20 Dorm Gifts for Guys That He'll Definitely Appreciate

Article by BlissLights LLCFri, Dec 24, 21
20 Dorm Gifts for Guys That He'll Definitely Appreciate

When you have a son, nephew, or cousin in college, a gift for his dorm is a great way to wish them well in this next chapter of their lives. Your gift will also give him something to remember you by when he's at college. This year, get him something practical he can use every day in his dorm room – something that won’t just get shoved under the bed. Don’t know where to start? Then look through the below guide to the coolest dorm gifts for guys.

20 dorm gifts for guys

College students can be hard to shop for, especially when you’re trying to find the perfect holiday or birthday gift. Instead of getting your friend or loved one more socks or a tie, check out these 20 college gift ideas for guys.

1. Backpack

A backpack can be more than a way to get books from a dorm to anywhere on campus. It can also be a cool, stylish accessory to match any college guy’s favorite hoodie. You can find them in a myriad of colors, styles, and sizes online or at your favorite department store. There’s a backpack gift out there for any guy – and for any occasion.

man wearing backpack on a scenic hike

2. An insulated travel mug

College students are always on the go – waking up late, grabbing something to eat, running out the door to get to class on time. The gift of an insulated travel mug means no more skipping that morning cup of joe. The college guy in your life can just pour his coffee or tea in the mug in his dorm, then head out. His nice hot beverages can keep him warm and wake him up anywhere on campus – even his least favorite lecture.

red and white insulated travel mug

3. A portable speaker

Classical piano while studying, pop when hanging with friends, hip-hop at the gym – music is an essential part of college. So why not give the gift of an exquisite listening experience? A portable speaker lets college guys play their favorite tunes anywhere they go, whether the dorm or the rec room. This gift, though, probably should stay home from the lecture hall.

portable speaker

4. Wireless headphones

If your loved one in college is more of a solitary music listener, wireless headphones are the ultimate dorm gift for guys. With wireless headphones, he can listen to his tunes in bed, on his way to class, in the gym, or while studying in the library. He and only he will hear the music, and he’ll also avoid the inevitable tangle of wires that accompanies traditional headphones. He can have his own personal soundtrack in his dorm and far beyond.

man in green hoodie wearing black wireless headphones

5. Indoor slippers

College dorms can get cold easily during the winter. Help keep your friend or loved one warm with a pair of cozy indoor slippers. Really, this snug and sometimes stylish footwear does more than keep his feet warm. He’ll also have something comfy and easy to wear in common areas, the bathroom, or in a friend’s dorm while playing video games.

6. Mini basketball hoop

Can’t decide what to get your guy? How about something that serves as both wall decor and a fun activity? A mini basketball hoop is a great example. It’s more than typical dorm decoration – it’s fully functional! When your loved one is struggling to stay focused or get inspired, they can just shoot a couple of shots right into the hoop. After their halftime break, it’s right back to the books.

7. LED strip lights

Lots of dorms come with white cinderblock walls and harsh fluorescent lighting – nothing too inspiring about that. You can enhance a college guy’s dorm room lighting with LED strips. These easy-to-use gifts peel and stick onto almost any surface and instantly give the dorm an electrifying vibe.

blissglow led lights in living room

8. Personal fan

Dorm room temperatures can be as cold as a tundra one day but seem like a sauna the next. That’s why, when it comes to dorm room essentials, a personal fan is a must. For those days when your loved one feels like he’s basically at the beach, a personal fan will help him stay cool. To top it all off, his roommate won’t have to worry about a bigger fan blowing papers around.

9. Essential oil diffuser

It’s no secret that college can be stressful and overwhelming. One of the best ways to help your loved one through the craziness of finals and papers is by encouraging them to practice self-care. With an essential oil diffuser, he can take a break from school and relax in a dorm room filled with divine aromas. Try including essential oils such as lavender, chamomile, clary sage, and sandalwood with his diffuser. These oils are correlated with stress relief.

essential oil diffuser

To further assist with his self-care endeavors, pair his essential oil diffuser with the BlissEmber. He can control this smart multicolor night light right from his smartphone. The radiant hues and soft glow can transform his dorm into a personal sanctuary perfect for resting after long days.

blissember smart night light in bedroom hallway
blissember is a smart color changing led night light suitable for adults and kids

BlissEmber Smart Multicolor Night Light


A guiding light, a source of comfort, a way to transform your space.

10. Lap desk

Even with libraries, cafes, lounges, and desks, some students just prefer to write their papers and study in bed. A lap desk can make that a more comfortable experience. It provides a flexible, transportable workspace at angles that minimize aches and pains. If you really want to impress your loved one, find a lap desk with a wrist pad and room for a mouse. He’ll be more productive than ever right from within his dorm.

