Space Theme Party Ideas That Will Rock Your Universe

Article by BlissLights LLCMon, Oct 25, 21
Space Theme Party Ideas That Will Rock Your Universe

Whether you're throwing a kids’ birthday party, graduation celebration, or engagement party, space theme party ideas can make your special occasion out of this world! With the right decor, snacks, and activities, everyone at your party will feel like astronauts floating exploring the galaxy. Ready to take on this space mission? Keep reading to find out what you’ll need for a phenomenal interstellar celebration.

Space theme party ideas

Your spaced-themed birthday party can be so much more than just rocket ships on the wall or stars stuck to the ceiling. Every detail of your galaxy party can resemble the solar system, fully immersing you and your guests into an outer space scene. Check out the below space theme party ideas to jumpstart your party planning.

1. Start with the right invitations

The party starts from the minute your guests receive their invitations. Set the tone right away with outer space-themed invitations. You can reach your galactic guest list via traditional mail or e-cards – whichever feels better for your theme. Either way, you should choose invites that match both the occasion and the overall vibe you’re going for.

Looking for something cute for a youngster's outer space birthday party? Cartoon aliens and astronauts might be the way to go. Having a Star Wars themed sweet 16? Invites with lightsabers and the Millennium Falcon should do the trick. Then, when your guests receive your space invitations, they’ll know to prepare for a galactic adventure.

2. Create cool space-themed signage for outside

Let everyone know where to find the fun with cool space-themed signage. Grab some directional signs and personalize them to point to different areas. Some ideas include space station, astronauts, planet earth, rocket fuel, and, of course, the guest of honor’s name and celebration. If you enjoy DIY projects, you can paint the signs with moon rocks, planets, stars, and space shuttles to guide your guests into your galaxy.

3. Space themed snacks

No party is complete without delicious snacks to keep everyone energized. So for your celebration, serve space-themed food that all your astronaut guests will approve of. From rocket fruit kabobs and solar system cupcakes to asteroid treats and astronaut ice cream, themed treats are sure to be a blast… pun intended. Don’t forget to include matching plates, napkins, and cups to tie it all together!

To finish the party up, a special ice cream birthday cake might hit the spot. Bake or order a rocket-shaped cake, with colorful icing to match, and star-shaped candles. Add a festive cake topper in the shape of a rocket ship, the moon, or some quirky aliens. You’ll be singing happy birthday while you travel miles away without actually moving an inch.

4. Wall and ceiling decorations

Is it really an astronaut party if you don’t have space party decor? You can completely transform your environment into an exciting galaxy with wall and ceiling decorations. First, create your own miniature solar system and suspend it from the ceiling, so everyone is walking around the planets. Then, pair your tiny solar system with glow-in-the-dark stars that stick right to your walls.

You can also take your wall and ceiling decor to the next level with the StarPort Laser USB. Your planets will float beneath a sky of dazzling stars in red, green, or blue. All you have to do is plug in a few StarPorts into nearby USB ports to experience the magic of outer space. You’ll be placed right underneath a thrilling abstract universe.

starport laser usb light star projector in blue
starport usb star projector in blue

StarPort USB Light


One tiny light. Thousands of stars!

5. Incorporate inflatables

When thinking of interesting birthday party ideas, many people stop at balloons. While balloons are great, you can take it one step further with inflatables. These inflatables can resemble aliens, astronauts, rocket ships, and planets. Turn the music up and watch as your guests dance around with all the “faux guests.” You could even let each of your guests leave with a giant inflatable so they can bring a piece of space home with them.

6. Get space-themed decorations

Don’t stop with the giant inflatables! You can extend the vibes far beyond your guests’ expectations with additional outer space themed birthday decorations. Use cardboard to build your own rocket ships that elevate the atmosphere and make great photo props. You could also use cardboard and some paint to create UFOs, stars, and planets.

Galaxy decor ideas, like galaxies themselves, are limitless. You can turn regular string lights into galaxy lanterns against a backdrop of swirling clouds and sparkling stars to set a cosmic scene. Then, set up purple, blue, and green balloons, streamers, and garlands to further the feeling of otherworldly exploration.

