13 Holiday Gifts For Gamers They'll Love Year-Round

Article by BlissLights LLCFri, Sep 03, 21
13 Holiday Gifts For Gamers They'll Love Year-Round

The holidays are quickly approaching and you know what that means: Family time, holiday parties, and shopping for that perfect gift that brings joy every time it’s used. When it comes to making your gift list and checking it twice, you might have trouble coming up with unique gift ideas for the gamer in your life. That’s especially true if you aren’t a gamer yourself – you might even worry that you’ll get this gamer a gift they can’t use. But don’t you fret! This list of holiday gifts for gamers is sure to have something to bring a smile to a gamer’s face now and long after.

13 Holiday Gifts For Gamers

Think about Black Friday, the holiday shopping season, paired with gamer culture. Lots of those long checkout lines are over video game consoles – gamer must-haves often fly off the shelves! That’s why you should plan your gift ahead of time to ensure you won’t lose out amid the holiday rush. To get a headstart on your holiday gifts for gamers, check out these 14 ideas:

1. VR headset

Has your friend always wanted to walk a tightrope above the New York City skyline or fly around as Batman saving citizens? Well, you can make their wish come true, kind of. Give your favorite gamer the gift of a virtual reality headset!

Virtual reality (VR) combines the excitement and action of a video game with cutting-edge technology, graphics, and physical movement for a fully immersive gaming experience. The gamer in your life can also use VR for fitness and training when they’re not saving the city from turmoil. VR headsets transform your gamer’s living room into a thrilling, adventure-packed world.

vr gaming headset

2. Gaming laptop

Not all gaming involves a game console, wireless controllers, and a huge television monitor. In fact, some of the most popular games are online, meaning they can take place in front of smaller screens connected to a personal computer. And if you’re shopping for a PC gamer, you can’t go wrong by surprising them with a brand new gaming laptop.

Notice the phrase “gaming laptop” – these computers are a unique category. Typical everyday laptops don’t have the power, storage, or capacity to run detailed games. With a gaming laptop, graphics and performance are top-notch, creating a riveting experience that your gamer can have on the go. These laptops also excel in the battery department, supporting hours of action-packed experiences.

3. Gift card

Every single holiday season, you ask your friends and family the age-old question: “What do you want for the holidays?” Maybe, though, you get the same answer year after year: “I don’t know,” or even worse, “surprise me.” This can make holiday shopping a big challenge, so let your friends and family pick their own presents with a gift card.

For the gamer in your life, a gift card provides the power to browse for the perfect gaming accessory, video game, or anything else. Your gamer can use their gift card right away or hold onto it and wait for a fancy new console or video game to drop. Gift cards can be the gift that gives again and again.

gift card

4. Gaming console

You can’t play video games without a gaming console (or a laptop that can handle the games). But ask any big-time gamer, and they’ll tell you that not all consoles are alike. A PS4 and its streaming inclusions is a whole different experience than the more active experience of a Nintendo Switch. Regardless of which console the gamer in your life prefers, though, one thing is true: New models are always rolling out.

If the gamer in your life already has the latest and greatest PlayStation, maybe it’s time they branch out and try an Xbox. Or if they want to game on the go, a Nintendo Switch will keep them busy even on long road trips to visit the grandparents. The right system for them will let them transcend the everyday and immerse themselves in a beautiful fictional world from anywhere in the world.

ps5 gaming console

5. A new game

Playing the same games over and over may not be enough for someone who likes the excitement of a new adventure. Keep things fresh and exciting by getting the gamer in your life new titles to play for the holidays. A new, super-hyped game might be the perfect item to put under the tree. Or maybe your favorite gamer has been talking non-stop about one game that they’ve always wanted because all their friends have it. Either option is a great choice for staving off that gamer boredom.

If your friend or family member goes through games at the speed of light, consider a video game subscription instead. For example, the Xbox game pass provides access to hundreds of games per month! There are few better ways to constantly refresh, renew, and reimagine the gaming experience.

video games

6. Headset

Picture this: You and your friend are playing video games together, battling the final boss after hours of trying to defeat the level. Then, your friend takes their shot at just the right moment, and you finally win! Your friend jumps out of their seat, but their headset gets tangled in the wires, the electrical plug comes out, and the moment is ruined. Never let that happen again by giving your friend a wireless gaming headset. This way, they can move around the room as they move through their journey.

wireless headset

7. Gaming chair

Gaming involves endless hours sitting down in front of a monitor. Some people can even spend all day and night in the same spot playing a game. The thing is, spending too long in one position can mean backaches, headaches, strained muscles, and pins and needles. That’s why a gaming chair can be a game-changer.

