5 Gaming Room Lights Every Gamer Should Have

Article by BlissLights LLCFri, Oct 09, 20
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Let the games begin! Set the right mood for a game night full of thrills and friendly competition. You also have guests to consider: What if your gaming room lacks personality or fails to immerse you and your guests in the fun of it all? Gaming room lights – especially BlissLights products – are the answer.

green starport usb laser star projector plugged into xbox

What are gaming room lights?

Gaming room lights provide good lighting and ambiance for spaces in which you and some guests are playing video games or table games. At BlissLights, we think of gaming room lights as proper lighting for both lengthy video gaming sessions – those nights when you’re by yourself but playing role-playing games (RPGs) with friends online – and in-person pool or ping-pong night.

The right lighting for your gaming experience can be both functional and decorative. We’ll walk you through the right lights for your game room soon, but first, let’s talk about why you might want more than just your standard ceiling lights or lamp posts for your gaming experience.

Why use gaming room lights?

Whether you’re flying solo for RPG night or having friends over for foosball, you need good lighting to get the game right. Here’s how gaming room lights do the job:

  • Elevate your surroundings. The best gaming experiences are transportive and almost surreal. Get gaming room lights that help you immerse yourself in a different world, enhance your focus, and keep you calm during high-stakes gaming moments.
  • Add personality. Gaming room lights aren’t just for you – they’re for your guests too. If your friends are over for billiards night, turn on your brand-new pool table lights for an eight-ball experience that’s a 10 out of 10. Project unforgettable patterns onto the walls and ceiling with the multicolor Sky Lite Evolve Galaxy Projector.
  • Set the right mood. If your daytime ceiling lights are a glaring white or a softer off-yellow, they might not set all that unique a gaming mood. You want relaxing, inviting, and immersive, not sharp and ordinary – use gaming room lights to check these boxes and more.
  • Spotlight special effects. Picture this: Your game’s back-and-forth is starting to feel tedious, but as your room’s lights gradually change color or patterns, your senses are stimulated and you get your head back in the game. That’s the power of gaming room lights: Their colors or effects are so uncommon they keep you alert.
  • Light the right spaces. Our points so far have focused on decoration, but gaming room lights can be functional, too. If your ceiling lights lead to too much TV screen glare, gaming room lights scale that back while emanating just enough light for you to see your controller or keyboard. They also shine light directly on table games while keeping your environment calm, cool, and collected.
  • Create a unique environment. When you look at all these points, you might see that they work toward one of the big reasons we love lighting so much: It creates a unique environment. Walls and ceilings adorned with colorful, relaxing star and galaxy effects just aren’t your everyday spaces, and for a truly escapist gaming experience, you need a room unlike anywhere else you go.

6 best gaming room lights

Carve out that unforgettable, unparalleled gaming space you’re dreaming of with the following types of gaming room lights:

1. Sky lights

A BlissLights specialty, sky lights generate patterns of star-filled nights or wispy galaxies that spread across your room. Point your sky light projector at a wall, or tilt it so it reaches your ceiling. Set the lights to pulse or remain stationary, or remove the stars and project solely a sky. With galaxy lights, you have tons of options for achieving exactly the game room lighting you need.

sky lite galaxy projector in instagram user @stella_gameon's gaming space
sky lite evolve smart multicolor galaxy projector

Sky Lite Evolve: Smart Galaxy Projector


The latest evolution in smart galaxy lighting.

2. Laser lights

Lasers make for an energy-efficient lighting solution that projects rich and vibrant colors. And since we diffract our lasers into thousands of smaller beams, when you use indoor laser lights in your gaming room, you get lighting with tons of flair and just the right amount of brightness.

blisslights laser lights as streaming background lights

3. Fan lights

Video gaming consoles and computers can quickly get hot during long gaming sessions. Fan lights both keep your devices cool and your room beautifully lit. Plus, if you catch some of your fans’ breeze too, you’ll stay comfy all night.

computer fan lights

4. Projection lights

Whether you choose laser light bulbs that screw into your light fixtures or standalone, plug-in laser projectors, your projection lights transform any room into a soothing setting. With laser light projectors, you can set up your gaming room exactly how you’d like, and since these projectors are tiny and portable, it’ll take you just moments to switch up your lighting scheme. Try our Ark Ambient Aurora Light, for example: this indoor laser light projects moving green beams over a soft blue nebula-like light for a dreamy setting perfect for transporting you to new worlds.

ark aurora projector

ark aurora projector

ARK Aurora Light


Transcend reality with a moving abstract aurora.

5. Portable lights

Projectors aren’t the only portable lights for your game room. Our StarPort Laser USB, for example, plugs right into your laptop, portable charger, gaming console, or smart TV. Not only can you move portable lights between room areas in a jiffy, but you can bend the main wire so your lights point wherever you want them to.

red starport usb portable star projector plugged into desktop pc

starport usb star projector in red

StarPort USB Light


One tiny light. Thousands of stars!

Tips for selecting gaming room lights

The great thing about gaming room lights is that you have so many options – projectors, portable lights, and sky lights all might work for you. With an abundance of options, how can you know which is the very best? To figure it out, follow these four tips:

  • Know how much lighting you need. Small gaming rooms need less lighting than big gaming rooms. If your gaming room is the size of a standard office, you can probably get away with one sky light or laser projector. If your gaming room is your entire finished basement, you’re going to need several lights for a properly lit space.
  • Decide where to place your lights. If you need lights behind your gaming console, a portable gaming room light that plugs right into your console is the ideal fit for your setup. If you’re going for more of a full-room immersion vibe, projectors can give you that effect without getting in the way.
  • Choose your colors. If you’re keeping things literally and figuratively low-energy, then you might be into laser projectors that include just a few color options. If your gaming chair is partially red, go for red lights. If your ping-pong table is a deep green shade, pair it with green laser lights. If your couch is blue, then blue light can be your go-to.
  • Consider minimizing wires. A video game console or gaming PC setup can require lots of wires. Why add more wires to that jumble unless you absolutely need to? With laser light bulbs, USB projectors, and sky lights, you get personality, proper game lighting, and low electricity bills without yet another tripping hazard that detracts from your room’s gorgeous look.
pc gamer with red starport usb lights

Light your gaming room with BlissLights

With BlissLights, you can ensure that your gaming room impresses and entrances you and your guests, makes your games more fun and functional, and imparts fond memories – and you can do it all without expensive lights or installing permanent fixtures. Our laser light bulbs, laser projectors, portable lights, and sky light projectors are affordably priced, plus they’re highly energy-efficient, so they keep your electric bill low. And, of course, they provide stunning effects for your space that are sure to maximize your gaming experience. Just browse through the BlissLights indoor laser light collection to see for yourself!

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