14 Best Disco Lights to Take Your Party To The Next Level

Article by BlissLights LLCMon, Mar 28, 22
disco lights

Nothing signals “party time!” like unforgettable and transformational lighting. The right colors and effects can turn any ordinary room into a dance hall, and for many parties, the bigger and brighter, the better! Disco lights are a great option, with many of them featuring color-changing modes, special effects, and even reactive modes that move to your music. Read on to discover the 16 best disco lights for your next bash.

What are disco lights?

While you might associate disco lights with the famous mirrored balls from the Saturday Night Fever days, the description “disco lights” (sometimes called “party lights”) encompasses a full array of bright, fancy, and colorful lighting ideal for a festive gathering. They often have tiny moving parts that either reflect or emit light that dances around the room. These lights generally move to the beat of the music in some way, whether through preset rotations or by reacting to the beat of the music you’re playing. You’ve more than likely encountered them at your prom, a college celebration, or a family birthday party.

6 features to look for in disco lights

There’s no shortage of options out there, but each model brings with it unique features and benefits that may be a better fit for your needs. Here’s how to choose the best fixture for your next party:

  • The ability to control the lights remotely. The last thing you want to do after each song is walk across the room and manually change the settings. That’s where remote controls come in handy. Disco lights that come with remote controls can be adjusted from anywhere within range. And remember, remote control doesn’t always have to be a physical remote. Disco lights that come with a smartphone app can be adjusted.
  • The size and shape. A disco light shouldn’t be nearly the same size or weight as a lamp. If it can’t fit comfortably in your hands or move easily from place to place, you may want to swap it out for a smaller model. Ideally, you want your disco light to fit snugly anywhere you put it in your party space. That could be on a nightstand, near your living room’s TV stand, or hanging as a strobe light.
  • Its ease of use. Keep the flow of the party going. Opt for a disco light model that’s simple to turn on and off, change modes, or switch colors when you want.
  • Wireless connectivity. The disco balls of the ‘70s may not have come with WiFi or Bluetooth® connectivity, but you’ll find lots of the models on the market that can do so now. Although these lights are still plenty entertaining without this music reactive mode, being able to do so is well worth it.
  • Sound activation. For a truly out-of-this-world party, you want lighting that matches the music. Sound-activated lights react to the beat of your playlist, moving and shifting in time and on tempo as the songs play. Combined, the light and sound work together to transform your space for an unforgettable evening full of friends and fun. This feature may also be described as “reactive” or “responsive.”
  • Large area coverage. Especially for a birthday bash or another large at-home party, you’ll want party lights that coat every corner of the room in multicolored light. If you can’t quite figure out how well your disco light would fill a room, then look for lights with a flexible return policy. This way, you can test out your light at home, and if it doesn’t fill the space, you can swap it for a better fixture.

disco lights and disco ball

What are the best disco lights?

Now that you have a bit of insight into what to look for, you can narrow down your search a little more. On that front, below are the 16 best disco lights to consider for your next big celebration.

1. Party Disco Ball Lights by Litake

The Litake Disco Ball Light is a sound-activated party light that brightens up your space with red, green, and blue hues. These fixtures come in a two-pack with two remote controls, ensuring even coverage when placed on opposite sides of the room. When you play music, the disco ball light can transition between three sound-activated modes. To boot, these lights also feature seven color and lighting effects.

Key features:

  • Multiple color options
  • Three sound activation modes
  • Comes in a set of two

Price: $19.99 on Amazon

litake disco lights

2. Disco Ball Light by VYLEE

The VYLEE Disco Ball Light offers 15 lighting modes. This way, you can transition between one or multiple colors from the included remote control. Choose between red, green, blue, pink, or a mix of all four. This disco ball light is designed to be portable and easy to carry, and the setup is simple.

Key features:

  • 15 lighting effects
  • Switch between single or multi-color
  • Compact design

Price: $9.80 on Amazon

3. BlissLights Sky Lite 2.0 Galaxy Projector

The Sky Lite 2.0 Galaxy Projector fully immerses you in a new colorful world, just like a disco light. With Sky Lite 2.0, you can build your own bright night sky with floating nebulas and drifting stars. Choose between multiple color options of reds, blues, and greens and dance the night away under the stars for the ultimate party experience.

With the BlissLights app on your smartphone, you can customize your galaxy experience right from your pocket. Switch the colors of your nebulas or adjust the brightness and effects with just a few taps. You’ll also get a six-hour timer so you can keep the party going for longer. Instead, you can enjoy a worry-free party and bring the seamless transitions of a gorgeous night sky right to your home.

Key features:

  • Floating nebulas against twinkling stars
  • Choose from multiple color modes for your ultimate experience
  • Remote control via smartphone with BlissLights app

Price: $59.99 on BlissLights

sky lite 2.0 multicolor galaxy light effect
sky lite 2.0 multicolor galaxy projector

Sky Lite 2.0: Galaxy Projector (App Control)

$69.99 $59.99

Shine a galaxy of moving stars and a vibrant multicolor cloud.

4. The Mini Kinta by Chauvet DJ

The Chauvet DJ Mini Kinta is a compact party light that can brighten large spaces. This wireless light can shine red, green, blue, and white LEDs throughout your event. With built-in automated options alongside sound activation modes, you can shine these colored lights to the beat of your music.

