Feeling Tired? 10 Ideas to Create Your Spa Day at Home

Article by BlissLights LLCWed, Aug 04, 21
Feeling Tired? 10 Ideas to Create Your Spa Day at Home

When the going gets tough… well, sometimes the going always feels like it’s getting tough. During these times, shutting off your phone, watching TV, or reading a book can certainly help. These activities, though, may not bring the refreshing mental clarity you’re hoping for out of your downtime. For that kind of feeling, you may need to visit a spa – or, better yet, you can have your own spa day at home. Here’s how.

How to have a spa day at home

A great spa day at home can include any of the below relaxation activities:

1. Dry brush your skin.

Dry brushing doesn’t require any moisturizer or water. This technique involves using the brush to slough off dead skin and improve blood flow. All you need is an exfoliating brush – no creams, no liquids – and a desire for the best possible spa experience. To start, run your dry brush along the tops of your feet. Then, gradually move up to your heart area, making sure to brush your back along the way.

dry brush

2. Turn off the lamps and bulbs, and light a candle instead.

Candles are the warmest lighting source around. Sure, candles are literally warm, but this refers to their color temperature as well. And during your spa day at home, warm lighting can help you reach the complete and total calm you need. That’s not just supposition – scientific studies have correlated warm lighting with deeper relaxation. Switch off the overhead lights and turn to candles for an unbeatable celebration of your comfort in just the strike of a match.

spa candles

3. Take a bath with a delightful bath bomb.

With your skin exfoliated and your candles lit, you’re now ready to run some hot water and break out your bath bomb. The best bath bombs create a spa’s worth of wondrous odors – lavender, rose, even maple syrup. Plus, bath bombs are great for your skin, so you’ll find your skin hydrated and your mind feeling replenished through more than delightful scents. You’ll be transformed into a rejuvenated new self.

bath bomb

4. Turn on your essential oil diffuser.

If bath bombs aren’t quite your vibe, essential oil diffusers are a great alternative for bringing soothing scents into your home spa treatment. Their aromas are also correlated with spa-friendly health benefits such as stress relief. The potential effects of each oil vary, but one thing is certain: With aromatherapy provided by essential oils, you can transport yourself miles away to somewhere free of life’s daily stresses.

oil diffuser

5. Put on an exfoliating peel or face mask.

While warm, soothing water covers your body, try taking care of your face in a similar way with an exfoliating peel or face mask. There are so many options to choose from, each formulated with soothing ingredients that support a vibrant and youthful appearance once they have absorbed into your skin. You can choose a paper mask or apply the material directly to your face with a brush.

face mask

6. Don’t forget about your hair.

While it’s true that many spa experiences focus more on the skin, tending to your hair is just as important when you’re pampering yourself. Hair masks that help improve the appearance of damaged or dry hair are great for your next spa day. So too are high-end conditioners that mend split ends from the root up. With both a replenished face and full head of hair, you’ll be on your way to the calm body and mind you want and need.

hair care

7. Dry off and apply body and lip scrubs.

A full body scrub sloughs off dead skin cells while sending the day’s stresses right down the drain. Whether you opt for a sugar scrub, a salt scrub, or something else altogether, these scrubs reveal skin that appears fresh and bright when all is said and done. Specialty lip scrubs can also help slough off rough skin around your mouth, which not only feels great, but creates a foundation for smoother-appearing lipstick and lip stains.

Before you start your scrub, make sure your skin is a bit damp instead of totally dry. Then, apply your body scrub all over your body and thoroughly rub it in. Give yourself a final rinse, then dry yourself off gently. You can also make your own body scrub with ingredients you already have in your kitchen, such as coconut oil, lemon extract, and sugar to make your own refreshing and revitalizing scrub.

skin care

8. Step into your lushest robe and slippers.

Once you’ve dried off from your spa bath and have fully exfoliated, it’s time to put on your comfiest robe and slippers. This way, you both protect your newly replenished skin from potentially dehydrating air and continue the softness of your spa day routine. It also continues the luxurious feel you’re going for on a spa day; your regular PJs may feel comfortable, but they don’t have the same supple, upscale feeling as your fluffiest or silkiest robe.

You can couple your luxurious robe with an eye mask to continue the peace and quiet or help you focus on meditation. Certain eye masks can help reduce puffiness by placing them in the freezer beforehand for a cool and refreshing compress. After about 20 minutes, take off your eye mask, look in the mirror, and enjoy the awe of seeing your most refreshed self.

spa robe

9. Give yourself a head, body, and hand massage.

After a day’s worth of easy DIY spa relaxation, you can end your spa routine with a final touch of relaxation. Namely, grab some of your favorite lotion and massage yourself from head to toe. Gently massage every area where you’re rubbing in your lush, soothing shea butter, then lie back and realize that you’ve rarely felt this good. What a rewarding, simple way to make your home a space of pure comfort.


10. Choose the right mood music and lighting.

As you’re replenishing your skin and filling the air around you with delightful scents, you should also soothe your other senses. This multisensory approach can make for the most relaxing possible spa day at home. And with mood music and lighting, you can easily make it happen.

Appropriate mood music for spa day is typically slow-paced and gentle, often lacking a discernible drum beat or obvious lyrics. As mood lighting goes, candles are certainly a great option. That said, to have full control over your lighting for your spa day at home, you might need laser lights.

Spa-appropriate laser lights include:

  • Aurora lights. Bring tranquility to your spa day at home. With the Ark Ambient Aurora Light, you’ll be transported to the northern lights without actually trekking out to a faraway place. The Ark makes for the best spa day baths you can possibly imagine.
aurora lights
ark aurora projector

ARK Aurora Light


Transcend reality with a moving abstract aurora.

woman in bath tub under sky lite galaxy lights
sky lite evolve smart multicolor galaxy projector

Sky Lite Evolve: Smart Galaxy Projector


The latest evolution in smart galaxy lighting.

  • Color-changing lights. Other lighting colors such as red and pink are associated with calm too. With the Velarus, you can enjoy spa-day aurora effects in these colors and more. You’ll have full control over how your spa day looks and feels, so you can transform your body and mind on your own terms. Add the Velarus to your spa day setup to enjoy restorative calm in moments.

velarus aurora lights in pink

velarus smart multicolor aurora projector with app control

Velarus Aurora Light


Vibrant aurora lighting with app control.

BlissLights are ideal for your spa day at home

Your spa day at home is your time to replenish your body and clear your mind. With BlissLights, you can do both at once. Their visuals come in colors often associated with relaxation, so under their glow, you’ll feel the kind of calm often associated with only professional spas. To experience a spa’s worth of wonder and awe at home, browse the BlissLights collection now to set the right mood.

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