11. A mini coffee maker

If your friend or loved one is a coffee fanatic, a mini coffee maker might be just what he needs. Instead of mornings at the dining hall or a cafe, he can make a cup of coffee right in his dorm. And since his coffee maker will be compact, it can fit in even the tiniest dorms. Within minutes of waking up, your loved one will be caffeinated and ready to face the day ahead.

12. Electric kettle

Is the college guy in your life more of a tea person? In that case, an electric kettle might better fit the bill. Think about it: Unless he’s living in apartment-style housing, his dorm probably lacks a stove. That means boiling water in a pot for a warm cup of tea isn’t an option. An electric kettle, on the other hand, plugs into any outlet. He’ll have instant hot water for slowly easing into the morning or enjoying a tea party for one.

electric kettle

13. Parallette or push-up grip set

When the gym is closed or just seems too far away, help your loved one bring the gym to his dorm. Whether he’s big on exercise or new to working out, parallettes or a push-up grip set can make a great dorm gift. He can use them to enjoy a rigorous workout without leaving his dorm room. He can go right from studying to building strength from the comforts of his home away from home.

14. A foam roller

Anyone who works out knows the feeling of sore muscles after an intense gym session. With a foam roller, your loved one can relieve these tight muscles right from his dorm. He can roll out his muscles while watching TV, reading a textbook, or listening to an inspirational podcast. And the next time he goes to the gym, he’ll feel more prepared for another great workout.

foam roller

15. Desk organizer

Dorm rooms are small, so any amount of clutter can make them feel unorganized and messy. A desk organizer can help college guys keep their desks clean and organized, making the dorm feel more calm, comforting, and inspiring. The best desk organizers to give as gifts should have spots for writing utensils, sticky notes, paper clips, and smartphones. No more missing pens and pencils – just a clutter-free room for inspiration, rest, and relaxation.

16. A hanging hammock

Many dorm rooms come with nothing more than a bed and a desk, and some college guys might want more furniture for truly kicking back. Surprise the guy in your life with a hanging hammock to add a super chill spot to his dorm and help him achieve greater calmness. Add in some throw pillows to make the hammock an astonishing lounge.

While he’s lounging in his hammock, he can take the soothing vibes one step further with an ambiance that promotes relaxation and concentration. Throw in the BlissRadia so he can set this mood and achieve true zen. He can control this ambient light’s colors, brightness, and gradients right from his phone. With his room transformed into a serene paradise, he’ll have no trouble slipping into a state of pure bliss.

blissradia smart ambient light in forest green

blissradia is an led ambient light with app control that shines in multiple colors

BlissRadia Smart LED Mood Light


From desktop to bedside, light the way to concentration, stimulation, or relaxation.

17. A mini-fridge

Being unable to bring home leftovers or grab an ice-cold soda can be a real drag for some college students. A mini-fridge gift solves this problem. It enables your friend or loved one to stock up on essentials such as iced tea, yogurt, fruit, sports drinks, and milk. He’ll probably love not having to leave every time he wants a bowl of cereal.

18. Alarm clock

Try to name someone you know who has never overslept. Can’t do it, can you? Make sure the guy you’re shopping for never misses another class or sleeps through another final with an alarm clock gift. You can go with a classic digital alarm clock or take it to the next level with one that lights in various colors. Other fancy alarm clocks can project the time onto the wall or charge a phone. Gone will be the days of missing classes or exams.

digital alarm clock

19. A colorful tapestry

To help your loved one transform their dorm from a dungeon to a sanctuary, get them a tapestry to add a pop of color. A tapestry full of color can brighten those classic dull white walls while creating a welcoming feel. Whether a tapestry full of waves, a glorious mountain scene, or something else, there’s a tapestry out there for any dorm room or college guy.

motivational tapestry in dorm room

20. A relaxing galaxy projector

After a long day of classes and studying, it’s important that college guys are in the right atmosphere to decompress. With a relaxing galaxy projector, any guy can spend the evening getting lost in entrancing nebula clouds and stars right from his own bed.

The Sky Lite Evolve is a great example. Its numerous colors and effects provide an immersive outer space experience right from the comfort of a dorm. With the Sky Lite Evolve, college guys can bring the universe home and transform their surroundings – and minds – right from their phone.

young man relaxing under galaxy light
sky lite evolve smart multicolor galaxy projector

Sky Lite Evolve: Smart Galaxy Projector


The latest evolution in smart galaxy lighting.

BlissLights are great dorm gifts for guys

Dorms are the home base of college life. They should be fun and welcoming areas filled with the personality of the guys living in them. They should also provide ample space for creativity, calm, and focus. BlissLights check all these boxes: They can help the college guy in your life see his space in a whole new light for any occasion. Browse the BlissLights collection to find the perfect dorm gift – no, experience – for your favorite bookworm, athlete, or both.

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