7 Best Star Projectors That Will Turn Your Space Into The Night Sky

Article by BlissLights LLCFri, Sep 24, 21
7 Best Star Projectors That Will Turn Your Space Into The Night Sky

Picture this: You’re on a camping trip out in an open field, far away from the harsh white lights of any city, and you can actually see the stars at night. You gaze up at the awe-inducing sights of the galaxies beyond, and you wake up when the sun rises, unaware you even fell asleep in the first place. Sounds perfect, right? Better get to driving to the nearest campsite — unless you have a star projector. The below guide to the best star projectors reviews your options for replicating this awestruck moment without moving an inch.

Why buy a star projector?

Star projectors can help with:

  • Falling asleep. Nostalgic for the days when counting sheep could help you drift off with ease? Star projectors provide a similar sort of transfixing comfort and calm. They often project starry skies in sleep-friendly colors such as red, which doesn’t stimulate the eyes and can help relax you for sleep. Star projectors also come in calming blue and green colors, so they can easily transport you to more serene realms come bedtime.
  • Creating a calming environment. A “decompression zone” is useful long before and after sleep. A tranquil environment can dull your buzzing mind when you need to ground yourself for work or spark your creativity. It can also soothe you when you’re seeking basic comfort. Think about it: Doesn’t sinking into your bed and staring at green stars scattered throughout your room sound downright euphoric? That’s the power of bringing the best star projector into your home.
  • Enhancing your space. White walls and ceilings can be boring even if you cover them with decorations. The white LED lights in your ceiling fixtures likely aren’t doing much to help your room appear more interesting either. The colorful lights in star projectors solve this problem. Star projectors typically emit enough light to fill your whole room, meaning you can change the color of your space without any screws, nails, or paint. A star projector offers the fastest way to enhance and transform your space.
sky lite 2.0 multicolor galaxy effect

The 7 best star projectors

Among the best star projectors are the following models:

1. Encalife Atmosphere Smart Galaxy Star Projector

The Encalife Atmosphere star projector provides light shows of stars and nebula clouds in RGB brilliance. You can use your phone as the Atmosphere’s remote control for brightness levels, light modes, and sleep timers. Voice control is also a handy feature with this star projector designed for users who want a customizable starry-sky lighting experience. The Atmosphere retails for $199.97.

encalife atmosphere

Encalife Atmosphere


Smart galaxy star projector

2. BlissLights Sky Lite Evolve

The Sky Lite Evolve builds upon the beloved Sky Lite by adding advanced features that allow for true and total customization of the BlissLights experience. Its multicolor technology allows the nebulas behind its stars to shine in beautiful color combinations in pink, teal, purple, and more. Better yet, the Sky Lite Evolve can be controlled via the BlissHome mobile app, which opens up a range of smart features and custom presets.

The WiFi app connection supports complete customization in a way that few other lights can.

Best of all, the Sky Lite Evolve is highly budget-friendly, even compared to lights with fewer advanced features. Its list price is $49.99, making these advanced features much more accessible than other brands with similar specs.

sky lite evolve smart multicolor galaxy projector

Sky Lite Evolve: Smart Galaxy Projector


The latest evolution in smart galaxy lighting.

3. BlissLights Sky Lite

It’s not every day that a star projector goes viral on TikTok. The Sky Lite is one of few that can make that claim to fame, plus BlissLights originated the technology. Before it, there wasn’t quite yet a way to fully transform your space – and your mind – with intergalactic sights. But then, the Sky Lite came around. Plus, it’s the only galaxy projector available with blue stars.

Whether you choose the Sky Lite with blue or green stars, you’ll get a blue nebula background that inspires awe in anyone who sees your wondrous interstellar sights. The Sky Lite’s six-hour auto-timer, USB charger, and various brightness and lighting effects allow for an especially user-friendly star projection experience. And an experience it is – at $49.99, the Sky Lite provides fully immersive journeys to anyone seeking them.Not sure which Sky Lite is right for you? Read our guide to the Sky Lite and Sky Lite 2.0 so you can make the best choice for your BlissLights experience.

sky lite galaxy projector

Sky Lite Galaxy Projector


Shine a galaxy of moving stars and a blue nebula cloud.

