Euphoria-Themed Party – The Ultimate How-To Guide

Article by BlissLights LLCWed, Mar 02, 22
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Few things in pop culture are more talked about right now than Euphoria. The show is so popular that Euphoria-themed parties are now a thing – after all, parties and events are a big part of the show. Plus, Euphoria parties are easy to put together – all it takes is some food, some friends, great clothes, and a few easy decor pieces to really set the mood. Below, learn how to throw a Euphoria-themed party before, during, or after a season of your favorite drama.

How to throw a Euphoria-themed party

A Euphoria party is all about evoking that East Highland vibe. It’s also about balancing warm pink, purple, and blue decor with sparkly metallic elements, just like you see in the show. Your party decorations can help you build the right foundation – the way your home typically looks probably isn’t quite the right starting point.

Food and drinks come next – think snack-based mini-meals that you loved in high school alongside upscale mocktails. Have everyone show up with outfits straight off the Euphoria set, and you’re well on your way. All the below tips can help you check these boxes.

Decorations for a Euphoria-themed Party

For that sparkly yet subdued, metallic yet balmy vibe that defines Euphoria, decorate your party with the below items.

1. Star decorations

Shining stars suggest a gleaming environment like you’ve seen in so many Euphoria party scenes, so they’re essential for a great Euphoria-themed event. Your mind might first go to the glow-in-the-dark stars that swirled over your head when you were super young, but those aren’t quite immersive enough. They’re also a bit annoying to set up – do you really want to break out your step stool and reach for the ceiling? Instead, you need a star projector – or, better yet, a galaxy projector – that permeates the whole venue with sparkle galore.

The Sky Lite Evolve is a perfect fit. It can fill even the biggest rooms with twinkling stars and nebula clouds of different colors, and you can control it from your phone. A few simple taps on your screen is all it takes to shift the vibe – switching colors, the stars’ movement, you name it. Plus, you and your guests can set your own effects to experience Euphoria on solely your own terms.

sky lite evolve smart multicolor galaxy projector

Sky Lite Evolve: Smart Galaxy Projector


The latest evolution in smart galaxy lighting.

2. Balloons

Season one, episode eight: All the balloons. You, too, can set exactly that scene for your Euphoria-themed party. Go with deep purples – think aubergine, not violet – and hot pink, metallic silver, and a dash of baby blue and red for your balloons. If you’re up for a challenge, fashion all your balloons into an arch to truly resemble that gorgeous season-one finale scene. Pair your balloons with a pink or silver metallic fringe curtain to really bring bliss to the room.

pink and purple balloons

3. Neon decorations

Stars and balloons under typical white lighting are a start, but a true Euphoria party also pairs these decorations with astounding lighting. Neon decorations can serve that purpose. You can find neon lights in all kinds of colors and shapes – including words or short phrases – to set the right mood. You can also get some neon photo props so you can bring that euphoric shine into all your party memories.

neon word lights

4. LED strip lighting

LED strip lights provide just the sort of astonishing, super-cool lighting you need for your Euphoria-themed party. They’re also the easiest decoration to set up – just cut them to the right length, peel off the backing, and apply them anywhere. Most LED strips are just as easy to control from a remote or, increasingly often, your phone or smart home assistant.

5. Disco balls

It’s not a party without a disco ball, especially when you need the metallic sparkle key to a great Euphoria-themed event. Don’t be intimidated by the idea of a big heavy ball hanging from your ceiling – just screw in a sturdy hook, then hang the ball. Better yet, do that twice so you get double the sparkle. Point your star light or LED strips at your disco balls to immerse every inch of your party space in euphoric lighting.

disco ball

6. Glitter

Another one for the metallic sparkle book, glitter is a subtle but important touch for any Euphoria-themed party. Lay down some tablecloths and gently sprinkle glitter all over them. Or set aside some glitter on a table so your guests can decorate their faces to match the stunning mood lighting. Plus, since Euphoria is known for its bright, colorful makeup, glitter gives your guests a much easier, more affordable way to adorn themselves accordingly.

glitter makeup

7. Ambient mood lighting

Ambient mood lighting elevates all your colorful, gleaming decorations and lets you shift the vibe at any moment. It can serve as your event’s lighting foundation or add just a tinge of mood lighting to a small area of the party. Either way, it’s easy to control, and it gives you an abundance of options for making everything all gorgeous and stunning.

