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Article by BlissLights LLCFri, Apr 02, 21
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Creating your own PC gaming desk setup allows your personality to shine—literally if you add lighting, and aesthetically if your setup matches your design taste. A personalized gaming setup ensures you can enjoy a long gaming session in comfort for hours and gives you an avenue to show off your personal tastes.

Below, learn what you should consider when building your gamer station, what you need for your setup, and which gaming themes and ideas might get your wheels turning.

What should I consider when building my gamer setup?

To put together the ultimate gamer setup, try the below ideas that work for both longtime gamers and newcomers alike:

  • Theme: What style do you find aesthetically pleasing? What’s the main look of the build? Do you want minimalistic, retro, or even color-changing lighting? You can begin to plan your setup once you know in which direction you’d like to go.
  • Budget: Know how much you’d like to spend before you start shopping. Make a wishlist of your most desired items for your setup, and divide it into “wants” and “needs.” For example, a high-quality gaming monitor takes priority over decorations, but there’s no reason you can’t have both if they fit into your budget.
  • Cable management: Cord clutter can be distracting and unsightly. Cable management is key for a sharp gaming setup. Use ties or tracks to keep your cables organized, out of sight, and out from under your feet. To further reduce this maze of cables, you can look into wireless mice, keyboards, controllers, and other devices.
  • Functionality: Everything you bring into your gaming space should have a physical and emotional place. If the item doesn’t spark joy or offer vital functions for your gaming setup, then you can trim it from your setup.
  • Lighting: The right light sets the right mood. Lighting around your gaming setup’s peripherals and behind the monitor can help alleviate eye strain. Gaming room lighting that matches your game’s mood or color scheme can help transport you right into the game as well, an easy way to create a fully immersive experience.
  • Comfort: Invest in a gaming setup that will keep you comfortable during long gaming sessions. A gaming chair with extra support, blue light blocking glasses, and a monitor at eye level can all help keep you from slouching or feeling cramped.

gaming keyboard

What do I need for my gamer setup?

Now that you know what you should consider for your setup, here are the actual items you need:

  • Desk: Your desk is the blank canvas atop which you set up your entire gaming experience. The look and placement for everything else in your setup will be built from here on.
  • Gaming chair: A gaming chair may ultimately be your gaming setup’s most important component. The right gaming chair offers extra support so you can get truly comfortable as you immerse yourself in the game. That said, no two gaming chairs are alike. Your comfort will depend on your own personal preferences, as well as the features your chair might boast, such as extra lumbar support or a headrest.
  • Monitors: The gaming monitor provides a visually striking and engaging gaming experience. Higher quality monitors ensure you experience the game in full detail, with a higher refresh rate for smooth visuals compared to regular computer monitors. Resolution, screen size, and aspect ratio should factor into your decision -- and your budget.
  • Speakers: Speakers for gaming should provide crisp stereo sound to match the stunning visuals coming from your monitors. Good gaming speakers should allow background noise from your game such as voices and footsteps to immerse you in a realistic-sounding experience. You may even want to consider a surround sound system so you feel completely transported into the game.
  • Mouse: Gaming mice are designed to be highly precise and responsive. Their ergonomic design is meant for lengthy sessions. A vertical mouse might be an option if you find that your hand and wrist stiffen up or get uncomfortable quickly.
  • Keyboard: Gaming keyboards offer faster reaction time than regular office keyboards, perfect for precision hits and scoring in your game. Many keyboards designed for gaming also offer customizable lighting underneath to add a cool glow to your setup.
  • Lighting: Mood lighting sets the atmosphere. Give laser lights a try: Products such as the BlissLights Sky Lite Laser Galaxy Projector create a universe above your head as laser stars and drifting nebulas create an ethereal feel. The StarPort Laser USB takes up little room, requiring only a USB report to wash your game setup in twinkling stars.
  • Gaming computer: Not every computer has the power to keep the game flowing. These specialized devices offer more processing power and better quality graphics cards than their standard counterparts. You may opt to assemble your dream computer on your own, selecting the components of your choice and putting them together in the housing of your choice.
  • Hard drive: A faster, more reliable hard drive with more space enhances the gaming experience. Since your computer searches for and processes numerous files while gaming, a low-quality hard drive could easily hamper your adventure.
  • Power supply: All that equipment requires a lot of electricity to keep running smoothly. Not only is it a practical consideration to ensure your setup is supported, but the heat this equipment generates can cause damage to your computer, hard drive, and other devices over time.
  • CPU cooler: Computers can get warm to the touch, and that’s due to the heat these components, particularly the processor, can generate. CPU coolers can help release this heat and keep your CPU in good shape for years to come.

gaming computer

8 Gamer setup ideas

When looking to create your gaming setup, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the details. If you’re lacking inspiration or struggling with how to create the perfect setup, listed below are different setups for gaming on a budget, going luxury, and everything in between.

