20 Party Theme Ideas That Will Never Disappoint

Article by BlissLights LLCMon, May 16, 22
party pinata

Birthdays, weddings, and anniversaries are far from the only good time to celebrate and create memories with friends and family. You can turn just about any occasion into a great party, especially with the right theme. Party themes for adults, kids, or really anyone of any age can set the tone and make your celebration an exciting, immersive experience. Read on to discover 20 party theme ideas you can use for your next get-together.

What is the best party theme?

Choosing a party theme can be a fun challenge, especially when hosting a large group of friends with diverging interests. Some of your guests may love glitz and glam, while others prefer more casual events. Before choosing the first random theme you can think of, there are a few factors you may want to consider.

  • What your guests like. Your invite list is the backbone of your party. You want to ensure that all have a good time, and there’s a simple way to do that. Choose a theme everyone likes – you can always ask the group beforehand.
  • Your interests. Alongside your guests’ interests, you need to think about yours too. You shouldn’t choose a theme if you don’t know what it is, even if your guests like it. For example, it wouldn’t make sense for you to throw a Gatsby party if you’ve never read the book or seen the movie.
  • Time of year. Your party’s time of year can pose some roadblocks to finding the right themed decor. For example, if you’re planning a tropical party around Thanksgiving, chances are you won’t find coconut cups and swimsuits at your local big-box store.
  • Recent or upcoming holidays. If you can’t decide on a party idea, you can always turn to a holiday theme if it’s around the appropriate time. For example, if it’s near Valentine's Day, you can throw a Galentine’s Bash with heart-shaped cookie decorating stations and a night filled with chick flicks.

20 best party theme ideas

Inviting guests over and ordering food is only the start of throwing a great party. Choosing a theme and finding decor can take your party to the next level and make it one to remember. This list of party themes can help you find the inspiration for your next get-together.

1. 1980s

If your friends’ fashion leans retro or your guests are big-time Stranger Things fans, then an ‘80s party is a great theme. The ‘80s are all about bright colors, big hair, and pop rock. To transform your surroundings accordingly, decorate your home using neon colors – balloons, glow-in-the-dark cups, necklaces, glowsticks. Then, bring the experience to life with a large boombox in the center of the room that plays all the decade’s hit songs.

2. Disco

If the bright neons from the 80s aren’t your thing, rewind your clocks back further and jump into the ‘70s with a disco-themed costume party. To create your disco scene, you’ll need a disco light that shines in multiple colors to the beat of your music. Then, to fully convert your living space into a '70s-themed dancefloor, fill your room with metallic and silver decorations. A glitter curtain, mirror balls, and some shiny balloons can instantly transport you back in time.

3. Outer space

For a party that’s out of this world, decorate your space to mimic an outer galaxy. Start by laying down some soft blankets and pillows all over your living room to create a comfortable space for guests to stargaze. Then, to make the most of your outer space theme, make sure you can see outer space from indoors.

That doesn’t mean installing a big skylight – It means a galaxy light like the Sky Lite Evolve. With this astonishing laser projector, you and your guests can view the entire galaxy right from your living room. Lay down and drift away under the floating multicolor nebulas and striking stars that move to your pace. With just a few taps on your phone screen, you can adjust your galaxy’s brightness, timers, and effects to set the right mood.

couple looking at sky lite 2.0 multicolor galaxy light on ceiling
sky lite evolve smart multicolor galaxy projector

Sky Lite Evolve: Smart Galaxy Projector


The latest evolution in smart galaxy lighting.

4. Barbie

If you’re looking for a unique party theme idea for a bridal shower, bachelorette party, or kid’s birthday party, Barbie is a great choice. For this theme, you’ll want to stick to Barbie’s primary color – pink. That means pink balloons, table runners, diamonds, place settings, you name it. If you’re feeling a bit crafty, you can go the extra mile and create a life-size version of the iconic Barbie box. Pair it with DIY photo booth lighting for memories that last a lifetime.

5. Masquerade

For a more sophisticated, alluring party idea, a masquerade theme is a great choice. You can encourage your guests to dress in formal attire and find a mask that they can wear throughout the night. Set the scene with purple and gold drapes on your windows and small tea candles around the room. You’ll create a romantic ambiance that brings the masquerade home.

masquerade party

6. Harry Styles party

Pop star Harry Styles has stolen the hearts of so many people that he’s becoming a well-known party theme. And with his new album, Harry’s House, just released, now couldn’t be a better time to plan your Styles-themed party. Bold and bright outfits and decor pieces, plus tattoos you all hand-draw onto yourselves, are a great starting point here. Feather scarves, jewels, and colors like watermelon pink and baby blue can further immerse your guests in Harry’s house.

7. Glow in the dark

A glow-in-the-dark theme with a glittery, colorful, but subdued vibe can make for an unforgettable night. Think Euphoria-like colors and shine – blue and purple balloons, neon signs, lights, glow sticks. To go the extra mile, add some glitter to your balloons or sprinkle some metallic confetti on your appetizer table. And then, turn off the lights and watch your party shine.

8. Fancy dress

If you’re tired of going out in jeans and a tee every weekend, switch the attire up and host a fancy dress party. Ask everyone to dress as if they were attending a movie premiere – think formal tux and glamorous gowns that glide across the floor. Set the scene with a red carpet and photo wall for glamor shots. Finish it off with a well-secured tiny chandelier in the center of the room to create the sophisticated ambiance your party deserves.

woman wearing formal dress

9. Indoor camping

The idea of camping may sound like a blast, but maybe the loss of control that comes with the outdoors isn’t quite for you. You can change that picture with a comfortable indoor camping party right in your living room. All you need is a few sleeping bags, some pillows, and a tent to create a cozy glamping setup.