The BlissRadia is a great option. It can glow in any of the 16 million colors on the rainbow, and it includes gradients and effects for rapid, astonishing color changes. Plus, you can control it via the BlissHome mobile app, Alexa, or Google Home. It puts the power of euphoria right in your hands.

blissradia smart mood light in hot pink

blissradia is an led ambient light with app control that shines in multiple colors

BlissRadia Smart LED Mood Light


From desktop to bedside, light the way to concentration, stimulation, or relaxation.

8. Photo backdrop

A euphoric event is a time nobody wants to forget. That means no Euphoria party is complete without a photo backdrop. Set aside a portion of your wall to decorate with balloons, neon, glitter, props, and so much more. Keep a selfie stick around so everyone can quickly immortalize their outfits, glittery faces, and the awe-inducing vibe you’ve set all around. When you look back on these photos afterward, you might be transported right back into a glowing daze.

9. A stage or stage area

Lexi’s play became one of the buzziest moments of season 2. That’s why a stage with a few references to the play might take your Euphoria party to the next level. You don’t need to recreate the play – that would take a lot – but you could add a toy horse in honor of Cassie. No matter how you set up the stage, you’re sure to get your guests talking. The internet was absolutely ablaze after the play aired, and your party can be this engaging too.

Food and refreshments for a Euphoria-themed party

Great parties pair soft glamor with food and drinks that leave a lingering taste. For a great Euphoria party, you should serve food and refreshments that give a casual, late-night vibe. Some potential food and drink ideas for your Euphoria-themed party include (but certainly aren’t limited to) the below.

1. Mini-burgers or sliders

Think back to your high-school late-night cravings. Wasn’t the urge to drive to a nearby fast food place pretty irresistible? That’s why mini-burgers or sliders are an excellent touch for any Euphoria-themed party. At the same time, some of the people you invite might be vegetarian, vegan, or gluten-free, so you might need dairy-free, meat-free, or gluten-free sliders. You should clearly mark which sliders are which so everyone can easily revel in Euphoria together.

2. Sushi

For some people, the mere thought of sushi can evoke joy and excitement. There’s just something about raw fish, rice, and a touch of wasabi that keeps people happy and full. So make a sushi table part of your Euphoria party. Pair your sushi rolls with chopsticks and soy sauce so everyone can experience these culinary delights however they please.

3. Chicken wings

Chicken wings can be so savory and flavorful they verge on actual euphoria. Between the way the meat pulls away from the bone and the sticky-sweet sauce, they can make eyes light up, and smiles abound. But if you serve them, be sure to provide lots of napkins – wings can leave all kinds of sticky sauces on your guests’ fingers. And greasy hands – or stained clothes – don’t make for a blissful time.

4. Meatballs

Think about the last catered event you attended. Remember the plates full of hors d'oeuvres that went around the room? You, too, can set that elegant of a vibe for your party without bringing plates of appetizers throughout your space. Just line a big plate with meatballs and leave it on a table across the room. This way, your guests can come and go as they please whenever they get a bit hungry. Don’t forget the toothpicks so folks can pick up each meatball without a fork.

5. Quesadillas

For something a bit closer to a meal, keep a mountain of quesadillas readily available. Have your guests take a few triangles of tortillas and cheese shortly after they get through all the appetizers. Keep hot sauce, sour cream, guacamole, salsa, and other dips around, so everyone can enjoy a delicious time.

6. Pizza

Everyone loves pizza, which is also a great way to throw things back to high school. After all, chances are your parents ordered pizza for all your friends during a sleepover or birthday party when you were a teen. Get a few pies for the party in a variety ranging from a standard cheese pie to meat lovers or Hawaiian. The best part is you’ll almost certainly have leftovers, which can be a real treat the day after your Euphoria party.