7. Get the right lighting

The proper lighting can be a game-changer for your intergalactic travels. You can create a sweeping, immersive intergalactic atmosphere with galaxy lights and projectors that instantly transform your celebration into a mesmerizing, out-of-this-world light show. You can also hang your very own sparkle ball lights to make your guests feel like they’re walking through a field of shooting stars.

For an easy way to bring galaxy lighting to your party, use the Sky Lite Evolve Galaxy Projector. With just the tap of a smartphone screen, you and your guests will be transported to a swirling nebula of thousands of glittering laser stars. Customize your colors, effects, brightness, and patterns to see your party’s place in a truly extraterrestrial light.

sky lite evolve effect in pink and purple

sky lite evolve smart multicolor galaxy projector

Sky Lite Evolve: Smart Galaxy Projector


The latest evolution in smart galaxy lighting.

8. Make space-themed goody bags

Great party themes demand great party favors. With space-themed goody bags, guests will walk away with fun items to keep the party going even after they leave. Fill your goody bags with moon rock candy, galaxy lollipops, neon glow sticks, solar system stickers, and rocket ship keychains. So while the party may have to end, your guests’ adventures can continue long after the party ends.

9. Design space-themed activities

Keeping everyone entertained and involved with party activities is key to a memorable event. Space-themed activities and games are a great way to keep kids – and adults – fully immersed in your extraterrestrial atmosphere. Try playing Saturn ring toss, alien bowling, or intergalactic scavenger hunt for a simple yet refreshing way to get your guests up and moving.

If you want to showcase your creative abilities, put together an astronaut obstacle course full of moon rocks, planets, and asteroids to avoid. For activities to enjoy when everyone is winding down, set up an area with a “make your own rocket” craft station. You could also play a thrilling game of planet trivia while the astronauts in training assemble their spaceships.

cardboard rocket ship craft

Other fun ways to celebrate with a space theme

Now that you have all the decor, snacks, and activities planned, don’t stop there. To keep the theme going, encourage your guests to really get into the galactic spirit at your party! You can do with these additional ideas.

1. Costume party

Upgrade your typical outer space party to an exhilarating costume party that really leans into your theme. Your guests might love showing off their creative costumes to everyone on the planet. Astronauts, martians, and Star Wars characters are just the tip of the iceberg here. Think outside the box and consider costumes involving the solar system, shooting stars, asteroids, a rocket ship, or even Buzz Lightyear.

At the end of the party, you may even want to host a “best dressed” contest and award the winner with an extra goody bag. This contest can be a fun way for guests to fully immerse themselves in your cosmic celebration. Time to start thinking of your unique costume!

little girl dressed in astronaut costume

2. Dress code

If you like the idea of themed attire but don’t want to have a costume party, a dress code might be the solution. Tell guests to show up in either all black clothing or all white clothing. These colors are especially interesting when using galaxy lighting, as white clothes will shine like stars under laser lighting.

If your party will be somewhere you don’t necessarily mind getting a bit messy, such as the backyard or basement, try a neon paint party. To start, turn off the overhead lights and switch on your colorful laser lights. Pass out little cups of neon paint and let everyone “tie-dye” their clothes and glow like a galaxy.

3. Watch a space-themed movie

You can’t go wrong with a space-themed movie for everyone to enjoy. Have the guest of honor choose their favorite movie, and set up all your themed snacks for everyone to munch on. Replace your ceiling lights or floor lamp bulbs with BlissBulbs for an enthralling light display of shimmering stars. You’ll create the illusion of stepping through the screen and right into the movie.

tv room with galaxy lighting and blissbulb
blissbulb laser lightbulb in red

BlissBulb Laser LightBulb


Transforming your world is as easy as changing a lightbulb.

Throw an unforgettable space bash with BlissLights

With proper planning, galaxy-themed parties can mentally transport you and your guests to a whole new universe. You should infuse your theme into every aspect of things, from the food and decor down to the attire and lighting. BlissLights can help here, as they completely immerse your party in astonishing nebulas of glistening stars and dancing clouds. Browse the BlissLights collection to get the space party started.

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