4. Galaxy Cove

The Galaxy Cove projects starry skies in six colors. It also functions like a Bluetooth® speaker in that it can adjust its lighting based on any music you’re playing. Instead of operating on a power cord, it comes with a rechargeable battery. It’s best for people who want a handful of color options but not so many choices that it gets overwhelming. Its price tag clocks in at $159.95.

galaxycove projector

Galaxy Cove


Galaxycove galaxy projector

5. Luckkid Baby Star Projector

As its name suggests, the Luckkid Baby Star Projector is intended for kids. You can wall-mount it or use it as a desk lamp, and you can power it through either AAA batteries or a USB cable. Typically, it projects stars, moons, and other interstellar sights. You can also remove the inner lid so it can function as a pattern-free night lamp. You’ll see a list price of $29.99 for this projector.

Luckkid Baby Star projector

Luckkid Baby Star Projector


Baby star projector nightlight

6. BlissLights StarPort Laser USB

For a uniquely convenient and portable starry-sky lighting experience, the StarPort Laser USB is a great pick. It literally fits in your pocket, and you can power it through any device with a USB port. It’s the perfect way to enjoy the transportive comforts of red, blue, or green starry skies wherever you go. Big-time travelers, whether for vacation or work, will appreciate the ability to transform any room into an outer space odyssey with just a quick plug-in into a laptop. The $19.99 price tag makes this portable immersive experience one-of-a-kind affordable.

starport usb star projector in blue

StarPort USB Light


One tiny light. Thousands of stars!

7. BlissLights BlissBulb

You know that one floor or table lamp you just don’t use often enough? With a BlissBulb in that lamp, you can take this ordinary, out-of-sight fixture and turn it into something truly unforgettable. BlissBulbs fit in all standard lighting sockets (E26/E27) and project red or green stars through the entirety of any space. They’re also fairly compact, making them a viable option for on-the-go laser shows. Plus, their $9.99 price tag means that you can see your surroundings in a whole new light without breaking the bank.

blissbulb laser lightbulb in red

BlissBulb Laser LightBulb


Transforming your world is as easy as changing a lightbulb.

What to consider when buying a star projector

As you’ve surely noticed, this list of the best star projectors gives you all kinds of exciting options. To decide which projector is best for you, consider the following factors:

  • Materials. How robust is the projector’s housing? A rigid plastic casing will fare better if your kids or pets knock it over than a hollow, flimsy shell. If you’re seeking outdoor star projectors for the holidays, additional factors come into play. You’ll need to ensure that your lights have weather-rated metal casings that can withstand moisture, heat, humidity, and extreme conditions.
  • Brightness. Try to get a sense of just how brightly your chosen star projector will shine. Note that, since scientific measures of brightness units aren’t exactly common in everyday conversations, visualizing them can be tough. Reading customer reviews and watching videos online are your best bets here. Seeing customers consistently praise the brightness of a certain projector means that it’s probably as bright as it claims to be.
  • Projection surface area. The best star projectors can fill whole rooms rather than just corners. Take the Sky Lite series as an example: It can cover 900 square feet of wall space from 10 feet away. That’s more than enough to fill any space.
  • Power source. A star projector that operates through a USB cord or wall port can be more reliable than a battery-powered light. That’s because your batteries calling it quits during a transportive experience could ruin the whole journey. USB cords and wall ports can eliminate interruptions to your transcendence. Plus, USB cords can connect to any port, so you can power these models (including the Sky Lite 2.0) from anywhere.
  • Extra features. It’s one thing to project stars into your space. It’s another to have full control over their colors, patterns, brightness, and more. If anything, the key to tranquility and comfort is doing things on your own terms, so go for a fully customizable star projector. These features, which are the basis of the Sky Lite 2.0, put the power to shift your whole perspective right into your hands.
sky lite 2.0 multicolor galaxy light in bedroom

Why BlissLights is the best star projector option

When looking for the best star projectors out there, there’s no option like BlissLights. We literally invented the galaxy light, because we truly believe in the power of transforming both your home and your mind. In our experience, there’s no better way to reshape your surroundings and achieve full comfort than transporting yourself right into a dreamy, starry night. And with BlissLights, you’ll take this journey with just the push of a button, without moving an inch. Browse the BlissLights collection now to find the best star projector for your transformation.

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