7. Cupcakes

After appetizers and dinner comes dessert. You need something you can make in big batches and serve without cutting it into slices or getting your hands all over it. You also need something you can easily bake in Euphoria-like colors. That’s why cupcakes are the best dessert for a Euphoria-themed party. You can bake them in so many flavors, and the ones that come out pink, purple, red, or blue will perfectly fit your party’s look. Plus, with every bite comes a bit of delight.

8. Colored mocktails

For an especially too-cool-for-school vibe to resemble Euphoria, you can’t go wrong with colored mocktails. Something as simple as a virgin Mary should do the trick – it’s a bold shade of red, and it can have a pretty sweet kick. Virgin margaritas and Pina Coladas are even better since their colors are even brighter, and their flavors are even more exciting. Pair these drinks with the citrus strips or vegetables you most often see them with to truly take your party to the next level.

9. Ice water

Every good party comes with more than enough water for ample hydration, though you should go a bit classier for a Euphoria party. Stock up on fancy, clear glasses and ice cube trays in intriguing shapes. Fill your pristine glasses with lots of ice cubes and pour your water right over the ice. Yeah, it’s a bit basic, but the cool, refreshing water will be a welcome reprieve in a crowded room.

Outfits for a Euphoria-themed Party

Among the many things Euphoria is known for, bold fashion and costume design are high on the list. That means no Euphoria-themed party is complete without an informal dress code that emphasizes stunning outfits. Some ideas for Euphoria-themed outfits include the below, but you can certainly come up with other dress codes that reference the show.

1. Black slip dresses

One of Euphoria’s most iconic season 2 looks was the black slip dress Maddy wore for her birthday celebration. You can encourage your guests to show up with black slip dresses of their own to set the right vibe. For the full Maddy look, black platform shoes would be the perfect touch. But with a bold-enough dress, any heels, boots, or flats should complete the look.

2. Matching, colorful outfits

Over the course of season two, Cassie became known for her matching outfits. (Think back to her bold pink skirt and knit top in roughly the same color.) Try dressing the same for your own Euphoria-themed party to really hammer home the party theme.

For this dress code, you can try to work with the colors and styles already in your closet. If that doesn’t inspire you, then you can set your sights on new clothes. You should also encourage your guests to show up similarly matching to infuse the room with Euphoria.

3. Vividly patterned dresses

Take a cue from Kat’s playbook: A newly transformed inner self merits a transformation in your fashion. So if you’re not used to big, bold, fashion-statement dresses, your Euphoria party is the right time to give that a try. Plus, as Kat’s fashion has changed over the show’s two seasons, she’s always remained fascinating to watch, and you can be that compelling too. So can anyone else whom you invite if you make bold fashion choices the name of the game.

4. Plaid minidress

Lexi is always there for Rue, so sporting a plaid minidress – maybe Lexi’s best-known look – shows that you’re reliable. And as a party host, that’s a great thing to be.

Lexi’s signature minidress is collared and boasts a red and navy print, but collarless dresses should do the trick too. That said, try to go for something fashionable yet librarian-chic to evoke Lexi’s playwright spirit.

5. Casual guys’ wear

Though most of Euphoria’s main characters are teenage girls, there are a few teen boys in the show. The guys at your event can dress like them to fit the vibe. Nate’s slightly skinny crewnecks and Chris’s more relaxed collared shirts and hoodies can make for super casual guys’ party outfits that match the theme. With suggested outfits for everyone in the room, you can stir up a sense of East Highland while everyone looks their best.

Bring Euphoria home with BlissLights

A great Euphoria-themed party involves great decorations, food, drinks, outfits, and, of course, lighting. For the pink, purple, and blue hues that separate that elevate your Euphoria parties, ambient lights from BlissLights are a great option. You can cycle among pinks, blues, and purples right from your phone or with voice control. You can also set certain lights to change with your party’s music. Browse the BlissLights collection now to bring Euphoria home.

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