1. Dual monitor gaming setup

Two monitors is a classic computer gaming setup. All you need for this is a long desk with enough room to place both monitors comfortably side by side. The primary monitor is used to play the game, while the secondary monitor shows chat, streaming tools, and anything else you’re engaging with while playing. Dual monitor gaming setups only require one mouse and keyboard, though extra touches could include small gaming speakers or a headset holder to store it when not in use.

dual monitor gaming setup

2. Warm tone gaming setup

Warm, earthy tones in a gaming setup can create a calming effect for the gamer who wants time away from reality. While a bit generic, this setup has substance and an easy personality. It includes a dual monitor stand raised a couple of inches off the desk for an airy feel (and less slouching). Add a speaker and a colorful keyboard with a small plant nearby to complete the look.

warm lighting gaming setup

3. Gaming setup on a budget

A gaming setup on a budget doesn’t have to look or feel cheap. Keep things classy and simple with black and white monochromatic coloring, a one-monitor setup, and a headset. A black or white secondhand desk will keep costs budget-friendly, as will using a single black hook to hang your headset, so your desk stays clutter-free. To dress up the area, a small black lamp or a Sky Lite Evolve can easily transform even the simplest of spaces.

budget gaming setup

4. All-out gaming setup

A cool, neon-themed setup with RGB lighting can be on the pricey side, but if cost isn’t an issue, then go wild with your setup. Create a futuristic, immersive experience with a triple-monitor setup with a gaming soundbar, headset with a charging stand, customized backlit keyboard, and multiple cooling fans for your computer.

Pair the above with a comfortable gaming chair that has the added luxury of built-in headrest speakers. For the perfect finishing touch, the bright green auroras and blue backgrounds of a BlissLights Ark Ambient Aurora Light provide that extra dose of wonder.

sky lite evolve smart multicolor galaxy projector

Sky Lite Evolve: Smart Galaxy Projector


The latest evolution in smart galaxy lighting.

5. Color-themed setup

Basic doesn’t have to mean boring if you’re deciding on a one-colored theme. Keep your desk and chair neutral while adding LED smart light strips behind your monitors and underneath the desk. Keep the theme going strong by casting the BlissLights BlissBulb color of your choice across the walls and ceiling. Finish with a monochrome wallpaper on the monitors and colored headsets to complete the look while tastefully enjoying your favorite color.

blissbulb laser lightbulb in red

BlissBulb Laser LightBulb


Transforming your world is as easy as changing a lightbulb.

6. Clean white setup

While the exact opposite of a color-themed setup, a white setup encompasses many options that are anything but plain. Build the look by beginning with a neutral desk with white drawers and a wooden desktop. Add an ultrawide curved gaming monitor with a floating stand.

Perfect this look with details such as white speakers, a white keyboard, and a white mouse to restate your clean, minimalistic setup. Add finishing touches like a white lamp and a couple of succulents or air plants in white containers for an especially crisp look.

clean white gaming setup

7. Nature theme setup

Another unique gaming setup design is the nature-meets-indoors aesthetic. With this setup, you’ll feel as though you’ve been outside in nature without leaving the comforts of your gaming room.

Start by creating or buying moss-themed wall art and setting up a wall of greenery beside your desk. Add floating shelves for controller charging stations and a headphone stand. Use a desk made of wood or natural materials, and set the widescreen monitor directly in the center on a contemporary stand.

Finish the look with floating speakers and a secondary vertical floating monitor off to the side. For a bonus touch, change the wallpaper on your monitors to display pictures of deep green forests or leaves.

nature-themed gaming setup

8. Kawaii theme setup

Create this cutesy, soft look with pastel pinks, blues, and purples. Start the setup with a white computer desk with open shelving that frames your widescreen monitor setup. Your favorite gaming keyboards can range in color from light pinks to clear with pastel rainbow lighting.

Stick to this cute style by adding a pink gaming headset with removable cat ears. A white gaming chair with soft pink and purple restates the colorful, cute design. Keep the look seamless with soft colored speakers, soundbars, and LED twinkle lights directly behind them on the wall. Finish the gaming setup by placing plush dolls or figurines from your favorite anime in your shelving units.

Complete your gamer setup with BlissLights

A gaming room setup is a great way to show off your personality and creativity while allowing for the exact gameplay and adjustments you want. Your budget doesn’t have to mean a loss of comfort and quality, and your theme can be anything you wish while including both your gaming gear and what allows you to see it all – your lights. Here at BlissLights, our laser bulbs, projectors, and portable lights can help you create unique experiences that make gaming that much more immersive. Browse our collection to find the perfect lighting for your gaming setup!

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