For anyone who spends long periods of time fighting zombies or racing cars, gaming chairs are key to healthy posture. They provide extra support to the spine, neck, and arms so your gaming friend can spend their days in comfort while collecting coins and defeating evil.

gaming chair

8. Gaming keyboard

Gaming is more than a hobby -- It’s an experience. To level up your friend or family member’s game time, upgrade their standard keyboard to a gaming keyboard. This accessory is designed with extra features that allow gamers to easily switch between actions. They’re also highly programmable and can optimize the user’s performance.

Not only do gaming keyboards help inside the game, but they also look cool on the outside. Many have lights underneath the keys, giving the keyboard a cool glow and the whole game room a futuristic feel. Pair a gaming keyboard with the StarPort Laser USB to give your gamer an unforgettable adventure into a virtual universe of mesmerizing, colorful laser stars. They’ll be left in awe.

lighted gaming keyboard

9. Gaming mouse

No gaming keyboard is complete without a gaming mouse and mousepad. The mouse a gamer uses can impact the way they play and minimize wrist and hand discomfort. A wireless mouse, for example, allows players to freely move around without being constrained by wires. You can even give your gamer a wireless mouse with a mouse pad that charges it at the same time -- the ultimate gift for someone who always forgets to change or charge the batteries.

lighted gaming mouse

10. Smart light

Getting in the mood for an evening of battling bad guys requires more than just delicious snacks and comfortable seating. The right light can make all the difference in setting the stage for a video game marathon. Smart lights are a great choice, as your gamer can control and program them right from their phone. Your gaming friend or family member can match the lighting to their game, set it on a timer, and turn it on and off without leaving their chair.

smart lights

11. LED lights

Colorful gaming room lights elevate the atmosphere in a gaming room, so the gamer in your life can feel like they’ve stepped right into an extraordinary fantasy universe. LED strip lights are a solid choice in this realm, plus you can easily stuff them into stockings.

Once the gamer in your life gets their LED strips, they can simply peel the backing and stick them wherever. Most LED strip lights can also change colors, enabling the gamer to switch things up every time they sit down to play. With a simple lighting adjustment, an old game can feel new again.

12. Aurora light

Part of the fun of gaming is the special effects and unique environments. Help your favorite gamer bring these gaming effects into real life with the Ark Ambient Aurora Light. An electrifying green aurora will float over blue nebula clouds, making the gaming room feel like a video game itself. With the touch of a button, gamers can use these specialty lights to increase their focus, enhance their mood, and stay calm during those critical missions.

ark aurora light
ark aurora projector

ARK Aurora Light


Transcend reality with a moving abstract aurora.

13. Sky Lite 2.0

There are so many video games that take place in space, and all these games are even more immersive under the stunning sights of an enthralling nebula. As a holiday gift for gamers, the Sky Lite Evolve mentally transports your loved one into a galaxy of sparkling stars and drifting clouds. This universe should perfectly match your gamer’s sci-fi adventures.

While your gamer waits for their character’s story to end or their game to load, they can control the Sky Lite Evolve via the BlissHome mobile app. The app allows users to adjust the Sky Lite Evolve’s seven nebula colors and wondrous effects for a picture-perfect and fully immersive gaming session. The second the light turns on, your gaming friend will be wowed, and then with their own custom lighting adjustments, they’ll never want to stop playing.

sky lite 2.0 for gaming
sky lite evolve smart multicolor galaxy projector

Sky Lite Evolve: Smart Galaxy Projector


The latest evolution in smart galaxy lighting.

Level up your gift-giving game with BlissLights

Shopping for gamer gifts is easy if you remember that, ultimately, gaming is an experience. Players want to feel fully immersed in a completely different universe where they can escape the everyday. When you give the gift of BlissLights, you help the gamer in your life feel even more submerged in their own exciting world. Browse the BlissLights collection to find the right lighting to leave your favorite gamer awestruck.

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