Key features:

  • Control wirelessly with remote
  • Change the angle with built-in mechanics
  • Sound reactive mode

Price: $119.99 on Amazon

chauvet party stage light

5. The Startec Contour by American DJ

The American ADJ Starter Contour provides a mirror ball effect like a classic disco ball. Its multiple colored beams of light crisscross to result in a “fan style” look. This light boasts several beams of light that can be changed to different colors. It comes with a remote control that lets you determine the color, speed, and pattern of your disco ball.

Key features:

  • Mimics a classic disco ball
  • Offers several lighting modes
  • Can be mounted to the ceiling

Price: $99.99 on Amazon

american dj disco light

6. Disco Party Lights by YouOKLight

The YouOKLight comes in nine color setting modes and seven flash modes. Choose between red, blue, warm white, and lots of other colors to dance the night away to your favorite tunes. This compact disco light also comes with four sound activation modes. The higher the frequency of your music, the faster your lights will twinkle around the room. Connect the light to your computer or mobile device to pair your disco fixture to any song of your choosing.

Key features:

  • Nine color modes
  • Bluetooth connection to computer or mobile device
  • Seven color flash modes

Price: $26.90 on Amazon

YouOKLight party light

7. Disco Ball Disco Lights by COIDEA

The Disco Ball Light by COIDEA is a miniature LED disco light that can shine up to seven colors at once. With the remote control, you can choose your color scheme and control the flash and music mode. This fixture is small enough for you to pack up and take to your friend’s house or on your next destination vacation. It has a working life of more than 10,000 hours.

Key features:

  • Compact design
  • Long-lasting light
  • Shine up to seven colors at once

Price: $14.99 on Amazon

coidea disco ball light

8. Disco Lights Bluetooth Speaker by Aolun

The Aolun Disco Light is a disco party light and a strobe or holiday light all in one. This plug-in light features seven LED lighting modes. The strobe light will automatically run when the music starts and will continue to work throughout the night with or without music. It uses standard wall outlets as its power source and lets you change its settings via remote control.

Key features:

  • Multi-functional light
  • Plugs in to any standard outlet
  • Seven RGB LED lighting modes

Price: $10.99 on Amazon

aolun bluetooth party light

9. Kicko Disco Light

For a classic disco ball look, the Kicko Disco Light may be the right fit. It comes with two lights that shine directly onto a disco ball, creating that timeless mirror effect. You can power it via any wall outlet to bring it to life. It’s lightweight and compact, so you can carry it between rooms at your party or take it with you to a family celebration.

Key features:

  • Lights shine directly onto disco ball to create that classic effect
  • Portable - take it with you
  • Plugs in to any outlet

Price: $29.99 on Amazon

kicko disco light

10. LED Stage Light Bar by YeeSite

With the three-in-one stage light bar by Yeesite, you can choose between seven color options and change the speed of the light to suit your party. You can choose any color pattern, from a classic red, green, and blue to a cheerful display of yellow and purple. It includes 108 individual LEDs, and its long-lasting design can stay powered for more than 60,000 hours. It’s suitable for tiki bars, clubs, or as casual indoor decor for your family movie night.

Key features:

  • Seven color options
  • Change the speed to your liking
  • 20” bar provides lots of coverage

Price: $59.99 on Amazon

yeesite stage light bar

11. Portable Rotating Lights by Yuiisenn

The Yuiisenn Portable Rotating Light is a portable USB-powered disco ball light that can fit in the palm of your hand. It rotates and shines up to seven different color lights, and you can change these colors alongside the light’s speed and brightness with the included remote control. This party light can also connect to your phone, so everyone can hear your favorite tunes. The light will change in tandem with your music.

Key features:

  • Compact size fits in the palm of your hand
  • Rotates to cover the room in fun party lighting
  • Connect to an outside source to play music

Price: $20.99 on Amazon

yuiisenn portable rotating lights

12. Mini DJ Disco Ball by SPOOBOOLA

The SPOOBOOLA Mini DJ Disco Ball is a palm-sized stage light you can easily use and place anywhere since it’s a plug-in portable fixture. It includes seven colors and three modes: automatic, flash, and one that reacts to your tunes. It comes with a remote for turning your lights on and off, switching among the three modes, or rotating among any of the seven colors.

Key features:

  • Seven color options
  • Built-in stand can be placed anywhere
  • Automatic, flash, and music modes

Price: $10.99

spooboola party light

13. SAHAUHY Four Beam Effect Stage Light

For larger gatherings, the SAHAUHY Four Beam Stage Light combines red, blue, and green lights – plus effects – to create hundreds of possible combinations. It’s designed to sit on a flat surface, or it can be installed to hang from the ceiling. Toggle between sound-reactive and non-activated modes. This model also has features that cool it down and prevent it from overheating.

Key features:

  • Endless combinations of colors and effects
  • Install from the ceiling or sit it on a countertop
  • Include sound activated and non-reactive modes

Price: $110.11 on Amazon

sahuahy stage lights

Dance the night away with BlissLights

The best party lights can effortlessly cast bright arrays of color throughout your room and move to the beat of every song you play. With BlissLights, you can take disco lights to a new level through easy lighting transitions, multiple color options, and party-making sound matching. BlissLights work perfectly for parties, and then afterward, you can use them as everyday lights as you read your favorite book or play video games. Browse the BlissLights collection to find disco lights that can take your party – and home – to the next level.

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