Unique Gifts for Gamers for a Next Level Experience

Article by BlissLights LLCFri, Apr 23, 21
galaxy projector and gaming mouse

The gaming experience is an all-encompassing one. The characters and storyline on screen pop from the monitors and bring players into the world on screen. The ideal gaming session is fully immersive, filled with equipment and accessories that support this experience. Unlock the potential -- give your friend or family member one of these unique gifts to take their setup to the next level.

Unique gifts for gamers

Many gamers probably already have the basics: a desk, a keyboard, the game itself. What can you get that rounds out their basics into an enviable gamers’ paradise? Here’s a list of some of the most popular recommendations:

1. Gaming glasses

Long gaming sessions may be fun, but they aren’t easy on the eyes. Gaming glasses can help ensure that your friend doesn’t end their session early because of eye strain or a headache. These glasses are built to alleviate visual fatigue by blocking the light from screens and UV light. They make great gifts for someone who loves video games but is no stranger to the eye strain, headaches, and blurred vision that can follow a lengthy session.

gamer glasses

2. Decorative lighting

Imagine a cool blue light transporting your friend or loved one to outer space, or a red light enveloping players to reflect the low lighting of a battle scene. With decorative lighting, the room instantly becomes an extension of the game being played. Go for strip lights that can be placed around the perimeter of the room, or try a decorative light in the shape of your friend’s first initial or their favorite game character or franchise.

While shopping for decorative lighting, you’ll have a few options that fall into two categories: LED lighting and laser lighting. LED lighting is common in many decorative lighting products, as these low-energy lights last for many hours and don’t consume as much energy. Laser lights offer those benefits, all while projecting much clearer images. You’ll read a bit more on our laser lighting picks later in this blog.

led lights

3. Gaming headset stand

Nothing says “serious gaming” like a dedicated place just to put headphones on when they’re not in use. These gaming gifts are more than just convenient – they’re also practical, as setting headphones aside on an unprotected surface could risk damaging them. For the PC gamer in your life, a gaming headset stand makes a great gift idea that they may not have thought to get themselves. Several gaming headset stands include bonus features such as USB charging ports and captivating lighting for a futuristic aesthetic.

headset stand

4. Charging stands for gaming controllers

A charging stand for a gaming controller is a wonderful finish for any gaming setup for the Xbox and PlayStation lovers in your life. That’s because a messy setup can lead to damaged controllers, and fewer cords mean less stress for any setup and theme.

Your friend or relative’s new charging stand will do away with the extra cords and charging cables while giving a place to charge their controller while not in use. Cordless is the future, and every gamer will appreciate the ability to charge their controller from an arm’s length.

console gaming charging station

5. Pac-Man lamp

Retro is trending, and throwback Pac-Man table lamps are the perfect gift for any 80’s lover in your life. A Pac-Man or pixelated ghost lamp will delight any old-school arcade fanatic. This nostalgic gift will bring back cherished memories of hours spent playing Pac-Man and other retro games at childhood arcades.

If your friend isn’t a Pac Man fanatic, there are other beloved video games to consider: Options include a Mario-themed block lamp or an electrifying Pikachu light direct from the Pokemon franchise.

pac man retro gaming lamp

via Gift Idea Tech

6. Gift cards

You are feeling stuck or unsure of what your friend needs? Stick with a gift card. The thing is, unlike most gift cards where you simply pick a store or restaurant and monetary amount, a gaming gift card can require more thought.

Knowing which gaming systems your loved one owns will narrow down which gift cards to get. According to the Nintendo website, Nintendo eShop gift cards let users buy and download new games or, for specific games, additional items or crafts. You can also shop by game: For example, you can buy Minecraft-specific games for the mega-fan in your life.

nintendo gift cards

7. Among Us plush doll

Among Us took off like a rocket in 2020, and so did all the merch for these cute and colorful game characters. An Among Us crewmember plush is an inexpensive but thoughtful gift for fans of the game and comes in white, pink, blue, yellow, orange, green, or brown. And if the gamer in your life isn’t into Among Us, you can find no shortage of plushies from other franchises.

among us plushies

via Innersloth Store

8. Soundbar

Perhaps one of the most luxurious items on this gift guide, a soundbar is a highly coveted present for gamers who appreciate hearing every sound in the game in crystal-clear definition. These soundbars can be mounted to the wall to keep them out of the way. Many come with a subwoofer to enhance deep bass, along with connectivity features like Bluetooth® and a remote for easy adjustments. Any loyal gaming enthusiast will appreciate their soundbar and will get constant use out of it time and again.


9. Rechargeable batteries

Dying batteries are a big letdown. Keeping a spare rechargeable battery juiced up and on-hand is a must for quick changes in the midst of a particularly intense session. Rechargeable batteries are thus a wonderful money-saving option for a gamer, not to mention they’re better for the environment than disposable ones.

rechargeable batteries

10. Gaming chair

Although gaming gifts such as shiny new PC monitors or video game consoles can be thrilling, no new device is as enjoyable without a comfortable gaming environment. An elite gamer’s setup is as important to them as any other consideration, and nothing quite says “experienced gamer” like a luxury-fitted gaming chair.

Different from a couch, regular desk chair, or folding chair, a gaming chair has firmer cushions and offers superior back support when compared to other chairs. Many gaming chair companies offer sleek design features for chairs that range substantially in cost, but for some gamers, the price tag might not matter. That’s because as both comfort and functionality go, a gaming chair is perhaps the savviest long-term investment for any gamer. You may even find souped-up features like built-in speakers or leather seating in some higher-end models.

secret lab gamer chair

11. Aurora lights

Aurora lights can transform a gaming experience by creating an atmosphere of peaceful serenity with a special kind of outdoor-brought-inside lighting. Laser projectors such as the BlissLights Ark Ambient Aurora Light cast a projection of the northern lights onto the ceiling of the gaming room.

Aurora lights use deep blues and calming green hues to create the perfect ambiance through mesmerizing shapes and designs. Amidst these stunning gaming lights, your gamer might slip into a state of relaxation after defeating a particularly hard boss or difficult level. Aurora lights are also perfect for movie nights, making them an especially versatile gaming gift.

aurora lights

ark aurora projector

ARK Aurora Light


Transcend reality with a moving abstract aurora.

12. Galaxy light

No matter your loved one’s preferred gaming experience, they’ll relish the mesmerizing effects of galaxy lights. The BlissLights Evolve, for example, displays mesmerizing out-of-this-world patterns. Under these patterns, a gamer can relax under the constellations and feel as though they’ve entered a celestial, fictional world.

sky lite evolve smart multicolor galaxy projector

Sky Lite Evolve: Smart Galaxy Projector


The latest evolution in smart galaxy lighting.

BlissLights make especially unique gifts for gamers

Birthdays and other special occasions are great times to give gaming gifts, and whether you’re treating yourself on a big day or trying to find the perfect gift for someone else, the above gaming gift ideas will show how much you truly care. Here at BlissLights, the lights from our collection make for fun, unique gifts that elevate gaming experiences of all stripes. Browse our collection to find the perfect unique gaming gift for your loved one!

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