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Article by BlissLights LLCWed, Jun 02, 21
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Stressful days are inevitable, but soothing a frantic mind doesn’t have to be a challenge. The right relaxation accessories can help you out: These accessories, from self-care items to special lighting, can help you hit the right notes and create the right environment to unwind, de-stress, and gather the strength to tackle the next day head-on.

15 popular relaxation accessory ideas

If you’re trying to stay calm, one (or more!) of these 15 relaxation accessories can make a difference:

1. Neck massager

Sometimes, releasing physical tension can help your outlook. After all, who can focus if they’re stiff, sore, or not feeling well? A neck massager can be especially helpful on this front, as the amount of time many people spend perched over screens can certainly cause neck strain. For a compact option, try a portable massager that uses your body weight to provide pressure. For a more effective stress relief tool, try a dual-handle, heated band on which you can alter the pressure and tension as needed.

neck massager

2. Massage roller ball

For a massager you can use all over your body wherever you want to relax at home, a massage roller ball should do the trick. You can hold most massage balls with one hand, making it easy to roll this massager all over your body. The amount of pressure you apply depends solely on your touch and not any additional items, as most massage balls are non-electronic. Plus, they’re super portable: Massage roller balls can be packed with ease and come with you on the road.

massage balls

3. Stress balls

Squeezing these soft but highly resistant stress balls can help you unleash tension in a jiffy. A brief blast of physical exertion, whether a squeeze or scream or both, can healthily empty your brain of stress-inducing hormones.

stress ball

4. Oil diffusers

Essential oils have long been said to reduce stress, and an oil diffuser is a great way to spread these oils’ calming power and scents throughout your space. Different oils impart different effects: Lavender oil, for example, may help calm an anxious mind. Orange oil, on the other hand, may prove to be uplifting and energizing, so it’s great for getting yourself out of an unrelaxing funk. For the most versatile essential oil experience possible, couple your diffuser with an essential oil set.

oil diffuser

5. Power nap spray

Power nap sprays are like oil diffusers in how they aid in stress relief. Both of these relaxation accessories use essential oils to help calm you and, in the former’s case, potentially lead to a brief nap. Chances are you’ll find lavender, chamomile, or vetivert oil in your nap spray, as these oils are most closely associated with the calm needed for sleep. Cover your pillow with your nap spray, put your head down, close your eyes, and let your mind drift off.

nap spray

6. Sleep eye mask

Even when you’re not looking for a full night of sleep, a sleep eye mask can help you destress. When you cover your eyes, you temporarily block one of your senses from distractions that keep your mind staminated. With far less stimulation, your mind could begin to feel calmer. It also doesn’t hurt that a refreshing nap could be on its way with your sleep mask blocking light, screens, and other disturbances.

sleep eye mask

7. Face mask

Some face masks (and other beauty and self-care products) are relaxing activities that have the benefit of skin nourishment as well. Oftentimes, these masks contain natural ingredients associated with calmness and relaxation, typically in the form of essential oils that provide great-smelling products in addition to any skincare benefits they may carry. Try one out while you’re taking a warm, sudsy bubble bath with your oil diffuser nearby under warm lighting. The calm you’re seeking could be just moments away.

face mask

8. Super comfy bathrobe

Once you’ve dried off from your relaxing bubble bath, continue your tranquility by wrapping yourself in a luxurious bathrobe. Your robe’s fabric should be soft to the touch, almost like air, so that you’ll feel like you’re floating after your calming bath. Once you’re all robed up, lounge out in your favorite chair, recliner, or nook with a book that can transport you miles away without you moving an inch. Mentally escaping elsewhere is a great way to forget about your stress.

comfy bathrobe

9. Candles

Enjoying a great book or movie under candlelight can bring you much closer to feeling at ease, especially if your candles release beautiful scents as they burn. Look for candles made from the same plants as your face mask or essential oils for the ultimate calming experience. Between candles’ ultra-warm lighting and their soothing scents, your much-needed tranquility is almost inevitable.

