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The original BlissLights Sky Lite went viral on TikTok for the way it transforms any space. And since then, the Sky Lite has traveled to all kinds of new worlds. The Sky Lite 2.0 introduced more galaxy colors and app control, and the Sky Lite Evolve expands on both these advanced features. 

Fri, Jul 08, 22

No longer do you need to stare into a black void when you turn off the lights at night. Instead, you can fill your room with a multicolor nebula to help you drift off into a peaceful slumber.

Mon, Jan 24, 22

You can buy a galaxy projector from a bunch of the big-name online shopping stores. You can also buy certain galaxy projectors directly from the companies that make them. Here’s a guide to where to buy a galaxy projector and how each source differs (even if just slightly) from the others.

Mon, Oct 11, 21

Galaxy projectors recently went viral on TikTok – their magic is just that hard to resist. It’s understandable if all the hype has you curious what galaxy projectors are and why you should get one. Read on to learn everything you should know.

Fri, Oct 08, 21

How much does it cost? It’s certainly a valid question – rare is the person who has an unlimited discretionary budget. So when you’re on the verge of buying a galaxy projector, you’re probably wondering how much you’ll need to spend. Find the answer here!

Wed, Oct 06, 21

When looking for the best star projectors out there, it can be difficult to make a choice with so many options available. Here is a brief look at the top brands.

Fri, Sep 24, 21

Making a galaxy-themed room is easier than you think. Here are some quick and easy ideas to help you create a DIY galaxy bedroom in no time!

Mon, Jan 11, 21

CNN Underscored featured Sky Lite on their list, along with many other interesting Amazon finds like inflatable lounge chairs and smart toasters.

Thu, Aug 13, 20

Take a peek inside Distinctive Asset's 2020 Mothers Day in Hollywood gift bag! Filled with thoughtful and unique items, this bag went out to famous moms.

Fri, May 08, 20

BuzzFeed shared several fun ways to make your room look, feel, and smell welcoming. We were excited to see that they included Sky Lite on the list!

Wed, Apr 08, 20

Ever wanted your game day decor to be out of this world? Yahoo! Sports suggests checking out our Sky Lite for a quick and easy way to light up the big game.

Wed, Feb 26, 20

Are you ready for this month's featured photos? Once again, you've blown us away with fantastic selfies, interior shots, and furry friends. 

Tue, Feb 18, 20

Sky Lite recently featured on entertainment site VT. "I've always found that the weirdest thing about humans is that we love sleep, but so many of us are terrible at it...

Thu, Feb 13, 20

While only a select few nominees won a golden statuette, no one in the major awards categories came away from awards season truly empty-handed.

Mon, Feb 10, 20

This is a seriously cool gaming setup, complete with powerful PC, animated LED effects, and our very own Sky Lite! The gaming division at Intel® posted an interview with...

Tue, Jan 21, 20

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