To go the extra mile, set up a s'mores station in your kitchen and plug in an aurora projector. With the Ark Ambient Aurora Light, you can camp out under the northern lights while keeping all your creature comforts right in reach. With just the push of a button, you’ll shine the entire night sky right in your living room – and transport your party right into nature.

ark aurora projector

ARK Aurora Light


Transcend reality with a moving abstract aurora.

10. Tea party

For a daytime party, invite your friends over for a tea party to kick off the morning. Brew up your favorite blend and bake some scones to create the ultimate tea party extravaganza. If you want to go full-out for the event, encourage your guests to dress in sundresses or any sophisticated, semi-formal attire. You’ll establish a royal vibe that adds even more flair to your tea-drinking experience.

woman pouring tea from floral tea pot

11. Superhero

Gather a group of friends and enjoy your favorite superhero movies. To make the experience truly immersive, have everyone dress as their favorite heroes. Then, match your movie snacks to your theme by gluing paper superhero masks to your popcorn bucket. You could also bake a superhero-themed cake or gather some superhero cupcake toppers to drive the night home.

12. Alice in Wonderland

Whether the classic 1950’s film or the 2010 remake, Alice in Wonderland is a theme all ages can enjoy. Although the film is a little chaotic with its bold colors and enlarged objects, you can create this theme with just a few objects. First, start decorating in shades of blue, red, and white. Opt for blue and white tablecloths and drapes alongside red candle holders. Then, include a few large objects such as a shoe-shaped chair or an oversized clock. All your guests will find themselves in the rabbit hole before they know it.

13. Gatsby party

The roaring ‘20s is well known for its glamour – sparkling flapper dresses, gorgeous headbands, sophisticated parties. For a Leonardo-approved Great Gatsby-themed party, stock up on gold streamers, white and gold glitter balloons, and vases filled with fluffy white feathers. Go the extra mile and decorate your kitchen table with black linen, gold place settings, and champagne flutes to find yourself fully in character.

14. Western party

A western-themed party is the perfect opportunity to put on your favorite cowboy boots and show off your dance moves. This theme takes on a more rustic vibe with wooden barn doors, benches, and bales of hay. The goal is to evoke cowboy westerns with gingham table cloths, glass mugs, and hanging wanted posters of your friends. Cowboy hats, tight jeans, and lassos can also help you all travel back in time without actually going anywhere.

15. Mermaid

Imagine your world under the sea with this mermaid-inspired party theme. To start, create the ultimate ocean-like experience with blue and light purple balloons. Then, create a metallic streamer wall to give the impression of waves in your living room. Once your decorations are in place, you’ll need a light that can set the mood for your underwater scene.

The BlissRadia is a great option for your mermaid-themed party. This smart ambient mood light diffuses gentle, colorful hues that seamlessly transition from one color to the next. You can choose between effects including a “sea” setting that can transport you right underwater. You can set the BlissRadia’s effects, brightness, and more right from your phone screen or via voice control to traverse the great depths with ease.

blissradia smart mood light in ocean blue

blissradia is an led ambient light with app control that shines in multiple colors

BlissRadia Smart LED Mood Light


From desktop to bedside, light the way to concentration, stimulation, or relaxation.

16. James Bond

Set a James Bond scene as soon as guests arrive with tiny tchotchkes that evoke the spy life. Then, inside your party space, add party games, twinkling lights, and black and silver streamed walls for a sense of thrill and secrecy. Set a formal dress code so everyone can show up as dapper as your favorite charming spy.

17. Costume party

Just because Halloween only comes once a year, doesn’t mean costume parties have to too. You can turn your home into the ultimate party house filled with delicious snacks, beverages, and plenty of fun games to play. Before the night begins, ask your guests well in advance to dress up in any costume of their choosing. Then, to make the night a bit more interesting, have each guest vote for their favorite costume and the winner gets a prize at the end of the night.

costume party

18. Staycation

You can create the ultimate vacation right in your own home – for both yourself and your friends. Make your home feel like a 5-star resort on a gorgeous summer day with a few hammocks between the trees. Add a small blow-up pool or slip-n-slide for your guests. Then, once the sun starts to set, transform your living room into a hotel with a few mattresses. Add cozy blankets and a face mask on top. You’ll take you and your guests on vacation without moving an inch.

poolside drinks staycation

19. Tropical

For warm-weather parties, start the grill and throw your loved ones a tropical-themed dinner party. Stock up on coconut-shaped cups, cold beverages, a blow-up palm tree, and a table full of delicious tropical food. Hang some twinkling lights around your trees for a soft, romantic glow after sunset. Throw on flip-flops and a swimsuit to really take yourself to an island paradise.

20. Rainbow

With a rainbow celebration, the more colors you use, the better. Start by blowing up different colored balloons to create a rainbow-shaped balloon wall for the perfect photo backdrop. Then, assign each of your guests a color of the rainbow and have their outfit reflect that color (if you have more guests, double up). Ask your guests to bring an appetizer that matches their color to fully immerse your party in the rainbow.

Once you’ve planned your food, decor, and outfits, the only thing missing to create the ideal ambiance is rainbow-colored lighting. LED lights are an easy way to get there. Just peel off the adhesive tape and stick onto any surface to get the party started.

blissglow multicolor strip lights in living room

Create the ultimate party experience with BlissLights

No matter which party theme you choose, you’ll need lights to elevate the occasion. LED strips and galaxy projectors are two great examples, and you can find both with BlissLights. Browse the BlissLights collection now to see your party theme in a whole new light.

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