lighting in a corner near your bed.

3. Enhanced mood

Red is far from the only lighting color that can affect your mind. Yellow and white lighting colors are associated with stimulation, and nighttime exposure to white light can disrupt your sleep. On the other hand, blue, pink, and green – and, of course, red – lighting colors are correlated with calmness. BlissLights are available in all these colors, which also makes them great for another effect associated with tranquility.

4. More relaxation, less stress

Perhaps unsurprisingly, lighting that helps calm you can also destress and relax you. The blue and green lights of Ark Ambient Aurora projectors can create a soothing atmosphere ideal for blissing out after an anxiety-inducing day. Soaking up this calm lighting can feel relieving even when you’re not stressed – in fact, BlissLights can be relaxing at any time of day. Our guide to relaxation techniques comes in handy not just before bed, but at any time.

5. Night lights for kids

Night lights aren’t quite optional for kids. Little ones – even kids not afraid of the dark – need a small amount of light at night for easier, less interrupted sleep. Some night lights are also so enticing that they make kids more excited to sleep in their rooms! These lights might be themed with images from your little one’s favorite TV show. Alternatively, they might be laser lights – such as the BlissBulb – that emit astonishing, wondrous starry skies.

nightlight for kids room

blissbulb laser lightbulb bundle - red and green two pack

BlissBulb Bundle

$24.99 $18.98

Light up any space with vibrant red and green stars.

6. Meditation

Meditation is all about traveling miles away without moving an inch. You’re hoping to reach a state of serenity and mindfulness inaccessible during everyday life, and your only way there is in extreme stillness. BlissLights likewise take you out of your surroundings and place you elsewhere, making them ideal for meditation lighting. Their stars, nebulas, and auroras can provide the otherworldly ambiance you need to reach that other plane.

7. Zen atmospheres

Zen, which is an extension of mindfulness focused solely on controlling your thoughts, isn’t easy to achieve in dark or bright rooms. A modest amount of lighting is more appropriate, and BlissLights can provide exactly the right balance. The mental calm, mood boosts, and physical relaxation that our lights can provide might get you where you need to go for zen. Just one of our products is all it takes to align your thoughts and your brain once again.

8. Gaming rooms

The best gaming experiences take you out of the everyday and drop you into a thrilling, immersive world where your daily stresses don’t matter. A room submerged in the wonder and wow of BlissLights achieves the same effect. No wonder, then, that BlissLights are gamer must-haves. Galaxy lights such as the new and improved Sky Lite Evolve can be particularly powerful at immersing you in interstellar video games or sci-fi adventures.

gaming room lights
sky lite evolve smart multicolor galaxy projector

Sky Lite Evolve: Smart Galaxy Projector


The latest evolution in smart galaxy lighting.

9. Recording studios

Tapping into your most creative self isn’t always easy under everyday ambient lighting. That’s why our lighting options are for great recording studio lighting. The blue and red hues of BlissLights can impart the relaxation needed to truly get in the zone or create stunning spaces for album cover photoshoots. They also don’t emit much heat, so you won’t get sweaty like when you’re shredding or belting under incandescent or fluorescent lights. Your best song might be just a laser light away!

10. Events

BlissLights truly light up the night (or day). On your next at-home date night, swap out the candles for a table lamp with a red BlissBulb for alluring romantic lighting. For your kids’ next galaxy-themed birthday party, use the original Sky Lite Evolve to glow up the dancefloor in outer space sights! In both cases, your BlissLights can take you and those around you exactly where you want to go without anyone ever stepping foot outside.

11. Home offices

The inspiration that the colors of Bliss products provide might be just what you need to complete the project that’s been sitting over your head like a raincloud on the verge of going torrential. Blue lighting in particular may stimulate your cognitive processes, so go ahead and plug that blue StarPort USB into your laptop or outlet. The web design you’ve wanted to get to your biggest client for weeks might finally come together.

home office lighting
starport usb star projector in blue

StarPort USB Light


One tiny light. Thousands of stars!

12. Treehouses

Your castle in the clouds (okay, trees) surely gets plenty of daytime light, but you’ll need something more at night when the trees’ canopy blocks the sun. BlissLights can make up the difference. For the outdoor portion of your treehouse, the BlissLights Oblivia can brighten things up a bit. And indoors, the StarPort USB should again get the job done since not every treehouse has electrical outlets. In these treehouses, all you need is a mobile charger, and voila – light!

oblivia garden accent light rgb led path lighting



Add eye-catching beauty to your outdoor space!

13. YouTube and TikTok videos

Interesting video lighting means more than ring lights and softboxes. It also means unique, unusual settings that distinguish your videos from those of other YouTubers and TikTokkers. BlissLights are excellent for this purpose – in fact, they’ve gone viral on TikTok. They create visual environments fascinating to viewers, and their relaxing colors can keep you grounded if getting on camera makes you nervous. Plus, they can come with you on the road, and they’re way less expensive than umbrella and fill lights.

14. Working out

When you’re riding your exercise bike to the finish line or concentrating on your movement as you lift heavy weights, you need to control your breathing. The serenity that our lights impart can help you do so, making them great at-home gym add-ons. BlissLights’ calming effects are also ideal for yoga, which is all about finding tranquility in strenuous positions. That’s the BlissLights special: When you’re feeling frantic, your lights can center you.

yoga lighting

BlissLights provide all kinds of possibilities

Whether you’re a parent in need of a fun kids’ night light, a thinly spread go-getter who struggles to find calm, or someone else, we can improve your daily life. Really, no matter who you are, BlissLights have a place in your home – and heart – even if your hobbies and passions aren’t on the above list. Browse our collection to find the laser light perfect for transforming your space and mind – your ideal lighting is just a few clicks away.

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