11 Best Lights For TikTok To Up Your Social Media Presence

Article by BlissLights LLCFri, Jul 16, 21
11 Best Lights For TikTok To Up Your Social Media Presence

The magic of TikTok is that you have endless possibilities to quickly connect with people all over the world. Looking for a laugh? Go to TikTok. Want to watch some incredible dances? TikTok has that too. Interested in learning more about a topic? You can find a TikTokker for that. Or, you can start uploading your own unique videos and become a beloved TikTokker carving a path like no one else. To start, you’ll need to know the best lights for TikTok videos so that, for your viewers, seeing you is believing in you.

What is TikTok?

TikTok is a social media network where users create and share their own short videos. These videos can range in length from 15 seconds to three minutes. Young comedians and actors often use it, as do professional dancers and everyday people getting in on TikTok challenges. People interested in political education may also use TikTok to spread their viewpoints and share their knowledge.

In many cases, TikTok users with unique personalities or content wind up building audiences large enough to turn TikTok into a career. These success stories come from people who use TikTok to create their own worlds and bring moments of wow, wonder, or just plain laughter to their audiences. Often, these TikTokkers also repost their content as Instagram Reels.

Why is TikTok so popular?

Whereas social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter have dominated for over a decade, TikTok has become ubiquitous in the past few years. The reasons this newer platform has so rapidly caught up with the big names are that it’s:

  • Fun to use. TikTok videos are super entertaining. There’s a borderline inexplicable magic to opening the app, seeing visually engaging content you know won’t last long, and feeling wowed or laughing a ton. You can’t quite experience that excitement on other social media platforms.
  • Great for all ages and interests. Gen Z users dominate TikTok, and other age groups make waves there too. From Gen X vegan cooking enthusiasts to baby boomer comedians, everyone can find a highly engaged audience on TikTok. Users too can find videos about whatever makes them laugh or piques their interest. For both creators and users, TikTok is a place of creativity, celebration, and comfort.
  • Authentic. Often, the social media model is one of telling rather than showing. Think about it: How much do you really learn about a person from still photos or short strings of text? TikTok brings users much closer to the people they follow: Many TikTokkers spend hours, if not days, creating their videos. That means their heart is truly in what they do, and when you watch them, you get to know them authentically.


How to create interesting TikTok videos

Another reason why TikTok and, by extension, Instagram Reels are so popular: They’re relatively easy to create. To make your own interesting TikTok videos, try the following:

  • Start with a fun idea. This idea could be anything. To find it, ask yourself: What makes you say wow? What shifts your perspective? What awes you? What makes you laugh? Somewhere at the intersection of all these questions lies a great TikTok video idea.
  • Look at trends. Often, dance challenges and meme formats go viral on TikTok. Getting in on these trends connects your TikTik videos to the moment and increases the chances that you’ll reach more people. Plus, if something is trending, chances are creating a video for it will be tons of fun.
  • Get friends or family to join you. So many funny TikTok videos include younger users bringing their friends or family in on the fun. You can do this too. Parents make for especially popular TikTok content – many TikTokkers intimately know their family’s quirks and how funny they might be on video. Pets doing weird things to ill-fitting music is also a solid formula for success. Speaking of music…
  • Use special effects. TikTok is overflowing with special effects that transform your TikTok channel into a surreal world of its own. Vocal processing, video filters, and music can all help you cast your videos in the exact light you want. The script of your next TikTok comedy sketch can be even funnier if one of your characters uses a vocal filter you just have to hear to believe.
  • Properly light your surroundings. Your videos will linger longer on users’ minds if your content is clearly visible. With every detail fully illuminated, your videos can more deeply engage your audience. And to fully immerse your audience in a transportive experience that takes them miles away without moving an inch, special effects lighting is a great choice. That’s not just supposition – galaxy projectors have gone viral on TikTok.

tiktok pets with laser lighting

11 best lights for TikTok and Instagram Reels

You can get good lighting for TikTok videos and Instagram Reels with the below lighting types:

1. Natural light

The magic of natural light is that it’s everywhere all the time. TikTok videos filmed near an unobstructed window at golden hour or outdoors in sunlight often glow with magic and ample illumination. They’re also the lowest-budget TikTok videos around since natural light is free. And, of course, TikTok success is priceless.

