How Much Does a Galaxy Projector Cost?

Article by BlissLights LLCWed, Oct 06, 21
How Much Does a Galaxy Projector Cost?

It’s the question you ask before every big purchase: How much does it cost? It’s certainly a valid question – rare is the person who has an unlimited discretionary budget. So when you’re on the verge of buying a galaxy projector, you’re probably wondering how much you’ll need to spend. Find the answer below alongside some key considerations to keep in mind as you find the right galaxy projector for your space.

How much does a galaxy projector cost?

The price tag on a galaxy projector partially depends on where you buy one. If Walmart is your go-to online shopping site, you can find “starry galaxy sky projectors” there for as low as $8.99. That said, the lower-price options sometimes have less savory reviews than higher-end options, which run for as much as $99.97 on Amazon. Across all places to buy galaxy projectors, the average cost is, give or take, $40 to $60.

12 key factors to consider when picking a galaxy projector

When searching for galaxy projectors, you should keep the following in mind:

1. Your budget

If you can’t afford a certain galaxy projector, don’t try to make it fit your budget. Instead, look for modestly priced options that still boast most of the advanced features of a more expensive choice. For example, if you want a color-changing light for your gaming room but can’t drop $100, you can still find that technology in $60 projectors.

multicolor rgb galaxy lights for gaming

2. Shipping costs

Depending on where you buy your galaxy projector, you may be able to score free shipping. That can lead to big savings: For example, a projector that’s $50 and ships free might ultimately be less expensive than the $40 one with a huge shipping fee. In addition, galaxy projectors purchased directly from ship free to the contiguous USA!

3. The space the projector occupies

Most galaxy projectors take up a bit of tabletop space. That can be a challenge if you’re looking for calming intergalactic lighting for study time at a tiny desk. In that case, a smaller-scale star projector that doesn’t skimp on the power might be a better fit for your situation. So too, might a laser star bulb that fits right in your typical light fixtures in place of standard light bulbs.

table lamp with blissbulb laser lightbulb in red
blissbulb laser lightbulb in red

BlissBulb Laser LightBulb


Transforming your world is as easy as changing a lightbulb.

4. Your wall coverage needs and projector’s range

Alongside tabletop surface considerations, you’ll also need to think about how much wall space your galaxy projector should cover. Look for light projectors that cover ample square footage from a few feet away. These projectors can singlehandedly make the entirety of a small room look like an entrancing night sky. And in bigger rooms, two or three projectors can fill the whole space hassle-free.

man plating video games with sky lite 2.0 galaxy projector in tv room

5. Ease of use

When you’re breaking out your galaxy projector, chances are you’re looking for an immersive, relaxing experience. Constantly interrupting your bliss to adjust your light – or needing a while to set it up in the first place – can really disrupt the flow of that zen-like state. To avoid this problem, choose a projector that’s easy to use. Then, if you can see galaxies with just the push of a button, transcendence won’t be far behind.

6. Remote control

As user-friendliness goes, a remote control is an especially important feature. When your current brightness settings or nebula cloud color just aren’t doing the trick, your remote control empowers you to make changes right away without moving. With a remote-controlled galaxy projector, you can always see your world in exactly the light you desire.

7. Power and charging

The best galaxy projectors are USB powered and come with 120-240V wall adapters. This way, you can use your galaxy projector whether you’re lying in bed, using your laptop, or enjoying a spa day at home. And for portable galaxy projectors, USB power means you can enjoy starry sights on the go with just a mobile charger, or even the USB port on your laptop, on hand.

8. Brightness level options

When you’re entertaining guests, brighter galaxy displays can help you see each other properly. They’re also better for showing your guests the full potential of galaxy projectors. Save the dim options for when you want to de-stress and need as little stimulation as possible. A good galaxy projector should give you both extremes and several in-between options.

9. Pattern and effect options

Do you want a rotating galaxy or a gently fading one? With the best galaxy projectors, you can get both these effects and more. Choose a galaxy projector that lets you shuffle through several effects with just the push of a button or the tap of a screen. This way, you can enjoy the full breadth of awe-inspiring immersion that galaxy projectors can provide.

10. Color options

Most galaxy projector models can make magic with several different colors, although some are available in only one color. The price of your product may fluctuate depending on the color capabilities.

sky lite 2.0 galaxy projector effect in red blue and green

11. Customization

Especially advanced galaxy projectors allow you to create and save your own unique combinations of brightness levels, patterns, effects, and colors. With this customization comes a truly unparalleled ability to transport yourself entirely to a universe of your own making. And you’ll do it without ever getting off the couch.

12. Mobile app connectivity

Picture this: You’re at home, lying in bed trying to make the day’s stress fade, but you just can’t do it. You also don’t want to get out of bed to turn on the one thing that could help you feel at ease: your galaxy projector. That’s why you should choose galaxy projectors with mobile app connectivity so you can control your projector from your phone. You’ll enjoy a transportive, transcendent journey with just a quick tap.

asian woman in workout clothes controlling lights with phone app

What is one of the most popular star projectors?

Think about how you’d go about discerning which product within a certain category is best to buy. Maybe you’d go to a super popular online store and search for that category, then see which products appear most highly in your search. You’d then determine which item has the highest number of reviews and the best overall rating. By this logic, the best galaxy projector is the BlissLights Sky Lite Evolve.

The Sky Lite Evolve is a hit because it checks off all the boxes to consider when you’re buying a galaxy projector. It includes a customizable multicolor galaxy effect, adjustable brightness, and the ability to custom-create your own presets. You can change your nebula’s color via the BlissHome mobile app, which also acts as a remote control.

With the Sky Lite Evolve, you’ll get 900 square feet of wall coverage from 10 feet away. This all comes from a projector that takes up only a few inches of tabletop space. Plus, it’s USB-powered with a wall adapter, and it ships free if you buy it directly from BlissLights. It has everything you need to go far beyond the everyday, right from home, without overspending.

evolve galaxy projector pink effect in bedroom
sky lite evolve smart multicolor galaxy projector

Sky Lite Evolve: Smart Galaxy Projector


The latest evolution in smart galaxy lighting.

Galaxy projectors create a priceless environment

Crafting a transcending space can’t be done with just any projector. Only BlissLights has the original technology that brought the incredible spectacle of theme park lighting into a home unit anyone can plug in and enjoy. Vivid and immersive displays are yours within just a few seconds of connecting and selecting your favorite settings. Transform your mind in an instant (and score free shipping while you’re here) -- browse the BlissLights collection to find the perfect galaxy projector for your budget and needs.

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