scented candles

10. Coloring book

There’s a reason the adult coloring book trend is more than just a short-lived fad. Adult coloring books are intended to challenge you in ways that often lead to fully immersing yourself in the experience. As you find yourself submerged in your coloring tasks, you might forget everything that was on your mind beforehand. They’re simple to toss in a bag and take with you while you’re traveling, making them a great option for relieving your worries while on the road. Plus, they’re just plain fun.

coloring book

11. Jigsaw puzzles

As task-focused relaxation accessories go, jigsaw puzzles are another great option. Like with coloring books, you’ll be up against a challenge in which you could get lost. The result is forgetting about everything else going on. You can also come back to puzzles for days, weeks, or even months – some challenging designs with lots of pieces take ages to complete. Every time you return to your puzzle, you’ll be that much closer to shutting out the outside world.

jigsaw puzzle

12. Bean bag chair

Bean bag chairs can help you relax in several ways. For starters, they’re just comfy. They’re also great lounging chairs when you just want to lean back and put on your face mask. Some higher-end bean bag chairs, though, put science behind your relaxation. Instead of just being plush and feeling nice, they contain microbeads or foam that respond to and resist your body pressure. The result is full-body support – and, with it, mental calm.

beanbag chair

13. Nature emulators

Some people like to use white noise or natural sounds, such as the soft pitter-patter of a waterfall, to help them sleep. The relaxation these sounds provide is conducive to not just sleep, but wakeful relaxation. White noise machines, water sounds playlists, and relaxation fountains all bring these magical sounds to you without any travel to the outside world. These nature emulators transform your space into a soothing haven, and then, they transform your mind.

14. Yoga and meditation accessories

Yoga and meditation are inescapably linked to relaxation, so accessories for either activity also count as relaxation accessories. Yoga mats, blocks, blankets, and straps can all help you more easily achieve the calm central to your practice. Meditation apps can do the same for mindfulness sessions. Both these practices are also especially likely to be more relaxing under the right types of lights.

yoga mats

15. Colored lights

Colored lights have numerous mood effects, not the least of which is imparting feelings of relaxation. Red, blue, and green lights have scientific backing underlying their relaxing power, and the following lights can shine in these colors:

    • LED lights. Smart or remote-controlled LED lights can shine in all hues of the rainbow, and they do so while consuming minimal energy. They are perfect for general ambient lighting. However, since LED light is incoherent, brightness quickly diminishes with distance and complex patterns (like stars) can appear blurry. Other energy-efficient colored lights lack these problems.
    • Compact laser lights. Since laser lights emit coherent light, they don’t lose brightness with distance or appear blobby. Instead, the stunning starry-sky visuals of a StarPort Laser USB or BlissBulb fill some or all of your room with relaxing red, blues, and greens. Plus, their starry-sky patterns are full of calming wow and wonder in any space. They take you to a night under the stars right from your bed – no need to leave home.
starport usb star projector in blue

StarPort USB Light


One tiny light. Thousands of stars!

  • Laser projectors. Whereas the StarPort and BlissBulb are quite compact, laser projectors are slightly larger – and sized for an immersive relaxation experience. The BlissLights Evolve and Ark Ambient Light will flood your entire room with, respectively, nebula clouds and auroras as stunning as they are calming. The Evolve is special in that you can blend the cloud colors create spectacular scenes of purple, pink, teal and more for elevating your space and centering your mind. You just have to see it to believe it.
sky lite evolve smart multicolor galaxy projector

Sky Lite Evolve: Smart Galaxy Projector


The latest evolution in smart galaxy lighting.

galaxy laser lights for relaxation

Laser lights are transformative relaxation accessories

All the relaxation accessories on this list can mentally ground you, but few can completely transform your surroundings – and your mind – like laser lights. The relaxing colors and astonishing visuals of laser lights are easy to get lost in, and their immersion can prove incredibly calming. BlissLights pair tranquil reds, blues, and greens with the wondrous sights of the skies and beyond – browse the BlissLights collection to find the perfect relaxation lighting for your calmest self.

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