natural light

2. Table lamps

That table lamp already on your desk can be a great start for TikTok lighting. Keep your table lamp in the corner of your desk, place your phone holder or tripod stand at the center of your desk, then start filming. With this simple lighting setup, you can get the perspective you seek with the flip of a switch. However, if you’re recording videos away from your desk, you might need some of the other best TikTok lights around.

table lamp

3. Ring lights

Ring lights are a TikTok staple. The small halo that appears in your eyes when you sit in front of them is beautiful, and so too are the shadow-free environments they provide. For best results, use a ring light with a tripod – keep your phone or camera in the middle of the ring, and you’ll be all set. The same goes for using selfie ring lights or ring light kits. With proper ring light placement, you can transform your surroundings and, at the same time, your viewers’ minds.

ring light

4. Webcam lights

Webcam lights are often just ring lights made for your laptop. You’ll mount them around or just above your webcam to get ample lighting from all sides. Other webcam lights more closely resemble flat fill lights that illuminate areas your overhead lights just can’t reach. Either way, you’re setting up your videos to provide instant gratification that lasts far longer than a few minutes.

webcam light

5. Neon sign lighting

For lighting that sets the mood while providing interesting visuals, neon signs are a great choice. You can find them as images or blocks of text (or both) in colors impossible with more common light sources. Their vintage feel transports your viewers back decades even as they remain firmly grounded in the present. They’re a remarkable way to leave a lasting impression.

neon lights

6. LED strip lights

LED strip lights can go pretty much anywhere, so they’re super useful for TikTok videos. If your LED strips are color lights, you can use them to accentuate an area near you with soft hues that change the entire vibe of your TikTok video. Just peel off the adhesive backing and place your lights wherever they’d give your videos a gentle, enticing glow. This way, viewers do more than see your video – they get a full-on visual experience.

led strip lights

7. LED light bulbs

Basic LED light bulbs are often among the best lights for TikTok. Their daylight white or off-yellow lighting provides an ideal backdrop for any additional lights or effects you feel like adding. They’re also highly energy-efficient, and since they lose less energy to heat, they keep your filming environment cooler. And when you feel cooler, you can make cooler videos that brighten your viewers’ days with just the push of the play button.

led light bulbs

8. Smart lights

You can change the color and light settings of smart lights via remote control or mobile app. Use them to change brightness levels or shift from white to colorful light mid-video – many smart lights can add hues from across the rainbow to wherever you film. Other colorful lights, though, go the extra mile – and take your viewers that distance too.

smart lights

9. USB lights

USB lights immerse your surroundings in blue, red, or green starry-sky effects the moment you plug them in. They also fit right in your pocket, making them great for on-the-go live streaming. As long as you have a USB power source, you can leave your light stands at home and still get great lighting. The StarPort Laser USB turns all kinds of TikTok videos into moments of wow.

starport usb star projector in red

StarPort USB Light


One tiny light. Thousands of stars!

10. Aurora lights

Imagine bringing your viewers sights right from the northern lights? With aurora lights like the Ark Ambient Light, you can provide this transportive experience without leaving home. Just plug in your light, turn it on, watch green auroras and blue nighttime skies flood your room, then hit record. Whether you’re educating people, making them laugh, or flooring them with your dance moves, you’ll take them to faraway places without leaving the room.

ark aurora light

11. Galaxy projectors

Galaxy projectors are almost unquestionably the best lights for TikTok. As mentioned earlier, they’ve previously gone viral on TikTok – videos with the Sky Lite galaxy projector racked up tens of millions of views in just days. For videos that truly take your viewer elsewhere in the blink of an eye, the new and improved Sky Lite 2.0 is as good as it gets.

With the Sky Lite 2.0, you can film amid nebula clouds of 16 million hues. You can pair these nebulas with wondrous laser stars, rotating and fading effects, and different levels of brightness for different moods. These visuals will awe your viewers from the moment they first watch your videos. In transforming your personal space, you’ll transform your audience’s mental state to a more relaxed or exciting place – exactly the destination you should seek.

galaxy lighting with Sky Lite 2.0

BlissLights are the best lights for TikTok

The best lights for TikTok mentally transport your viewers wherever you’re taking them. BlissLights do exactly this for all vibes – funny, educational, wow-inducing, you name it. They provide both ample brightness and brilliant effects – environments in which seeing means believing in the unbelievable. Browse the BlissLights collection now to make an impact on both your viewers’ lives and your own mind.

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